Best Babyliss Hair Dryer Latest 2023 (Detailed Guidance)

We do comprehensive research on the Best Babyliss Hair Dryer and came up with our final recommendation. If you are planning to buy a hairdryer. In this article, we are going to provide you Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews, Best Pro Nano Titanium Travel Elegance which is very useful for every type of hair. I’ve always adored beautiful, well-kept, and shiny hair.

I don’t know if it’s because I really like hair or because I am an expert hairstylist. In fact, I’ve seen myself suggesting to accomplish strangers on the road, at the park, and in several other places.

In my many years as a professional, one assistant that I can never do without is the hairdryer. It enables me to dry my customer’s hair quickly and also fixes the basis for a cute hairdo. Recently, I am determined to look at the best products that are in the market.

One thing that reached out was the Babyliss brand. I had owned and still own many of their hair dryers, and I do admit that it’s a leader and a pacesetter in the world of hairdressing. Hope these Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews will help you to select the best one.

Comparing the Best Babyliss Hair Dryers: Our Top preference. When it comes to excellent performance, the best Babyliss hairdryers are always at the top of the list.


Top 20 Best Babyliss Hair Dryers Review:

Here are the top products that meet most, if not all, of the above-mentioned conditions:

1. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Dryer

You will get this to be the best Babyliss Pro blow dryer, gratefulness to its combo of design, control, and speed. Your arms will not collapse easily because of its lightweight and ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to manage around your head.

Heck price and reviews:

You have three various heat settings and three various speeds – high, medium, and low – to apply your particular needs for each hair drying session. You can combine and match the settings according to your choice, particularly since drying thick hair changes from setting fine hair.

Pros and Cons:

The toggle switches are accessible but these cannot be randomly switched on and off. You will find these buttons to be of the right stiffness, too so your fingers will not grow irritated.

You need to use the cool shot switch for shinier hair and the concentrator nozzle for numerous styling options. Keep in mind that a hair dryer isn’t just a hair dryer but a helpful hairstyling tool on your display table. You can remove the filter at the back for easy washing.

With such power and speed – 2,000 watts, certainly – your hair will dry very fast, maybe in 15 minutes for thick hair. But it may not be suitable for people with little hands because of its massive dimensions.

2. Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme

I have observed quite several professionals applying the BaBylissPRO Ceramic Extreme. And from what they understand me, it’s cut for any type of drying. Like other top categories from the company, it’s also powered by a 2000-watt electric motor and has a high-quality heat factor for providing optimum heat.

What’s more, the unit has porcelain ceramic technology that delivers gentle heat to prevent hair and scalp damage. It’s really comfortable in hand and has a light surface for good handling.

The concentrator nozzle spreads the heat to the right location whereas the cold shot button boosts functionality. The 6 heat setting enables you to choose your right setting depending on the hair kind.

If you have been looking for an affordable ceramic hair dryer, then take the Babyliss Pro Ceramix Extreme.

Your hair will be controlled to an extra-gentle yet highly productive far-infrared heat, which dries yet preserves hair from further damage.

In Summary:

Works great.
Good heat production
User-friendly design.
Removable filter.

See user reviews:

You can select four multiple settings to dry your hair with the results being plentiful hair with a glossy shine.

Your strands will even be dry in half the time in comparison with your early non-professional hairdryer.

Pros and Cons:

Your ears will also enjoy the quiet mode operation despite its potential. Your scalp shouldn’t be hurt even in the raised setting – the heat’s hot enough to dry your strands but not too warm to fry them. You will admire the attachment – a concentrator – as well as the fact that the hairdryer runs well with an extensive brush for styling.

The settings options – cool, warm, and hot for the temperature as well as low and high for airspeed – offer more styling options, too. You also have the cool shot button for setting your style and securing your complete head is as dry as can be.

You will also like its comparatively lightweight, easy-to-apply toggle switches, and ergonomic design allowing for 30 minutes of comfortable self-use.  Just be careful about picking the settings since its power can very blow your hair all above the place.

3. Babyliss Pro Portofino 6600

You may need a Babyliss hairdryer with a diffuser and the Pro Portofino 6600 is an excellent choice. On top of that, the Portofino 6600 features a strong Italian manufactured motor and gives great speed and also lasts for a long time.

The Babyliss Pro ionic hair dryer has a high-performance 2,000-watt AC motor provided with both nano titanium and ionic technology. It has 6 heat settings and also has an ionic generator to stop flyaways or frizz. The stainless-steel rear filter can be removed for fast cleaning. For heavy or very wet hair, you can choose the higher settings while the lower heat setting is quite suited for the light or dryer hair.

Check out the Babyliss Portofino

This technology has two major advantages. First, you can cut your drying and styling time in half since the titanium technology spreads heat more smoothly over your strands.

You can explore the settings to suit the kind of hair and hairstyle you want for yourself or your customers.

Second, you will have softer, smoother, and shinier hair all the time because of the ionic dynamo.

This is because ionic technology eliminates the static electricity produced close to your strands’ cuticles.

In Summary:

High quality
Great weight and design
Easy to use
Works great.

Pros and Cons

You may originally find the Pro Portofino 6600 a big hair dryer but it has its benefits, too. You can keep a more relaxed grip on the handle decreasing the risks of losing the hairdryer.

And you’ll enjoy the diffuser, too.  This is a slide-on diffuser that combines volume to your hair, essentially by dividing the strands while blow-drying. You can even produce beautiful curls in minutes, in the case of straight hair, or get your curls to look awesome if you have permed or wavy hair.

4. BaByliss Pro BABNT053T Nano Titanium Travel Hair Dryer Review

If you usually travel with your drier or are watching for something movable, then this system should help you greatly. It produces 1000 watts of energy which is completely okay for most hair models. And to increase carrying and work in small spaces, the unit has a slim design, is lightweight, and also compact.

Besides that, it is based on the Nano Titanium technology to operate even on frizzy hair and also to stop flyaways. The dryer is double powered and will run with 100-250 V AC. I like the comfortable folding handle that saves space, the movable rear filter as well as the flat nice-grip casing. Although it is comparatively short, it still gives professional results.

In Summary:

Cool-to-touch surface
Not very loud
Comfortable heat selection
Good weight.

5. Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

This is an excellent product for people who travel constantly yet cannot live without their hair dryer.

After reading numerous Babyliss travel hair dryer articles, I eventually realized that the TT Travel Dryer is top-of-the-line without destroying the bank.

You can comfortably put it into your carry-on luggage because of its ultra-compact size. Your bag will only be overweight by 10.5 ounces, too.

Pros and Cons

You can only select from two settings, which aren’t free of each other. This means a high setting equals quicker airspeed and warm temperature while a low setting equals slower airspeed and warm temperature. Your hair drying and styling assembly may be longer while on the road but its portability and effectiveness more than make up for it.

The 1,000-watt hair dryer will also run overseas specifically as it does in the United States, a vital feature for regular travelers. You may have to bring along an adapter for a few countries but since it’s a must for travel, it’s a secondary issue. You don’t have to produce an extension wire because the hairdryer has 5-feet of cordage.

6. BabylissPro Carrera Porcelain Ceramic Dryer

If you need a balance between power, weight, and size in a hair dryer, which can be directed by the BabylissPro Carrera? You can comfortably apply it in your home or salon and produce professional outcomes every time.

Check price and reviews on the Carrera

The product’s combo of ionic and ceramic technology provides instant drying as well as smoother, shinier, and softer hairs.

You have the advantages of gentle heat, great airflow, and a powerful motor in a hair dryer at a reasonable price, too.

You will also enjoy the ease with which the hair dryer can be moved, thanks to its ergonomic handle, short nozzle, and long cord.

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

Even its model is Euro-chic – black with a matte finish and scratch-resistant cover. The controls are simple to reach and work without being prone to accidental presses. The soft-touch rubberized housing also attaches to the strong grip on the handle while its quiet operation is a joy.

Moreover, it comes with a concentrator nozzle. You can like concentrated airflow to the parts of the hair that require more of it and, therefore, get your hair dry quicker.

7. BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Hair Dryer Review

Recently got this hairdryer for my sibling as a gift. The first thing I loved about it is the high-grade energy performance courtesy of the 2000-watt motor. My sibling says it smoothly and instantly dries her hair however wet it may be.

What’s more, it never gets too warm to handle even when performed continuously. Additionally, the next thing I love it for is the ionic technology which reduces static, frizz, and flyaways. Your hair will look wondrous just by drying.

Babyliss 2800 Hair Dryer has 6-speed settings to suit various kinds of hair and choosing the desired setting is a breeze. It has a movable rear filter and cleaning is therefore convenient.

In Summary:

Good handling
Nonslip finish
Easy handling
Decent power.

8. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Elegence Hair Dryer Reviews

This hair dryer from Babyliss combines magnificent performance, safety, and efficiency. It’s among the best pieces in my salon and I utilize it white usually. I bought it because of its high power (2000 watts) and also the 6 power settings.

It works quite healthy and is also lightweight and won’t make the hand collapsed after the extended performance. It has good heat performance and is simple to reach the button for more convenience.

Further, the heavy-duty piece is suitable for home and commercial uses and can work continuously without the housing getting too warm. Just like the power, the speed is also great, and this all raises the hair drying time.

It has a soft non-slip surface which together with the ergonomic design stops slippage when held with wet or oily hands. The filter can be separated for cleaning.

