Top 5 Best Afro Hair Blow Dryer Reviews of 2023 Update

In this century, fashion is very important for women, every woman wants to look good, and stylish. This fashionistas’ Kit is including essential products such as make-up, and dryer for the hair because the modern look depends on the hairstyle. A dryer is a machine used for wet hair; it works to remove the water from the wet hair by the process of evaporation. Below dryer is a device of electromechanical that can rapidly dry the hair when the hair moves across dryer it becomes warm, when the hot hair arrives at the wet hair it removes the water from the wet hair in this way the Blow dryer hair, and the good thing about this dryer not to destroy our hair. With the help of the blow dryer, your hairstyle stays for the whole day and can be easily removed from the one wash. The best blow dryer for afro is very important for black people because African American hair is unique. Firstly when the dryer comes it just for the black hair, not for the afro people, and afro hair is unique different hair from the other world.  So they need a dryer for the wet hair, and the Blow dyer perfect for it. African American people indeed have exclusive hair. Most of the companies’ only outfit is to alter hair forms but things become more complex because different people have different forms of natural black hair. So one hairdryer is not enough for such kind of hair, and then there is a large production of hair dryer these products have a different way for heat which makes your hairdryer. The African American people feel good with these can be dryer effectively and blow hair dryers are not responsible for crinkle. Afro hair blow dryer easy to use, not need to war your mind how to work it, simply to use. Hair blows dryer for the afro use for a long time because this dryer is not a heavy easy fit in hand without any overtiredness of hand or wrist. So that is why the best blow dryer brush for afro hair is excellent to use. 

Here is the list of the top 5 Afro Hair Blow Dryer

  1. Dyson SuperSonic Blow Dryer
  2. Revair Reverse Air Blow Dryer
  3. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Blow dryer
  4. DevaCurl DevaDryer and Diffuser
  5. Rusk Super Freak Ceramic and Tourmaline Blow Dryer 

1. Dyson SuperSonic Blow Dryer

Key Features

  • Motor
Tough and powerful motor required 1600-watts
  • Speed
3-speed setting
  • Temperature
4 temperature setting
  • Diffuser
Magnetic diffuser
  • Shape
Strong ergonomic


  • Dimensions: 15.4 * 10.7 * 5.4 * inches
  • Product Weight: 5.14 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Dyson
  • Product number:  318107-01
  • Warranty:  1-year

Dyson Supersonic hair blow dryer is the professional afro hair dryer that convenient product it protects your hair from heat damage and maintains the real appearance of hair and it reduced thing is it dryer your hair immediately.

The motor of the Dyson Supersonic hair blow dryer is very energetic with 1600 watts which are called a digital motor.

This motor has a technique due to which air move repeatedly and the dryer becomes active and performs its work quickly but does not burn your hair. Dyson hairdryer for African American hair has detectors that control the levels of heat for wet hair.

Dyson hairdryer composed of different settings it has 4 setting of heat 1st setting is for normal drying at 176 F, the second set at 140 F for trained drying, and the remaining two settings at 212 F used for speedily drying and good appearance.

Dyson hairdryer has three sets of speeds that have their functions like one is for rapid drying, the second for typical drying, and the third one speed setting is for cool drying.

These settings are very useful for you so that you can’t do any mistakes in operating the Dyson hairdryer. Cold-shot blast is also a part of Dyson hairdryer product which is essential for active working of the dryer it can be obtained at a temperature of 82 F.

Another important part of Dyson hairdryer and is considered a key component in the maintenance shine of hairs and appearance.

Dyson affordable afro hairdryer when operates it releases negative charges these changes accomplish the need for negative charges in your hair and make your hair smooth and reduced the crinkle.

The body of Dyson-hairdryer is the ergonomic shape and weight of the product for the professional hair artist they can hold the Dyson hairdryer for almost a completely without any problems in their arms and it can be carried easily with you in any place.

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  • Easy to hold for long period due to its lightweight.
  • 4 temperature setting, 3-speed setting help in rapid dry and maintain smoothness
  • It’s negative decrease the chances of crinkle
  • Diffusers are helpful in the protection of hair from heat damage
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  • It’s a costly product
  • The cord of it very large it is difficult to fold and store this cord

2. Revair Reverse Air Blow Dryer

Key Features

  • Motor
admit motor, 800 watt
  • Heat
3-setting heat
  • Temperature
2-setting temperature
  • Filter
Filter-Stainless steel
  • Shape


  • Dimensions 9 * 9.5 * 10 inches
  • Weight product 17.96 Pounds
  • Manufacturer RevAir
  • Product number RA90001
  • Color Black
  • warranty 1-2 year

The appearance of Revair Reverse Air Dryer is just fantastic as its name indicates that the motor of its work in a ran select according to every way and it has exclusive apparatus for drying hair.

