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Best 12 Volt Hair Dryer Reviews and Buyer’s Guide – Latest

RV owners and campers always find it hard to blow dry hair for an extended period of time. Because high wattage blow dryers suck your RV battery like a ghost.

Hence you need to find a low wattage hair dryer that can allow you to blow dry your hair without sucking your battery. A 12-volt hair dryer suits your requirements when you need to blow dry on the road or off the road.

It’s really hard to find a wide range of 12V hair dryers in the market. Whenever you visit the market either online or offline to buy a 12 Volt hair dryer you get limited options. Therefore, today we have created our list of 3 best 12 volt hair dryers available in the market. In this guide, we will highlight the factors you should consider while buying a 12 volt hair dryer.

Here is List Of Best 12 Volt Hair Dryer Reviews:

1.      Prime Products 12V Portable Hair Dryer

If you are looking for a mini hair dryer so that you can enjoy a blow-dry in your car or RV then this model should be your top priority. You can use it in emergencies on the road and get a decent blow-dry.

This small hair dryer offers you only two heat settings warm and cool. Since it is a 12 volt hair dryer having 165 W power so it cannot give you a powerful blow-dry. But when you are out of town having no electricity reach then it does a decent job and gives you a nice blowout in the wild.

You can use this blow dryer on your solar wiring. It works efficiently on the DC wiring of a solar system. One of the customers proved in the review section.

2.      Aneil 12V Blow Dryer for Car & Travel Camping

If you are looking for a compact and small size hair dryer that can be easily fit into the luggage with the foldable design then this hair dryer is for you. You can just fold it and take it along with you on your trips and journeys without getting out of storage.

When we compared the power of Aneil 12V and Prime products 12V hair dryer, we found that Aneil 12V has a higher wattage. It allows you to get your hair dried more quickly than the last model.

The heat setting is the same as the last model but comes with overheat protection. The overhear protection of this compact hair dryer makes it switch off when it gets overheated. Using this blow dryer is just a pro for car or RV owners. Plug the dryer into the car socket just like a cigarette lighter in the 12V socket.

3.      MASO Car 12V Portable Folding Hair Dryer

Another 12 volt hair dryer for RV and car owners. With the same 216W powerful motor it offers enough airflow to dry your hair effectively even when you are out of town. Just like the last model it can be connected to your car, caravan or RV through a cigarette lighter plug.

This foldable hair dryer can easily fit into your luggage without taking much place. It provides two heat settings warm and cool along with an auto shut off feature. When the dryer gets hot the automatically shuts off feature prevents any kind of damage.

One of the most exciting things about this dryer is its one year guarantee that ensures comfort and reliance. Whenever you see any problem with the device, you can call the company for a replacement. Moreover, its cheap price makes it a more reliable budget option.

Pros & Cons of 12-Volt Hair Dryers

Indeed you don’t have any other option other than a 12 volt hair dryer while travelling. But you still have to consider some of their pros and cons.


  • You can get your hair styled on the go. The small compact 12 volt hair dryers are built to give you instant blowouts on the go without consuming much power.
  • If you have a cigarette lighter plug in your car, RV or caravan then you can enjoy a 12 volt hair dryer conveniently.
  • Most of the 12 volt hair dryers are compact, lightweight and foldable. Hence they are the best partners for your camping, tours and other long journeys. The space-saving attribute makes it an amazing choice for travelling purposes.
  • A 12 volt hair dryer can be used in versatile ways. You can get defrost your damp items while travelling.


  • You have limited choices for 12 volt hair dryers in the market.
  • The 12 volt hair dryers don’t deliver efficient airflow just like the regular 120 volt hair dryer. Even it doesn’t reach the high-temperature level to give you enough hot airflow.
  • A 12 volt hair dryer doesn’t offer you high technology features and professional drying results. You will get a rough blow-drying, you cannot get a professional-grade versatile blowout.

Other ways to dry hair in a car or RV

A 12 volt hair dryer is no doubt a nice option to get hair dried when out of town in a car or RV. But you have other options too, you can utilize them to get a professional blowout even when out of town. Having another power source you can utilize to get a professional blowout using a 110 volt hair dryer.

You can purchase a rechargeable portable power station that allows you to use a regular blow dryer in care or RV. These power stations come with solar generators and 110V outlets.

But still, you cannot use a salon-grade 1875W powerful blow dryer. You have the option to use low wattage hair dryer such as a 700-watts blow dryer.

Final Word 

Enjoy family trips or business tours in RV campers when you have an on-the-go blow dryer. A high quality, compact, lightweight and foldable hair dryer allows you to get your hair done.

Even you can use a blow dryer to defrost wet items while camping. Moreover, you have other options like rechargeable portable power stations, you can consider using your regular blow dryers.

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