In Summary:
Great performance
Smooth running
Great power
Ergonomic design.

9. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer

The Bambino is a valuable investment since it has the potential of a full-sized hair dryer packed into a compact body. With double voltage, this is an ultra-lightweight hair dryer and will give you a soft and shiny look. It is short and has two settings for heat and speed.

Moreover, this will comfortably fit in your bag allowing you to bring it anywhere you want.  Your luggage will not be heavy with it inside, thanks to its 0.60-pound weight and its compact size, despite its non-foldable form.

This is a comprehensive professional styling tool and has the power of 1000 watts. Further, it has Nano Titanium technology and will give powerful air pressure.

You may believe that since it looks short, it will feel tiny in your hands but it isn’t.

Your hands will be capable to retain a good grip on the handle, too. You may have versatility and dexterity issues with your past travel hair dryers but not with the Bambino.

In Summary:

Double voltage for worldwide use and ultra-lightweight.
Nano Titanium technology for soft and shiny hair.
High heat with solid air pressure.

See Reviews

Even with its 1,000-watt power, you can get the powerful and efficient hair drying skills of its higher-powered counterparts.

Your hair will be shown to powerful yet gentle heat akin to a 1,875-watt hair dryer, on both the high and low heat options.

You can dry and style your hair with it for as long as you can fill it in, whether in a hotel room or your bedroom.

 Pros and Cons:

You can complain about the low hum but when matched with cheaper travel hair dryers, your ears will enjoy the lower sound level. You can just wear headphones while applying them.

10. Babyliss Pro Super Turbo Hair Dryer

Your hair drying problems are over with the Pro Super Turbo, a powerful hair dryer with 2,000 watts on an AC motor.

You and your customers will enjoy the quick, easy and effective way that it dries even the thickest and longest of hair within 30 minutes or less, particularly with the right attachments.

Moreover, an AC motor lasts longer than a DC motor. This is very strong and includes an AC motor.

You can pick from multiple settings – low, medium, and high for the heat settings, as well as low and high for the speed options.

Keep in mind that the low heat setting means cool air, the medium setting is hot air, and the high setting is warmer air.

Even at a low-speed setting, your hair will still be getting sufficient air for drying.

In Summary:

Strong dryer with extra-high wattage.
Four heat settings with high power.
Small nozzle and low sound.

Reviews on the Super Turbo

Tip: Taper off on your heat and speed setting from high to low as your hair improves from damp to dry.

 Pros and Cons:

You will enjoy the heavy-duty solid feel of the hair dryer when in it’s your hands since it seems like there’s a tiny risk of dropping it to the floor. You’re assured of its weight in your hands without collapsing your arms easily.

Despite its strong motor, it has a surprisingly smooth operation. You won’t hear high-pitched whirring noises, just a relaxed hum in the background. Just overlook the price and think about it as a valuable investment for fabulous hair.

11. Babyliss Pro TT Tourmaline 5000 Hair Dryer

Your hair drying and styling sittings will be great with the Pro TT Tourmaline 5000, too.

If you’re into the technical terms, you will enjoy the high-torque, high-power 1,900-watt motor in it. It is a 2000 watt hair dryer with excellent performance. Further, it does not make any side effects and is very reliable to utilize. This has the power of tourmaline titanium technology which makes it very strong.

This translates to excellent drying power, which many clients say reduced their drying time by approximately 50%. Moreover, it has a back filter which is quite easy to wash. It gives better performance and has high power. This is lightweight and available in a movable design.

This is an anionic and ceramic hair dryer so you can believe in it for softer, shinier, and smoother hair with a longer-lasting glow.

You may or may not apply hair styling products but the results will typically be similar, especially when you’re previously an old hand at applying professional hair dryers.

In Report:

Superior air pressure for quicker drying.
High torque and ultra-lightweight.
Ion generator and far-infrared heat.

Pros and Cons

You won’t drive the risk of reducing the heat and speed settings randomly since the buttons are insignificantly recessed into the handle. Customers enjoy the well-regulated settings, too, which will neither burn nor dry out hair.

You can also select a cool setting for the last step of the hair drying session. The cool shot button locks in the curls, so to speak.  You don’t have to use earplugs since it has a smoother operation than most hairdryers with similar wattage.

Other advantages include a matte white cover, lengthy cordage with a small loop for hanging on the wall, and an excellent grip on the handle.

12. BabylissPro Torino 6100

Another Best professional hair dryer under the Babyliss brand is the Pro Torino 6100, a compact yet strong hair dryer.

You can dry thick and lengthy hair in 30 minutes or less, thanks to its 2,000-watt Italian motor, among the reliable in the industry.

But don’t worry about a tornado sounding off in your ear because of its smooth operation, a low hum in the background.

Reviews on the Torino

The nano-titanium technology assures that every strand of hair will be subjected to soothing heat resulting in silkier, smoother, and shinier hair.

With multiple types of hair dryers, you will only get the high heat and, therefore, the dried and lusted strands.

The technology also constantly distributes heat for a more productive drying process.

 Pros and Cons:

You can also apply one of the multiple end attachments to the hairdryer. You can smooth out the problems, concentrate heat on specific areas, and add more shine to your complete look.

But a few clients complain that the button for the heat and speed setting is placed on the handle. You may randomly change the settings while you’re in the middle of a drying and styling sitting, but this is an insignificant issue that can be resolved by the proper position of your fingers.

13.  BabylissPro Nano-Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

If you’re looking for a Babyliss brush dryer, then the Rotating Hot Air Brush is an excellent choice.

What Makes It the Best Babyliss Hair Dryer?

You can trust it to create wonderful volume, lift, and shine, thanks to the action of its rotating bristle.

You are simultaneously drying hair and creating smoother, silkier, and shinier strands, as well as preserving them from heat-related damage.

 Pros and Cons

This is because the ceramic created heat, which makes 200 times more conditioning ions. With each pass of the rotating bristle, your hair grasps and seals in moisture for a magnificent shine. You can also turn off the rotating action to create a sleeker hairstyle.

Users like that they can fix the multi-directional barrel in a couple of directions, forward and reverse, via the push-button buttons. You will then be able to make curls and waves or straighten hair, whichever way you love. Your preferences in the three temperature settings will also add to your collection.

14. BaByliss PRO Italo Luminoso Dryer Review

This hair dryer has excellent air pressure and will provide a powerful performance. It is powered by the Italian AC motor and is invented to last long. It’s available with ceramic heat technology and is very reliable to utilize.

This will support the natural hydration of the hair and will ensure that you will dry very fast. Further, it will also deliver superior airflow, and there will be an excellent shine in your hair.

You can comfortably switch to different heat and speed settings, and there are also separate filters. Moreover, this is also available in an ergonomic layout and is very peaceful to hold.

With this, there will be no destruction to your hair and features a long cord of 9 feet. This will provide you expert results and has a small concentrator nozzle. This is of 2000-watt and will let you show various types of hairstyles.

In Report:

Italian AC motor for better airflow.
Various settings for heat and speed.
Ceramic heat technology to preserve your hair.

15. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Volare V1 Ferrari-Designed Engine Full-Size Hair Dryer Review

Available in a beautiful design, this is a comfortable to use hair dryer which will give wondrous results. This will provide the highest performance and has powerful air pressure.

Furthermore, it has quicker airflow and has high-speed drying. There will be lower sound and less fluctuation and is inspired with nano titanium which will give superior heat change.

In this, you will get an ionic generator that will increase the shine of your hair. Moreover, it also has a turbo boost which will provide you a professional experience. It has six several controls for temperature and speed and features a V12 engine. This is 2000 watts and available with two accessory nozzles for multifaceted applications.

In Summary:

Nano titanium technology with a turbo shot switch.
V12 engine designed by Ferrari.
Various heat and speed settings.

16. BaByliss PRO Rapido Hair Dryer Review

If you have been looking to dry your hair fast, then this is the best for you. This is a professional hair dryer that delivers excellent performance for hair styling.

The dryer is extremely lightweight and also can be brought anywhere for traveling or other objects. Further, this will increase the volume and shine of your hair and is a high-performance blow dryer.

You can get professional results from home, and it is also quite easy to apply. Moreover, this is strong and will last for up to 10,000 hours with a single charge. This will provide you endless possibilities to style your hair and is a complete grooming tool.

In Summary:

Dries hair 50% quicker and improves shine.
Lightest and high-performance with salon results.
Cool shot button with easy operation.

17. BaByliss PRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Hair Dryer Review

The Babyliss PRO 3000 available with good tourmaline titanium technology to not only perform your hair dry but also stop frizz and flyaways. The 1900-watt unit has strong heating events that work together with the study motor to give proper heat to dry any type of hair.

To add more, it has 6 heats seating for comfortable selection and a solid 9-foot power cord. I love the stylish design that provides it a fashionable look and the ergonomic design that improves handling. Chances of slippage due to wet or oily hands are insignificant.

In Summary:

Good heat transfer
Compact and ergonomic design
Comfortable to operate
Suitable for a different type of hair.

18. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine (Babyliss Pro Miracurl)

  • It comes with a brushless motor, nano titanium curl chamber, and steam functions.
  • It has various temperature setting options for different types of hair styling.
  • It has the lesser chances of damaging the hair.
  • A little bit pricey.