Revair Reverse Air Dryer has comprised a broad tube and this is the main material to dry your hair. In this apparatus you put your hair into the tube at the balance level it all depends on your choice you can see it based on fluctuation and setting of heat and temperature.

You can select according to your requirements and what you want from the dryer. The affordable afro hair dryer motor RevAir Reverse hair dryer is 800-watts power.

Revair Reverse Air Blow Dryer composed of two types of temperature is the highest temperature which is obtained at 800-watts.

The second type of temperature is the lowest temperature which is achieved at 400-watts. Revair Reverse Air Dryer has three settings of heat and its selection depends on what you want to do.

The first heat setting can be known as an O level cold blast of the hot air which is need at the end of the drying process and to maintain shinning of hair.

The 2nd setting of heat you can also be called level 1 which is obtained at 158 F\ 70 C for the attractive hair and the last one setting of heat also called 11 which is achieved at 220 F\ 105 C it is necessary for the speedily drying hair when you do not have time and to you want to attend any function immediately.

The rapid hair drying process by RevAir Reverse Air Drying process by RevAir Reverse air dryer can save your time almost the half period.

The working of afro hair dry with the comb is wonderful it dries your hair deeply and not affecting the scalp, the combination of hot and cold hair makes your hair silky and dryer rapidly.

Revair Reverse Air Dryer also helps you in straightening of hair and not provides harm to your hair. It is composed of a filter of stainless steel.

Revair Reverse Air conserves the scalp from any kind of damage because it can change the direction of warm hair when it reaches a large quantity. The protection of your scalp is such an amazing this by RevAir Reverse Air Dryer.

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  • It protects your scalp from the heat it changes the direction of warm air when it becomes large in quantity
  • Revair Reverse Hairdryer has a filter of stainless steel which can be washed and used again and again
  • It also straight your hair and dries hair deeply.
  • It reduces the period to almost 50 % by drying fastly.
  • 2-temperature setting and 3 heat settings and 800 watts ahead of the times.
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  • It is large
  • Heavy
  • Can’t store easily expensive

3. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Blow Dryer

Key Features

  • Motor
Forceful Ac motor, 2000 watts
  • Heat
6-heat setting
  • Speed
6-speed setting
  • Filter
Filter-stainless steel 

Babyliss is one of the best blow dryers with comb for afro hair products which provide an opportunity for improvements and also evaluate the performances of the products of different companies in comparison to other products of different companies for hairdryers Babyliss Pro nano titanium Portofino was introduced in 1961 in the fashion world.

It is considered the first curve hair iron and then it spread in the world of beauty. Now it can be used for hair removal and cutting and most important for drying the hair.

Babyliss Pro nano titanium Portofino is in your range you can buy it easily because its price is not high due to these qualities it is considered as the dean of the market products.

So it is a trustable product for the professionals and the people who used it at home. It has a forceful Ac motor of about 2000-watts.

Its motor when operate it released the same range of heat which you need for your hair to dry and this amount of heat is enough to dry your hair quickly and not roasted your scalp.

Babyliss pro nano titanium Portofino allows the air to access the wet hair in depth and released hot air makes your hair healthy and good appearance but does not harm your scalp.

When you used it for drying the dull and color lost hair this dryer enhances the composition of hair and gives it a wonderful looking.

Babyliss pro nano titanium Portofino to perform its function it doesn’t require a large amount of time and you don’t feel tired.

Babyliss pro nano titanium Portofino has a different set of heat and speed you can manage these settings according to your requirements.

These affordable afro hair dryer products are composed of dominant buttons these buttons to shut down required their proper attention.

There is a choice of cool shot which a great thing in styling your hair in addition to this there is two great features. This diffuser can circulate according to the required amount of heat.

After drying the hair there is apparatus stainless steel which is called filter and plays its role in the safety and the cleaning process. Babyliss pro nano is a lightweight product and you hold it for a long time and its cord length is 8ft.

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  • Its weight is very light you can use it for a long time
  • The filter of stainless steel you can change it and it helps in cleaning of dryer
  • 2-diffusers are present to control the amount of warm air
  • The motor of 2000-watts produced a sufficient amount of heat for rapid drying
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  • Expensive
  • It has buttons that required full attention to shut

4. DevaCurl DevaDryer and Diffuser

Key Features

  • Motor 
Ac motor, 1600 watts
  • Heat and speed
The 3-heat setting, 2-speed setting
  • Design
  • Diffuser
For dry your hair roots
  • Cord length
9 ft defensive cord length



  • Dimensions 11.4 * 11 * 3.9 pounds
  • Weight 2.65 Pounds
  • Gender for female
  • Manufacturer DevaCurl
  • Number of model 10527-devasun-dryer-deva fuser
  • Warranty 1 year

A hand-shaped connection is one of the top features of DevaCurl DevaDryer. This connection aims to find the roots of your hair properly unlike the other dryers to dry the end hair and then find the roots.