The Babyliss pro miracurl is more demanding in the market as it helps to make the wavy and curly hair styling quite smoothly and easily. In this modern world, everyone likes to have a wavy and curly type of hairstyle.

If you’re also one of them who are very interested to make this type of styling then Babyliss pro miracurl is one of the best and safest ways to achieve it. The specialty of this tool, it makes your wavy and curly hair styling automatically and smoothly.

Plus it has a brushless motor, nano titanium curl chamber, and steam functions as well. As it has enough ability to make accurate curling hair that provides you a gorgeous look whether you’re a professional or not.

Even it has multiple temperature setting options to provide you the versatile curly or wavy type of hairstyling. When you’re about to make the curly and wavy type of hairstyle, it always works on the high-temperature setting that usually may damage your hair but Babyliss pro miracurl has lesser chances for damaging your hair even it can smoothly work on the sensitive type of hair.

Extra smooth & shiny curls
Nano titanium curl chamber
4 timer settings: Off, 8s, 10s, 12s – for different curl effects
3 direction curl control: right, left, alternate
3 heat settings: 450°F, 410°F, 375°F – for all hair types
Surround heat system
Max Life PRO brushless motor
Smart Tech safeguard and energy saver
Auto shutoff + sleep mode + motion sensor

19. Babyliss Pro Italia Brava

  • Made in Italy.
  • It comes with brushless strong motor technology.
  • Can with 6 heat/speed setting options.
  • Very lightweight as compare to the other dryer.
  • A little bit pricy.

The Babyliss Pro Italia Brava hair dryer comes in yellow color with the powerful brushless motor technology that has the Ferrari-designed engine. It has been manufactured in Italy which also offers the features of nano titanium heat technology.

The specialty of this hairdryer is that it can be run on 2000W and 2400W as well that provides stronger air pressure and focused airflow for smooth and efficient result. Even it provides 10,000 hours’ work time after the full power.

Plus it comes with lots of other features such as 6 heat/speed setting options, 2 snap-in-concentrator nozzles, a cold shot button, and the lock-in turbo boost.

It is a quite lightweight design as compare to the other professional hairdryers which is an excellent and high-speed hairdryer. So it makes your hair healthier and shinier.


2000 Watts
Ferrari Design Engine
Ferrari Yellow
Made in Italy
6 heat/speed settings
Cold Shot Button
Nano Titanium Heat Technology
2 Snap-In Concentrator Nozzles
4 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Model BABFB1

20. BaBylissPRO Neck Strips – Hooded Hair Dryer

  • Comes with the most powerful motor.
  • It has three-speed/heat setting options.
  • It comes with a large hood that helps to adjust the airflow.
  • It’s very easy to carry and store.
  • Little bit pricy.

Babyliss Hooded Hairdryer is a brand new design that provides you the salon type look smoothly and easily. The best feature of this Babyliss hooded hair dryer is that it comes with the most powerful 2000W motor which has three heat setting options as well.

With having the ionic technology, it provides full drying control to make a smooth and shiny performance. Therefore, it allows you to make any type of hairstyle according to your customers’ needs.

Plus it is one of the best compact table dryers that are perfect for any type of hairstyling whether you’re a professional or not even it’s very easy to carry and foldable. It comes with the special on/off button that simply changes the ion flow off.

It also has the 3 speed/heat setting options as well. Not just that it comes with the large hood that has large rollers which help you to adjust the airflow. It only needs a few seconds to fold the dryer and then store it when it has cooled down.


Variable airflow
The large hood gives room for rollers
Ionic generator
Built-in carry handle
Foldable for easy storage
2 heat & speed settings
Cord storage compartment

What are the Points to Look For in Babyliss Hairdryers?

To compare Babyliss hairdryers, here are the things that you have to admit.

1.    Short drying time

You should look for a hair dryer that will create a powerful airflow, which will instantly dry your hair with the wind rather than frying your strands with heat. You will find numerous Babyliss professional hair dryer with 1,300 to 2,000 watts, which can also be applied at home. But your best bet for home use: 1,875 watts, the so-called luscious spot in hair dryers.

2.    Variable settings

You can find most hair dryers to have at least two heat settings options. You may want to update to a hair dryer with separate controls of the airflow and heat levels for supreme versatility.

3.    Comfortable handling

Your arms will be short likely to become bored with a Babyliss lightweight hair dryer, particularly when it has a large cord and an ergonomic handle. But you may also want a slightly thicker hair dryer because of its comfortable grip and well-balanced design.

4.    Convenient features

You should also examine the features that make it easy to work the hair dryer including:

Buttons should be easy to move with your fingers yet designed for deliberate control (i.e., no accidental hitting)
Removable filter at the back for washing purposes
Removing cord for storage
Attachments, such as diffuser and/or a concentrator nozzle
You should also examine your own personal requirements and wants in a Babyliss hair dryer in terms of you’re:

Hair type – Look for a hairdryer with healthy heat if you have thick and coarse hair, minor heat in case of fine and thin hair.

Noise tolerance – Learn the decibel level you can tolerate, possibly even analyze the tolerance of your partner or roommates. Quiet hair dryers have less than 85 decibels – significantly less loud related to the usual dryers.

Arm strength – Count your upper body muscle about the type of hair and the number of minutes you will be applying the hair dryer.

Plans for traveling with it – Consider a travel hairdryer with a folding tool and a lightweight for this design.

Always read the guarantee information and guidance manual before actually applying the hairdryer. You may also want to exercise with a few parts of your hair to determine the excellent heat and airflow settings.

How to Choose A Best Babyliss Hair Dryer

Thanks to my ton of experience of choosing a Babyliss hairdryer, it’s extremely easier for me to distinguish a good hair dryer from an average or not-so-good one. Although, it wasn’t always this comfortable. I remember my first unit of BaByliss Hair Dryer that was so unusual.

At one point it created too much heat, and in the next moment, the heat was so dizzy. This happened without affecting control. This certainly meant that it wasn’t the right choice of hair dryer and confirmation came when it died a few weeks after buying.

After this conflict, I was keener when purchasing the Babyliss hair dryers. The following are the key things I look out for:


Since I can work on many customers of hair dryer in a day and I time I will deal with one for a long period, I always go for lightweight goods of Babyliss.

They are not only lightly on the hand but also won’t make my fingers or hands too tired. Babyliss has multiple lightweight hair dryers to satisfy daily necessities.


Might be you know that you can get a light hairdryer but still enjoy the good energy. Good power means that you can run this product of Babyliss on the client’s hair quicker without messing it or changing the longevity of the unit.

An extraordinary hair dryer of Babyliss will have a changeable set to suit various needs. The lighter or dryer the hair the lower the power it requires while course or very wet hair needs a higher had.


A good hair dryer has a user-friendly style for soft operation. The Babyliss product will direct the increased heat to the wanted location, giving the control buttons is easy, and is easy to manage.

Babyliss invests in short, powerful motors and strong heating elements of hair dryer that work quickly and give good heat.


You should look at the control switches of Babyliss whenever you are purchasing a hair dryer. You don’t want to strive to achieve the unit or briefly losing focus when switching the button.

Best hair dryers of Babyliss available in a simple design and have easy-to-reach buttons. They will also have fewer buttons for added comfort.

Heat Range

The variety of heat you want for dry hair is various from that required for soaking hair. A thin hair also has multiple needs from coarse hair. A good product of Babyliss has a comprehensive heat range to cater to various hair kinds.

Picking the right set of Hair Dryer is also easy thanks to the many temperature levels and user-friendly controls.


I once applied a heavy hair dryer and I disliked why I used it. It was not only hard to manage it but my hands were tired after I ended working on the hair.

When choosing a product of Babyliss I make sure that the surface is soft on the hands and won’t make too much sweating, Hair Dryer has a strong grip surface and also doesn’t get warm even after extended operation.

Other significant features of Babyliss Hair Dryer include color, safety, price, and reliability.

Babyliss, being a highbrow and brand today, has gone a long journey in the blow dryers world and organized itself among the reputable brands in the hairstyling region.

Adding up hi-tech individualities and growing as a professional symbol has made the brand a celebrated one in the hair dryer’s zone. [/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#f4f4f2″ color=”#000″ border=”3px none #cccccc” padding=”15″ shadow=”5px 0px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”10″ target=”blank”]

Attachments and Replacements of Babyliss Hair Dryer


Concentrator, the narrow nozzle to generate airflow in a specific section of your hair, is already attached to most of the hair dryers by Babyliss.

Most of the dryers include one concentrator for easy styling but some of the models cover more than one shape of the concentrator. The brand began concentrator of 3 different shapes (narrow concentrator for fine hair, a medium concentrator for regular hair, and a wide concentrator for thick hair.)

Babyliss do not trade concentrator separately. If you have any issues or challenges with your concentrator then you can go for any universal concentrator of a famous brand. We will recommend you to go for NZ3 Smart Universal Nozzle with a 3-way Adjustable Nozzle.

If you are mindful of your hairstyle and want to buy a hair dryer with a concentrator then go for BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino as this dryer has built-in 3 concentrators (narrow, medium, and wide). This dryer is also rated best for all hair types.


The diffuser is not necessary for fine hair but if you have curly hair then the diffuser is a need to diffuse heat uniformly in your hair without ruining the curly hairstyle. Most of the Babyliss hair dryer models do not constitute a diffuser.

If you have curly hair and are intending to buy a hair dryer then you can choose BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino as it consists of a diffuser. Otherwise, you can also buy Babyliss diffusers separately.

Babyliss Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser is regarded as a superlative diffuser in the market and you can use this with any Babyliss dryers. [/su_panel] If you have question whether  babyliss hair dryer has comb attachment with it, read our Babyliss Hair dryer with comb attachment article.

Where To Purchase a Babyliss Hair Dryer?
You can purchase a Babyliss hair dryer from the company’s official website, as well as in certain online shopping portals, licensed retailers, and brick-and-mortar stores.

Ask about the warranty of the product so you’re preserved. You may want to get a full-sized and a travel hair dryer, too, to meet all your bases.

I recommend getting the Rotating Hot Air Brush for home usage, and the BabylissPRO TT Travel Dryer for your travels. Regardless of your preference, you just can’t go wrong with Babyliss hairdryers.

BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Hair Dryer Review

When it comes to looking smart and gorgeous, you cannot skip your hairstyle because it makes you look one in million. A good shampoo and a price-worthy hair conditioner can make your hair smooth and silky but you cannot go out with wet hair. You need to dry your wet hair as soon as possible to start routine activities. A hair dryer is an electrical tool everyone is using in this century and you might in search of the best one. You have come across BaByliss 2800 hair dryer in the market but you can’t trust sellers therefore you have made this search.

In this article, we are going to investigate each feature and specifications of BaByliss pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer 2800 to check whether it is trustworthy or not.

Features and Specs:

But before we move to our product let’s see which features and specs you must consider before you make a purchase.

Power of Hair Dryer

People invest in high-wattage hair dryers for business purposes because they are a little bit expensive. A typical hair dryer power ranges from 800W to 3000W and can be more but which one is best for you. Do you need a blow dryer with 800W or a high wattage hair dryer?

  • If you are a hairstyling expert then you can invest in a high wattage hair dryer to deal with more customers in less time. A salon power hair dryer ranges from 1875W to 2500W but a hair dryer with 2000W is enough to meet your daily requirements. Our BaByliss pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer 2800 features an AC motor powered by 2000W.
  • If you need a blow dryer for your routine blowout at home then you must go with a moderate one. A blow dryer with power ranges from 1875-2000W would be best to give you quick and quality blowout daily.
  • If you want to pack a hair dryer for your traveling purpose then make sure to have one with low wattage and dual voltage. If you still want to achieve a salon-quality blowout even when traveling then check the hotel outlet and purchase one that matches with outlet voltage and wattage.


Choose a hair dryer that comes with quiet and durable attachments according to your hair type.

For straight hair

You can style your straight hair with a round brush and a hairdryer with a concentrator nozzle. You can make your hair straight or add volume to it by using a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle and a round comb.

Most of the BaByliss ceramic hair dryers come with a concentrator nozzle attachment to ensure focused and even airflow.

For curly or textured hair

If you have curly hair then frizz is the most irritating reality of your life. Blow drying or air-drying causes frizz to curly hair. If you want to enjoy your smooth, shiny, and frizz-free curls then you must grab a hair dryer with a suitable diffuser attachment.

It dries your curls while adding shine and volume without creating frizz. Babyliss pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer 2800 does not include diffuser attachment but you can buy a BaByliss diffuser compatible with this blow dryer.

Button settings

The comfort level of a blow dryer depends on the convenient heat/speed settings. You need controlled heat to blow dry your hair otherwise it would damage your hair severely.

All BaBylisshairdryers provide convenient button settings including a cool shot button for precise styling. An average hair dryer must have at least three temperature and two airspeed settings for complete control of the product.

A cool shot setting is most important when it comes to a long-lasting hairstyle without frizz.

Haircare technology

A safe and premium blowout cannot be achieved without advanced haircare technology. You must grab a hairdryer featuring the latest ionic and ceramic technologies for smooth and frizz-free styling.

It does not matter whether you are searching for a blow dryer for commercial use or one for your personal blowout needs. BaByliss is producing high-quality blow dryers featuring ceramic and ionic technology to give you sleek and voluminous blowouts.

Babyliss pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer 2800 is engineered with ceramic material that controls heat and produces an even airflow with controlled heat.

Ionic technology

Your wet hair gets positively charged when it is rubbed with a towel or comb and creates frizz. You need negative ions to reduce this positive static and improve hair health.

Frizzy hair is more irritating and tends to broke therefore a shiny and smooth blowout is possible with a negative ions-based hairdryer.


Ceramic material is used to manufacture high-quality blow dryers for a fast-drying experience with controlled heat. Ceramic heaters get heated fast and allow you to dry and style hair quickly.

Ceramic material emits far-infrared rays that help to dry hair fast without making extreme heat damages.

The BaByliss pro hair dryer 2800 is manufactured with a ceramic material to give you a fast and safe hair drying experience.

BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Dryer

Key features

Technology Ionic, ceramic
Attachments Narrow concentrator nozzle
Cool shot button Available
Removable filter Available
Hanging loop Available
Heat settings 3
Speed settings 3
Swivel cord Available


Weight 1 pound
Power 2000W
Material Ceramic
Motor type AC


Babyliss Pro 2800 super turbo hair dryer is designed with smart technology and intelligent heat controlling system to provide you with salon-quality blowout effortlessly.

Babyliss pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer is best for both professionals and personal consumers. It is because the powerful AC motor generates even and effective airflow to dry hair fast.

You can win more customers in less time for your salon because of its professional high-quality work.

You can style your hair with a concentrator nozzle and a round brush like a pro and you won’t need any straighteners or hot irons. Its ceramic heater gets hot really fast and provides you enhanced hot air enriched with far-infrared rays. The far-infrared rays are produced when ceramic material is heated under pressure. It gently penetrates hair strands making them dry from inside out without any heat damages. The far infrared rays stimulate your blood flow and promote hair growth. The BaByliss ceramic hair dryers work on the same principle to give you a high-quality blowout with enhanced shine.

Now let’s investigate some important features and specs of the BaBylisspro porcelain ceramic 2800 dryer.

  1. Motor efficiency 

The BaByliss hair dryers are equipped with high-quality AC motors for fast and effective working without creating annoying noises. Its brushless super-fast motor works great to provide a powerful airflow. The AC motor makes it a more durable and quiet hair dryer with enhanced output airflow. It requires 2000W power to work properly in giving you a salon-grade blow-dry at home.

  1. Design of BaByliss hair dryer

The compact and sleek hair dryer body with an ergonomic handle makes it an outstanding blow dryer. The ergonomic handle is friendly for the professional as they can work with this blow dryer for hours without having shoulder strain. The sleek black body is constructed with ceramic porcelain material. The handle is equipped with separate heat and speed buttons and a cold shot button.

  1. Attachment quality

Babylisshaircare products always come in high quality with excellent material. The same high-quality material is used to manufacture attachments of BaByliss hair dryers whether it is a diffuser or a narrow concentrator nozzle. BaByliss pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer 2800 comes with a quiet and narrow concentrator nozzle attachment for a precise styling experience. The reliable and durable concentrator nozzle ensures fast and focused airflow to dry and style your hair quickly.

  1. Improved hair health

Sitting under a hot hair tool means damaged hair with worse split ends and you cannot bear these horrible results of perfectly styled hair. You don’t need to sacrifice your hair health to achieve a salon-grade blowout.

Because BaByliss pro porcelain ceramic 2800 hair dryer is equipped with great haircare technology to reduce frizz and enhance your hair quality.

It is engineered with ceramic material that absorbs the excess amount of heat and prevents your hair from extreme heat damage. It produces nourishing negative ions that fight frizz and provide a smooth hairstyle with elevated shine.

You feel like having a hair care treatment when you finish blow-drying with a ceramic-based BaByliss hair dryer.

  1. Material quality

Ceramic porcelain is used to manufacture BaByliss pro porcelain ceramic 2800 dryer which is an absolute heat absorbent material that gives you a protected blow-drying experience.

Ceramic material emits far-infrared rays that act to dry your hair from inside out and preserve the essential oils in your scalp. It dries hair without making it dry and brittle by absorbing the excess amount of heat.

Ceramic heaters emit instant hot air to dry and style your hair fast where the healthy elements make your hair shiny and smooth. The BaByliss pro 2800 super turbo hair dryer features a negative ionic generator that emits anions to reduce frizz and provide a shiny hairstyle.

  1. Customization

The BaByliss hair dryer provides you with an enhanced customization experience with its multiple heat/speed settings. You can control the temperature and airspeed of your blow dryer with provided separate button settings. It is suggested to use a blow dryer at medium heat settings to avoid any hair damages. You can customize your hairdryer with three different heat and two-speed adjustment buttons. The cold shot button is provided to set your hairstyle for a longer time.

  1. Maintenance 

Any electrical device needs proper maintenance to prolong its life. The proper maintenance of a hair dryer makes it durable long-lasting and effective for a lifetime. The BaByliss pro porcelain ceramic 2800 hair dryer comes with a removable lint filter that allows easy cleaning and maintenance. You can clean your hair dryer lint filter easily without any hesitation.

It features a hanging loop to store it easily after use. You can buy a hair dryer hanger or make one DIY hanger to store your dryer easily.

Pros and Cons

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The BaByliss hair dryer comes with user-friendly features and specs. There are some key benefits people find about this blow dryer.