Afro American under hair dryer consists of a motor of 1600 watts this motor strong enough to satisfy the drying speedily and spreading the hair with a voltage of 110.

When motor work it releases the ions which counter the crinkle and expansion of hair and the one most important thing is it safe your time and dry your hair properly within a short period and in return not provide any kind of warmth with heat to your scalp.

This product has three heat settings and two-speed settings you can adjust these settings according to your choice and the amount of heat required for drying the hair and to give any style to your hair.

DevaCurl DevaFuser hairdryer has an ergonomic style and it a suitable product that can please you at any place. Its finger-shaped design is for the air movement at the degree of 360.

This dryer has a cord of about 9ft. this cord plays a role as a defensive cord from and anxiety relief. Diffusers are very great in determining the need for heat specific area of hair and blow dryer diffusers afro hair help you to flow the air at which protection you want.

So it is the specific quality of this dryer. This dryer is considered the best heat controller.

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  • 1600-watts AC motor which makes sure quick drying
  • 3-heat setting and 2 setting speed that can adjust according to your need
  • Two parts body, 1 is hand-shaped for the movement of air, and 2nd part is a diffuser for the adjust of heat.
  • A defensive cord of 9ft
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  • Buttons are so tough they required energy to shutdown as compared to another dryer
  • Not easy to use

5. RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional 2000 Watt Drye

Key Features

  • Motor
Italian Ac motor required 2000 watts
  • Heat and speed
7-heat and speed setting
  • Filter 
Changeable filter
  • Nozzles



  • Manufacturer Rusk
  • Product Weight 1 Pound
  • Dimension 11.43 * 26.16 * 26.67 cm
  • Model number IREHF6618

This dryer has an ergonomic style and no trouble in holding due to its lightweight. It is considered a good professional product with the help of this a barber or local person can work for the whole day without any fatigues in his arms and it does not irritate due to its voice so it has low noise as compared to other dryers.

This afro pick hair dryer comprises a silicone comfortable –collision achievement that makes it tough. The cord of this dryer is broad and has a variation between 8 ft to 9 ft and this product is very beneficial for the broad color of hair.

The motor of the dryer is 2000-watts Italian it is especially of hair and its pressure. It has different sets of heat and speed than other dryers.

The setting of its heat is 7 and the same setting for its speed and one most interesting thing is it has changeable substitutions these arrangements have required.

A cool shot blast is also present for the finishing touch. The most important thing of this professional afro hair dryer product is composed of griddle which is imparted with tourmaline and ceramic that make sure your hair dry charily and properly and inforced waves of heat dry the hair speedily.

The production of ions from the dryer motor increases the shinning and health of your hair it also protects your hair. This dryer has not any diffuser in place of it, the dryer has two nozzles to better the concentration of hair.

It has a filter that can be changed for cleaning purposes.

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  • 2000-watts Italian motor
  • Filter convertible
  • Not source of noise pollution
  • Light ergonomic structure
  • Griddle attached, make sure dry your hair efficiently
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  • Expensive

Afro Hair Blow Dryer Qualities You Must Know:

When you think of bargain the hair blow dryer, you know about these features because thousands of the dryer come in the market. You should be confused about which one is perfect. This information helps to understand which is great for the afro hair blow dryer.

  • Classic Blow Dryer

The central blow dryer is not complex but it is an effortless product. You can use it without any tension or issue classic.

Afro hair dryer with comb have fans which can be used the vehicles on their backsides, the main purpose of this is to consume the air and then transfer through the head conducting loop, in this way the warm air is produced from the front of a classic blow dryer.

This warmth is responsible for drying your hair.

The classic blow dryer does not need hard efforts for its function you just draft the warm hair and you have your dryer hair so it is not a complicated product but its function is amazing for Afro hair.

  • Classic Hair Dryers Vs Typical Hair Dryers

Classic hair dryers produced different kinds of negative ions these ions in turn create the heat.

The strongest waves of heat move into deep layers of the hair by this way classic hair dryers dry your hair fastly because the negative ions inside the deep layers of hair break the water molecules and then these molecules evaporated speedily.

Classic hair dryers start their process of drying from underside layers of hair or any kind of damage to your head while on the other hand, typical hairdryers don’t produce negative ions due to which its process of drying is very slow and can cause damage to your hair.