  1. The BaByliss pro ceramic hair dryer weighs only 1 pound that seems quite lightweight to carry.
  2. The ergonomic handle adds a comfort element for the professionals to use without fatigue.
  3. The porcelain ceramic material helps to provide controlled heat that dries your hair without extreme heat damages.
  4. The ionic technology is coupled with far infrared rays to provide you sleek shiny blowout.
  5. The frizz-free results make the customers happy and satisfied.
  6. People comment about its reasonable price range that makes it an affordable professional hair dryer.
  7. The concentrator nozzle is not wide but narrow which ensures super-focused and concentrated airflow to dry and style your hair effectively.
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Everything comes with pros and cons. We know that nothing is perfect and can have some cons. Here are some points the users don’t like.

  1. It weighs only 1 pound but still, people find it heavy and bulky. The manufactures should take notice of that experience.
  2. Babyliss pro hair dryer is equipped with an AC motor that is quiet but still, the customers complain about its annoying noise.
  3. The AC motors are durable and long-lasting but some consumers stated that they got burnt within a few months.
  4. It does not include a hair diffuser that means people with curly hair have to purchase it.
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Final Thoughts

Babyliss hair care is a French company producing a lot of high-quality professional-grade blow dryers and other hot tools. They are making a huge variety of high-quality blow dryers and use ceramic material to engineer their products. The engineers claim that they don’t compromise on the quality but we know that everything comes with cons. This BaByliss hair dryer has some cons too but its professional features and high power motor worth a try. If you are a salon professional and searching for a 2000W high-quality blow dryer at a reasonable price then this piece is for you.


Babyliss Hair Dryer Ferrari Review

Babyliss Hair Dryer Ferrari

In the past, the life of people was so simple. They were not used to any kind of machine for the hairdryer. However, life was simple but they faced many problems. When they attended any function, they used to wash their hair in the morning time and used to wait about four to five hours, when the hair became dry then they made the style of hair and gave the stylish look to their hair. But now you do not face any kind of this problem due to the invention of the hairdryer. The good thing about this dryer is savage of time. A lot of brands introduced their products in which the Babyliss hair dryer Ferrari one.

Babyliss is a famous brand it is known for its marvelous products. It plays a fantastic role in the fashion world it introduced a large number of their products related to hair.

All the products are fantastic and running about more than one hundred countries, all these countries are satisfied with their working. In the ancient world, there is no concept about hairdryers but now Babyliss offers different products like a hairdryer and makes life so comfortable.

Babyliss introduced a hairdryer that has a Ferrari-based motor. The Ferrari motor works in an astonishing way it has boosted the movement of hair and dry your hair within a short time.

The contribution of Ferrari and Babyliss hairdryer skillful people they introduced Babyliss pro hair dryer Ferrari. These products are not abundant in weight, ergonomic is the shape you have no problem carrying.

They work for a long period due to the Ferrari motor. The price of the Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari is affordable, not costly calmly purchase the professional barber or common people.

Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari is made in Italy and it is an excellent product. When this product was introduced in the market people rapidly give good reviews about the BaByliss hair dryer due to its Ferrari motor.

No doubt this product is excellent for the hairdryer rapidly and time savage. The hairstyle is making this product stay for a long time.

Key Features

·         Motor Powerful, great motor-1875 watts
·         Design The shape is ergonomic, easy fit in the hand
·         Filter Lint filter
·         Working Silent working
·         Ion-generator Nano-titanium, ion generator
·         Nozzle 2-nozzle
·         Heat and speed setting 3- heat and speed setting
·         Length cord Extra cord length

Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari – Key Features:

No doubt, the Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari is perfect but when you buy the Babyliss hairdryer you know about these features that make the best hair dryer of Babyliss Ferrari.

  • Motor

Babyliss hairdryer has a Ferrari architect motor due to which motor is very unique and fast in its work. Babyliss hairdryer has great access for the movement of hair and dryer your hair quickly. It reduces the time and also vibration.

The motor of Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari has done its job fastly and in a great amount. The motor of the Babyliss hairdryer can easily be seen without any effort.

You only remove the lint filter there is a yellow tremendous and gorgeous motor. This motor can revolve for about 80 miles above in one hour.

Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari has a generator of ions that decrease the crisp of your hair and narrow the cuticle. So it not affects your hair health.

It is an excellent motor in all respect 1875 watts motor, long-duration work without any problem. The design making this motor makes the stay for a long time. When the motor is extra heat-up consequently turns off.

  • Ergonomic

Most hair dryers come in ergonomic shape the reason for this easily fit in your hand. The arrangement of the Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari is ergonomic.

That hairdryer in the shape of ergonomic has free grips for a long duration without any weakness of your hand or arm. Not feel any tiredness after the long time work due to its light in weight.

And the good thing is that every professional or normal people like that hairdryer that not heavy can effortlessly move from one place to another. In this case, the Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari does not tease you.

  • Lint Filter

Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari made up of a lint filter. It is very essential to inquiry about the filter of your dryer because a filter tends to clip the fire and can destroy your dryer, when not kept neat and clean properly.

It helps you to clean your hair dryer fastly within a few minutes. The lint filter present on the backside of the Babyliss hairdryer prevents the hair and dust from your dryer. When the dust enters the dryer it gives the smell of burning.

  • Silent Working

Every professional person when buying the hairdryer notice the most one thing about its dryer is noiseless or not.

And one of the good views about the Babyliss hairdryer is noiseless that makes the best dryer for the professional as well as the customer. During working its voice is beautiful for a long period for your ear and you don’t feel any kind of irritation.

  • Nano-titanium and ion generator

The combination of nano-titanium and generator of ions is a specific feature of the Babyliss pro-Volare Ferrari hairdryer, which ensures that the dryer does not have a large amount of heat which later becomes a source of heat damage as compared to another hairdryer.

The nano-titanium is especially done for large heat. The generator of ions produced various amounts of negative ions which increase the smoothness and health yours.

  • Nozzles

Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari comprises of two types of nozzles both nozzles have different functions. The one type of nozzles is 70mm and its purpose is to make waves and the second type of nozzle is 60mm and its function is to straighten your hair.

  • Heat and Speed Setting

Babyliss Pro Rapido hair dryer has a great variation in the setting of speed and heat it depends on your use. The setting of speed is very useful in controlling the flow of airflow you want. Similarly, the settings of heat also give you an option you can adjust the temperature according to your desire.

  • Length of Cord

Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari has an elastic length of cord. You can use your hairdryer by moving here and there without any disturbance.

Detail of Babyliss Hairdryer Ferrari

When the hair is wet you rapidly want to dryer the hair within few minutes. At this successful time, you do not need to worry a lot of hairdryers come into the market. Every hair dryer is different from the other due to its qualities.

The Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari is one of the best dryers come in the market and running successfully in one hundred countries. Babyliss hairdryer makes the best place in the world due to its Ferrari ion-generator.

Babyliss hairdryer has a Ferrari design motor due to which motor is very unique and fast in its work. Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari’s motor has done its job fastly and in a great amount and can easily be seen without any effort.

The motor of this dryer can revolve for about 80 miles above in one hour. Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari has a generator of ions that reduced the crisp of your hair and narrows the cuticle.

The motor is running at 1875 watts, long-duration work without any problem. It is awesome motor work for the long time work without any noise.

Babyliss hairdryer consists of a flint filter present on the backside of the body of the hairdryer that provides protection against the dust and not entering of hair in the dryer.

The shape is ergonomic as well as not heavyweight and it is easy to fit in your hand calmly move from one area to another.  The role of nano-titanium and ion-generator in Babyliss pro-Volare Ferrari hairdryer plays an important role produced a large number of negative ions that help in the smoothness of hair.

The Babyliss hair dryer consists of two nozzles the purpose of the first nozzle to make the waves and the second one used to straighten your hair. Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari consists of many heat and settings.

The heat setting speed of the Babyliss pro v1 volar hairdryer has 6 heat-speed settings and each heat speed is used for a different function. The cord length of the Babyliss hairdryer is extra long which is wonderful for the professional and common person.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari composed a lint filter it performs its function by preventing the entrance of dust and hair into the dryer
  • Non –Titanium and generator of ions that release negative ions to save you hear from heat damage.
  • Two types of nozzles help to attain the style of hair that you want.
  • Elastic length of cord you can move freely during drying your hair
  • Babyliss hairdryer has Ferrari designed motor which fastly dries your hair and safe your time.
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  • Just three settings of heat and speed temperature
  • A bit large in size
  • When becomes hot too produced a smell of burning

Babyliss Hair Dryer Ferrari Review

When any product is invented to check good or not they introduced in the market. People buy it and used it. After use, the product gives the same merits and demerits of the product.

Same in the case of Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari comes in the market; many people used it, and give the Babyliss Ferrari hair dryer reviews. Due to the Ferrari engine give good feedback.

After the reviews of the people, there’s a good ranking in the market. It is excellent for the professional as well common people, both can easily dry the wet hair in a short time without face any trouble.

The Shortcoming of Babyliss Hairdryer Ferrari

Any product where has the merits as well as the demerits. A lot of merits of the Babyliss hairdryer where has some weaknesses such as the Babyliss hair dryer is a bit large in size as compared to another dryer.

While the other consists of many heat and speed settings but this dryer have just 3-setting of heat and speed. Another one is when the motor is too hot start burning and spread the smell of burning.

Babyliss Pro Volare V1 Ferrari Hairdryer Vs Babyliss Pro Volare V2 Ferrari Hairdryer

Babyliss Pro V1
Babyliss Pro V2

Baby liss pro Volare V1 Ferrari hairdryer is large in size as compared to the Babyliss Pro Volare V2 Ferrari hairdryer that is small in size. Both calmly move from one place to another. but the V2 is small than V2 so it is easier to hold in hand than the Babyliss pro-Volare V2 dryer.

The weight of the Babyliss pro-Volare V1 Ferrari dryer is about 1.16ibs but the weight of the Babyliss Ferrari hairdryer V2 is about 1.12lbs that indicates the Babyliss Ferrari hairdryer V2 has light in weight than the V1.

The Babyliss pro-Volare V1 Ferrari dryer’s air pressure is about the 6.2 bar on the hand Babyliss pro-Volare V2 Ferrari hairdryer. In the speed setting, nozzle, design, and cord length these are the same. Here is some comparison of Babyliss Ferrari V2 different from the Babyliss Pro Volare V1 hairdryer.


Question:                    What are the drawbacks of the Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari?

Answer:                       The drawbacks of the Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari are big in size, and produced the smell after it the too hot.

Question:                    What kind of filter is present in the Babyliss Ferrari hairdryer and its function?

Answer:                       The Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari consists of a lint filter and its function is to prevent hair and dust from your dryer.

Question:                    How costly Babyliss hairdryer?

Answer:                        It is not high in an amount easily buy the common people as well as the professional barber.

Question:                    What is the role of generator ion in the Babyliss Ferrari hairdryer?

Answer:                       They released the negative ions which save your hair from heat damage and also make your hair healthy and smooth.

Question:                    How we can see the Ferrari engine in the Babyliss hairdryer?

Answer:                       The filter present on the backside of the Ferrari hairdryer when you remove this filter you can easily see the motor of the Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari which is yellow in color.

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Final Judgment

Babyliss Pro Volare hairdryer Ferrari is designed to take care of your hair from heat damage and also maintain the shinning of your hair. Babyliss Pro Volare hairdryer Ferrari design is very light in weight you can take it calmly for a period you can work with this even for the whole due to which it is considered best for professional as well as for a people which used it at home or other places.

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Babyliss hairdryer Ferrari runs in one hundred countries due to its performance. All the countries are satisfied with its working. Babyliss hairdryer is famous due to its Ferrari engine that can easily see it. Overall it is awesome for wet hair, when you attend the sudden function you don’t worry about what will do with wet hair. Babyliss pro-Ferrari Rapido dryer does not create noise its working is silent and not high in amount. Babyliss dryer hair Ferrari dryer the wet hair and saves time due to its rapidly working.

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Babyliss Hair Dryer With Comb Attachment Review

This review is based on our comprehensive research and we have come up with our final recommendation on Babyliss Hair Dryer With Comb Attachment of – Updated. This information will help you determine whether it is worth purchasing this product.


Before You Make a Purchase, 

Check out The complete guide comb attachments.

Let’s get started,

Babyliss is a famous brand that can be used by many people for more than forty years. In this competitive world, every brand wants to make the perfect product.

You can see a lot of brands that manufacturer the hairdryer. Every brand has specific qualities. Every hair dryer brand is different from the other due to its specific features.

Andis, Oster like other brands are successfully progressing in the market. In this competition no doubt Babyliss makes a good ranking in the market due to its features.

Babyliss not only manufactured the hairdryer but also introduced the hair clipper in the world.

A hairdryer is used to dry the hair when you attend emergency parties. In the past, the life of the people was so simple.

They did not use any kind of product that dryer the hair. When the people suddenly attend the part they lost their time when the hair is dryer to make the hairstyle and went to the function.

But know when you suddenly attend the function not need to worry about it your wet hair. Because you have the Babyliss hair dryer with a comb attachment. Comb attachment is very important for the Babyliss hairdryer.

Detail of the Babyliss hair dryer with a Comb Attachment

Babyliss is one of the famous companies. People like the services of the Babyliss. Babyliss hairdryer not only dryer your wet hair but also makes the hair is shinning and smooth. Babyliss is composed of a great number of features that specific to other hairdryers.

The motor used by the Babyliss hair dryer comb attachment is composed of a great speed powerful AC motor. The voltage required by the Babyliss hairdryer is 2000 V. The role of the motor is to produce the negative ions.

These make your hair is dryer as well as give smoothness and shinning to your hair. Babyliss hair dry can be used for both kinds of hair such as curl or straight hair.

This dryer hair perfect for both hair. the scheme of the Babyliss hairdryer is perfectly ergonomic. Due to its shape, you can hold the hairdryer comfortably in your fist without any kind of fatigue.

The weight of this Babyliss hairdryer is not heavy calmly pick up without any problem. The comb attachment is very important for the Babyliss hairdryer. Because with the help of comb attachment you can give different styles of hair which you want.

Babyliss hair dryer with comb attachment can also straighten or shine your hair. The filter of every hairdryer is very important. Because it prevents the entering of the hair or dust in the hairdryer.

Babyliss hairdryer nozzles also very important features of the Babyliss hairdryer. The role of the diffusers controls the amount of hair, which rapidly dry the wet hair.

Three concentrators present in the Babyliss hairdryer. These concentrators can curl your hair. with the help of the concentrators, you give the different styles of hair.

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A Buying Guide of Babyliss Hair Dryer With Comb Attachment

When you purchase the Babyliss hairdryer you know about these qualities. Because these qualities are very important for every best hairdryer.


Babyliss hair dryer comb attachment composed of a powerful AC motor. This AC  motor performs its work greatly with 2000 voltage. It is prepared in Italy due to which it is also called Italian motor.

The manufacturing of this hairdryer is based on the technology of Nano titanium. This technology makes sure the even distribution heat for best results. This motor release negative ions.

These ions are useful in the elimination of inert electricity. At the same time, it also makes your cuticles narrow to give shine to your hair. it also makes your hair smooth.

The motor of this comb attachment for the Babyliss hairdryer is powerful and strong can be useful for a great time.


Babyliss Pro titanium hair dryer with comb attachment is suitable for all types of hair. The hair may be broad bulky and gross hair. You can use this hair dryer on wet as well as dry hair. This hair dryer will make your hair a shiny appearance. It also provides a healthy view of your hair.

Speed and heat setting

Babyliss pro-Nano titanium hairdryer is composed of a large number of settings. These settings are for heat and speed. You can utilize these heat and speed settings for attaining the desired style of your hair. along with these settings, there is the presence of a cool shot. This shot is used for the final style of your hair.


The architecture of this hairdryer is ergonomic due to which it is light in weight. This is a great advantage for a professional hair artist. They can use it for the whole without any disturbance. Its handle is designed to hold it comfortably.

Comb Attachment

The comb attachment for the Babyliss Pro hair dryer is a great thing. It can solve your problems related to your hair. the attachment of the comb is considered are accessory of a hairdryer.

This combed attachment is present with teeth. These teeth can be used to detangle hair and help in attaining different styles of your hair. if you want to have curls at the end of your hair the comb attachment can help you.

These attachments rapidly remove the water from your hair. it increases the process of drying. Most people do not want to take a brush on another hand and a dryer on another hand.

The comb attachment can free from these difficulties. It dries your hair as well as also brushes your hairdryer rapidly. These Babyliss hair dryer comb also straight your hair. It does not what kind of your hair.

The comb attachment along teeth is better than a normal brush. Because it moves the air directly to your hair. The hairdryer with comb attachment also makes your hair shinning and smooth. When you start the hairdryer it will produce negative ions.

These ions will neutralize the ions of your wet hair that are positive. That can cause crinkle in your hair. In this way hairdryer along with hair, attachment makes your hair shiny.


The filter of the hairdryer along the comb attachment can be removed. The main function of this filter to prevent the entering of dust into the hairdryer and small cut pieces of your hair.

For cleaning purposes, you can calmly remove this filter and clean the hair dryer greatly. The filter of this hairdryer is manufactured with a stainless steel material that made is strong.

Nozzels and concentrators

The hairdryer possesses Babyliss concentrator nozzles. These control the amount and direction of air. These Babyliss hair dryer diffusers direct the airflow to the specific area of your hair and dry the hair quickly.

This hair dryer also comprises three concentrators. With the help of these concentrators, you can curl your hair. It also attains the desired style of your hair. The concentrators have a similar appearance to comb attachments. It gives you a large variety of hairstyles according to your desire.


Some hair dryers are corded while some are cordless. The cordless hair dryer has a battery that is aluminum. On the other corded hairdryer possess a long electric wire. During using a coded hair dryer you can move here and there easily.

The Babyliss hair dryer with comb attachment is corded. The length of its cord is between 8 to 10 ft.