The human hair naturally produced positive and negative ions when you handle your hair roughly and it causes damage to your hair.

These ions continuously release from our hair and cause crinkle in hair and when you used for hair blow dryer the negative ions released from the hair blow dryer.

These ions furnish the negative ions of your hair and its responsible for silky hair and elastic cuticle but in the case of a typical afro hair dryer negative charges are not produced by these dryers and they can’t fulfill the need of your hair for negative charges.

  • Entire ionic Hairdryers are same or not?

There is no reality in the fact that entire ionic hair dryers are the same because each ionic hairdryer releases different materials which are attached to the different inside parts of a blow dryer.

All these ionic hair dryers have a large number of choices and it depends on the way you use if you use it properly and in the right way it can be very useful for the representative of your hair.

So all ionic hair: dryers are not the same, ionic hair dryers have a heat-conducting loop and in regular dryers, the heat conductivity loop is prepared with metal and this metal can’t take the heat for a larger period and it heats your hair and destroy your hair.

  • Ceramic

When you feel to have an Afro blow dryer you must see the following qualities in that blow dryer before buying, blow dryer should be composed of a ceramic bounded warming loop soaked with tourmaline pr titanium warming loop.

If you see as a whole, the combination of these two choices is wonderful but we can’t deny differences in these two opportunities.

A ceramic covering soaked with tourmaline deliver negative charges and circulate the heat in equal amount protect your hair from heat destroy.

The ceramic has a specific quality it can decrease its temperature and maintain it according to close environment temperature.

  • Titanium

Those hairdryers which have titanium warming loop there is the distribution of heat is alike and like ceramic it also produced negative charges. But the afro hair blows dryers with titanium heat rapidly.

Afro hair blow dryers with titanium are very competent and these blow dryers are designed especially for the hair artists and it is light in weight so that the hair artist can work easily for the whole without any fatigue.

Hairdryers for afro hair with titanium have a maximum temperature which reduced the time for drying and hair artists can serve more clients.

Titanium contains blow dryers that required different minds to operate it and it also needs full attention during their work.

  • Power and Wattage

Here the wattage means the speed of air movement through the Afro hair blow dryer and how much it warms the blow dryer. Both things have equal importance you can’t ignore one of them.

The absolute afro hair blow dryer is that which can maintain the movement of air as well as the constant amount of heat so that it cannot create the problem of damage of heat afro hair blow dryers have no button to shut down if you have to turn the switch so these dryers require full concentration during the work.

Afro hair blow dryer has the highest wattage is 1800 to 2000 it is a very large amount and enough for drying the natural black hair.

Before the use of any afro pick hair dryer, you have to know about your hair and the dryers so that you can control it properly.

  • Cool Blast and Diffusers

An Afro hair blow dryer is to be excellent if it is composed of cool blasts and blow dryer diffusers afro hair these two things are necessary to perform their task properly.

Cool blast is an essential element for a blow dryer to do work effectively and with the help of a cool blast; the hair can be dry rapidly.

Diffusers play an important role in the movement of air through the blow dryer.

With the help of diffusers, you can direct the way of air on the particular area of hairs which you want to dry and its exposer to a specific amount of heat.

So it provides a choice to dry the hair according to their will.  All these features help in straighten the afro hair with a blow dryer.


Question:     How to dry the afro hair without a blow dryer?

Answer:        When you dry the afro hair without a blow dryer simply just need a towel due to gently squeeze to remove the water from wet hair and then dry with dryer hair.

Question:            How blow-dry often should black hair?

Answer:       Every fourteen days you should black hair with blow afro hair. It is not comfortable for the light or this hair it is perfect for afro proper.

Question:      How to straighten afro hair with a blow dryer?

Answer:       First you divide the hair into two parts, and then turn on a medium setting of the dryer, and with the help of a bristle brush you start the straightening of hair from root to tip.

Question:      Which one ionic or ceramic dryer better?

Answer:        Ceramic hair dryer better than the ionic dryer because this dryer uses much minor heat.

Question:      How many years Dyson hair blow dryer work?

Answer:        Dyson hair blow dryer is one of the best blow dryers for the afro, and its lifespan about ten years depends on which way use.

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However, discuss the best blow dryer for afro hair. All are perfect in working and performance. The structure of all these dryers are different, shape different some ergonomic or some finger-like shape, that wonderful and another good thing not come in one color, which color you like you purchase it mostly black or brown. The hair of the afro people is unique not use the simple hairdryer so these are considered the best blow dryer with comb for afro hair. These dryers are not heavy calmly to hold in your hand.


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