Key Features

  • Motor Powerful AC motor
  • Compatibility Shiny appearance
  • Heat and setting 6 heat and speed setting
  • Design Perfectly ergonomic
  • Comb attachment Detangle of hair
  • Filter Prevent entering of the dust
  • Diffusers Direction of air
  • Concentrators Three, curl your hair
  • Corded\cordless Corded version


Dimension 4.13* 10.25* 10.5 inches
Weight 1 pound
Manufacturer Babyliss Pro
Product number BNT6610
Brand Babyliss Pro

Pros and Cons of Babyliss Comb Attachment

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • This hair dryer with comb attachment gives a good appearance of your hair and a stylish look.
  • It not becomes hot before doing its work and makes your hair free of crinkle
  • Their attachment combs make curls at the end of your hair
  • Its architecture is ergonomic and lightweight
  • It performs its work rapidly and safe your time
  • It used ionic Nano titanium technology that is best for damaged hair
  • It possesses a long cord so that you can move around during drying your hair
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Its diffusers become hot after sometimes
  • Some people reviews that it makes their hair crinkle and damage
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#f4f4f2″ color=”#000″ border=”3px none #cccccc” padding=”15″ shadow=”5px 0px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”10″ target=”blank”]

Babyliss Hair Dryer Comb Attachment Review

When you take every product it has both merits and demerits. Every product when people used gives some Babyliss hair dryer reviews. These reviews may be good or bad according to their working. A lot of reviews about the Babyliss hair after using it. People are satisfied with its working, design, motor, filters, and comb attachment. Not good thing according to the reviews that the working of the diffusers, rapidly heat up.

[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#f4f4f2″ color=”#000″ border=”3px none #cccccc” padding=”15″ shadow=”5px 0px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”10″ target=”blank”]

The Shortcoming of the Babyliss hair dryer with a Comb Attachment

Where the comb attachment for the Babyliss hairdryer is composed of a large number of good features. It also consists of some shortcomings. The first drawback is related to the diffusers used by this hairdryer. During dry hair, diffusers start to warm up after some time. The second shortcoming is related to its working, it makes your hair crinkle and damage.

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Final Judgment

On the technology of ionic that make your hair shiny and smooth. It cleaning process is very easy due to the presence of a filter. It is made with stainless steel material that can be removed. The hair dryer with comb attachment makes your hair straight. you can also have a curl at the end of your hair. The Babyliss pro ceramic Xtreme diffusers and concentrators give the stylish look to your hair. its design is ergonomic with lightweight. All these features make it one of the best hair dryers. You have to buy this if you have damaged hair. Due to the presence of Babyliss pro navigation dryer attachment, it will make your hair smooth.

[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#f4f4f2″ color=”#000″ border=”3px none #cccccc” padding=”15″ shadow=”5px 0px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”10″ target=”blank”]


Babyliss hair dryer is one of the best dryers in the market. A lot of people take this hair dryer because the hairdryer in our life is very important. When your hair is dry you make any design of the hair. With the help of dry hair, you enhance your modern look. Because your personality in wet hair is despoil. Babyliss Pro titanium hair dryer with comb attachment is suitable for all types of hair. The hair may be broad bulky and gross hair. A lot of the features that make the comb attachment for Babyliss pro hair dryer best in their working due to its motor, design, and a lot of its features.

[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#f4f4f2″ color=”#000″ border=”3px none #cccccc” padding=”15″ shadow=”5px 0px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”10″ target=”blank”]


 Q1. What type of motor used in the Babyliss hair dryer with comb attachment? 

Answer: Babyliss hair dryer with comb attachment composed of a powerful AC motor. This AC   motor performs its work greatly with 2000 voltage. This motor release negative ions. These ions are useful in the elimination of inert electricity. It makes your hair smooth.


 Q2.  Is the Babyliss hair dryer with comb attachment is perfectly ergonomic? 

Answer: Yes, the Babyliss hairdryer is perfectly ergonomic in design. The architecture of this hairdryer is ergonomic due to which it is light in weight. Its handle is designed to hold it comfortably.


 Q3. What the purpose of the heat and speed setting used in the Babyliss hairdryer? 

Answer: Babyliss Pro Nano titanium hairdryer is composed of a large number of heat and speed settings. You can utilize these heat and speed settings for attaining the desired style of your hair.


 Q4. Why the filters used in the Babyliss hairdryer? 

Answer: The main function of this filter to prevent the entering of dust into the hairdryer and small cut pieces of your hair. The filter of this hairdryer is manufactured with a stainless steel material that made is strong.


 Q5. How many concentrators present in the Babyliss hair dryer with comb attachment? 

Answer: Three concentrators present in the Babyliss hairdryer. These concentrators can curl your hair. with the help of the concentrators, you give the different styles of hair.


Babyliss Hooded Hair Dryer – PRO Neck Strips Review

Babyliss Hooded hair dryer is giant hair drying tool made for professional use. The salons use high-quality hooded hair dryers to dry their client’s hair. These are expensive and big than conventional blow dryers.

But nowadays people are finding these giant tools so helpful that they are buying these dryers for household use. People love hooded hair dryers because they are powerful and dry hair faster than conventional blow dryers.

The conventional hairdryers are shifted toward styling with their advanced attachments. They offer versatile accessories to style your hair like a pro. The conventional hair dryers give you complete control to style each section of your hair.

On contrary

The hooded hair dryers are not that much versatile and don’t give you control to style each section.


If you will achieve the perfect bouncy hairstyle with rollers, you need a hooded hair dryer. It dries rollers much faster than conventional dryers and sets hairstyles in place.

Today we are going to share a detailed review of the BaByliss pro hooded hair dryer. We will explain all the features and specs including pros and cons to make it clear.

BaByliss PRO Neck Strips Hooded Hair Dryer

 Special Feature  

  • Auxiliary input connects to smartphones or MP3 so that you enjoy your favorite music.

It is for people looking for a professional-grade hooded hair dryer for personal use. This is basically a hooded hair dryer designed to be used in salons. But if you want to purchase this high-end hooded hair dryer.

You can now style your hair with rollers in minutes when you have a BaByliss hooded hair dryer. This hair dryer comes with advanced features and brilliant technology to make your life easier than ever before.

This hair dryer makes your hair drying time enjoyable rather than boring sit under a hooded hair dryer. The salon professionals can take their business to a next level with the use of this BaByliss hood hair dryer.

This is because of its most enjoyable and convenient hair drying experience. It dries hair fast to save your time so that you don’t get bored.

Let’s have a deep view of the top features and specs of the BaByliss hooded hair dryer

Power 2000 Watts
Motor type Brushless AC motor
Haircare technology Built-in negative ionic technology
Customization Three heat, two-speed settings
Adjustability Adjustable height, wheel, and security locks
Maintenance Easy to clean, rust-free inner-outer surface
Cool option Available


First of all, let’s discuss power because this is the term related to hair dryer performance and drying time.

This hood hair dryer is equipped with 2000 Watts powerful AC motor to deliver maximum output. The more wattage, more the power a motor can generate. Therefore BaByliss Dryers falls in the category of most powerful and effective hooded hair dryers.


The BaByliss hooded hair dryer equipped with a powerful AC motor to deliver maximum power. The brushless AC motor is built to long last and perform to dry hair fast.

AC motors are more durable and reliable than traditional DC motors. Therefore, these are preferable.


The Brushless AC motor works quietly and does not make annoying noises to cause headaches.


The BaByliss hooded hair dryer features ionic technology to take care of your damaged and fine hair. It prevents hair damage and controls frizz to enhance the natural shine of your hair.

Ionic technology is really very healthy and beneficial to maintain your hair health.

It works to reduce frizz created by the positive static gathered on your hair strands while washing and towel drying. The ionic technology generates negative ions to balance these positive ions and reduce static.

It is used in most of the latest hair dryers to make hair shiny and glossy with less hair damage. It works great to eliminate frizz and elevate shine.

Most hooded hair dryers miss this advanced haircare technology. But BaByliss takes care of your hair health.

These negative ions lock in moisture in your hair by sealing the cuticles. Therefore you can get your hair dried without losing natural moistures.


When you have to sit under a hooded hair dryer then you have to find the best temperature level that suits you. You cannot sit under a hooded hair dryer with too much hot airflow. Especially in summers, you cannot skip enjoying rollers’ hairstyling but hot air is not comfortable.

Therefore, to adjust heat and airspeed levels you need customization buttons. Babyliss hooded hair dryer is offering you three temperature and two airspeed adjustment buttons.

Not only heat function, but the cool shot option also helps to lock the hairstyle in place. It provides a great finish to make your hairstyles long-lasting.

Particularly if you don’t want to lose your fresh waves obtained with rollers, you need this function.

You will enjoy shiny and manageable curls without frizz for the whole day.

 Portable and Adjustable  

Hooded hair dryers are often heavy and difficult to change their workplace. You cannot pick them up to move around because these are heavy and cause shoulder strain.

To resolve this problem BaByliss pro hooded hair dryer is manufactured with wheals. It is portable and wheels can be locked when you have to use it. It prevents the dryer base from moving while in use.

The height of the dryer is totally adjustable allowing you to sit under the hooded hair dryer conveniently. This feature makes it a hooded hair dryer for all people including short and big heights.


The poor-quality hooded hair dryers stop working after a couple of months due to poor maintenance. This isn’t your fault, but the dryer is not easy to clean.

Due to poor maintenance, the dryer doesn’t last long and your money is wasted.

But BaByliss pro hooded hair dryer is easy to clean. Its rust-free inner and outer surfaces make it durable.

Moreover, the snap-in wheels are featured to prevent your hair from clogging the inner surface. That keeps the dryer neat and clean.

 Keep Enjoying  

Sitting under a hooded hair dryer for several minutes or even hours is not an easy task. You can get bored and tired of sitting in the same direction for a long time.

What if you could enjoy your favorite music while drying your hair under a hooded dryer?

Yes, BaByliss pro hooded hair dryer is fitted with Auxiliary input that can be connected to your smartphone or MP3. You can enjoy your favorite songs while getting a smooth and beautiful hairstyle.


Reading a book or magazine isn’t a bad choice either if you are a busy person.

  • Product Dimensions : 34 x 34 x 58 inches; 18.25 Pounds
  • Item model number: BHHIN
  • UPC: 074108357601
  • Manufacturer : BaBylissPro
  • Weight: 18.25 pounds
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Easy to handle
  • Wheels can be locked to prevent from moving while in use
  • Ionic technology is integrated to make your hair look smooth
  • Multiple heat settings offer flexibility
  • A cool option is available to set your hairstyle
  • Portable and convenient to use
  • Height adjustments make it more customized
  • A built-in music system makes it a luxurious and relaxing tool.
  • The powerful motor is salon friendly
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Durability issues
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#f4f4f2″ color=”#000″ border=”3px none #cccccc” shadow=”5px 0px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”10″ target=”blank”]

Buying Guide of Babyliss Hooded Hair Dryer Reviews

Before you buy a salon-quality hair dryer you must know about it. So that you don’t waste your money on the wrong tool.

Here are some of the top features and specs, professionals look for when they make a purchase.


You are buying a hooded hair dryer to dry your hair as fast as possible. therefore you must check its heating function whether it is enough for your requirements or not.

The salon professionals like to have the best hooded hair dryers having great heating ability. Because more heat means less drying time. Therefore they can deal with more clients in less time.

You must check the number of heat levels that suit your hair type.


Hooded hair dryers are often built with powerful motors to generate sufficient heat.

They look for a hooded hair dryer with more than 2500 Watts power to get the job done.

But you don’t need that much wattage for personal use. A hooded hair dryer with more than 1000 Watts power is enough for you.

Babyliss pro hood hair dryer is powered by a 2000 Watts motor to generate powerful airflow. Therefore is preferable for salons and individuals at the same time.


The hooded hair dryers are big in size and heavy in weight. It is difficult to move them from one working place to another. You can’t carry them with you to move around.

Therefore a professional hooded hair dryer must be portable and attached with wheels. These wheels allow you to move the dryer easily from one place to another.

Babyliss hooded hair dryer is portable and convenient to move.

Haircare Technology

Mostly hooded hair dryers are designed for professional use and are meant to dry hair fast. They don’t feature any specific haircare technology.

But you must grab one with suitable hair care technology to get your hair done without any heat damage.

The ionic technology of the BaByliss pro hooded hair dryer works to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

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Final Verdict

A hooded hair dryer is undoubtedly a professional tool, but people are using these at home to get salon-styled hair in this pandemic. These giant devices give a smooth finish but you need some patience to sit under them. You can read your favorite books or magazines when sitting under the hooded hair dryer. You can’t get the flexibility to style each section of hair like a conventional hair dryer. But it dries rollers much faster than conventional blow dryers.

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Q1. How to steam hair without a steamer or hooded dryer

Answer: Place your absorbent towel and a bowl of water in the microwave. Put a processing cap on your head after applying deep conditioners. Then wrap the absorbent towel on your entire head and wait for a couple of minutes. Remove the towel, let your hair cool down, and rinse with cool water.

Q2. How to straighten natural hair with a hooded dryer

Answer: You can use rollers coupled with a hooded hair dryer to get your favorite hairstyle. Put rollers and sit under the hooded hair dryer. You are ready to enjoy smooth and straight hair.

Q3. What are the benefits of using a hooded dryer when deep conditioning hair?

Deep conditioning your hair takes a lot of time because creamy products are not easy to dry. Therefore you can sit under a hooded hair dryer for about 30-45 minutes to get the treatment done.

The hooded hair dryers dry hair so fast that you can enjoy your crispy curls, stretched curls, rollers sets, or straight hair instantly.

Q4. How to discard a hooded hair dryer?

To make the procedure eco-friendly you must dispose of your hooded hair dryer in a good way. You can search for the nearest scrap center and drop your hair dryer there.


Babyliss Pro Miracurl Review

Everyone loves wavy and curly hair style. The loose waves or bouncy curls, the choice is yours. But the problem is to achieve these styles without damaging your hair from hot tools. The curlers and straighteners use high heat to turn your hair strands into waves and curls. This procedure leaves your hair damaged and week. To avoid these hair damages caused by curlers. Babyliss pro miracurl provides you with beautiful waves and curls. Babyliss pro miracurl gives you different types of wavy styles. It gives with its various temperature settings. Here we are going to explain a tutorial on how to use a BaByliss pro miracurl.

Babyliss Pro Miracurl

The BaByliss pro miracurl is a professional machine. That transforms your hair automatically into smooth wavy and curly hair. Its brushless motor, nano titanium curl chamber, and a steam function. That provides precision curling control to give you a stunning look. It comes with different temperature settings to give a versatile curly hairstyle.

The Babyliss pro miracurl comes with the following features.

  • Extra smooth & shiny curls
  • Nano titanium curl chamber
  • 4 timer settings: Off, 8s, 10s, 12s – for different curl effects
  • 3 direction curl control: right, left, alternate
  • 3 heat settings: 450°F, 410°F, 375°F – for all hair types
  • Surround heat system
  • Max Life PRO brushless motor
  • Smart Tech safeguard and energy saver
  • Auto shutoff + sleep mode + motion sensor

How to Use Babyliss Pro Miracurl

Every styling tool works great for precise styling if you know how to use it. But if you don’t know how to use BaByliss pro miracurl you cannot get the advantages of it. We will divide the whole process into three simple steps to make it easy. Further, we will discuss the advanced settings to customize the styling experience.

Hair Preparation

Before going for any style you must prepare your hair. Wash the hair with your regular shampoo. Apply a deep conditioner starting from roots to tips. Wait for a few minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Dry up to 80% of hair using a towel or a blow dryer. Then apply a conditioning cream or a spray to your hair and detangle them with a wide-tooth comb.

Step one

First of all, plug the hair curler into the socket to make it ready for styling your hair. Look for the red power light indicating that your curler is ready to style your hair.

Step two

Create a thin section of your hair and put it into the curler. The section should not be too much wide, which will tangle your hair while curling. And the results could be disappointing. You should keep one thing in mind that the curl chamber side is facing your hair.

Step three

After putting the section into the curl chamber close the handle. The chamber pulls your hair inside and makes them curly. The curl styles depend upon the temperature settings you have chosen. Release the handle after several seconds to let the curls out of the chamber. The beautiful and neat curls are in front of your eyes in just a few seconds.

Advanced Temperature Settings

Advanced temperature settings affect your styling experience. You can choose different heat settings for different wave textures. The three directions: left, right, and alternate, help give your curls precise direction. This can be handled just by dragging the button on the handle.

The timer setting allows you to release the handle when it beeps. You can decide and set the timer to get perfect curls.

  • 6 – 8 Seconds Relaxed Waves
  • 8 – 10 Seconds – Soft Curls
  • 12 Seconds or Longer – Bouncy Curls

The three heat settings: 450°F, 410°F, 375°F allow you to control the temperature. The maximum heat gives you bouncier waves. But for safe styling, it is recommended to stay with the medium heat setting.

  • 375°F – delicate, fine, colored, damaged, hair
  • 410°F – normal textured hair
  • 450°F – coarse, coarse resistant hair

I hope this article has helped you a lot on how to use a BaByliss pro miracurl. Following these simple steps. And noting the advanced settings you would be able to create awesome curls.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer Review

Modern Technology is continuously upgrading all the tools of our daily life. The upgraded tools are more precise, lightweight, high power, and efficient than the old ones. Science has evolved everything around us and has taken everything, to the next level. Babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer is an evolution for professionals to work with high efficiency with less effort. Holding a heavy hair dryer causes soring shoulders for the professionals who have to work all day with hair dryers.

  • A hairdryer based on modern technology is one that dries and styles your hair fast without damaging them with extreme heat.
  • The best hair dryer of this era is one that protects your hair from extreme heat damage by providing various heat and speed settings.
  • The best hair dryer is always lightweight with an ergonomic design and features concentrated nozzles.
  • Ionic technology-based hair dryers are considered to be more effective for frizz control.
  • The cool shot button is a necessary feature to be included for perfect finishing after styling your hair.
  • Concentrator and diffuser attachments are essential to volumize and managed hair.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

Babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer is no doubt the best choice for the professionals. But also for individuals. If you cannot keep your head down for about 30 minutes to dry your hair, then the Babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer is for you.

It uses maximum power to dry hair fast without damaging them. It features the latest ionic technology which neutralizes the positive ions on hair and reduces frizz.

If you are a professional and you want to invest in a product that could generate revenue for you, then Babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer is the best choice for you to consider. Because it works about all day without getting hot.

This works great for all the day, and you will be getting more and more customers with this tool. It uses 2000 watts power to dry hair fast and features 6-temperature and speed settings to customize your styling according to your hair type.

Some hair dryers are too hot to dry your hair. The problem with a hairdryer is that it does not dry your hair without damaging them. Cheap quality hair dryers do not have enough heat and speed settings to customize according to one’s need.

They not only damage your hair but also sometimes burn your skin with extreme heat. Babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer is safe to use with its convenient features allowing you to customize your settings according to your needs.


  • 2000-watt power
  • Ionic technology for faster hair drying
  • 6 heat/speed setting
  • Cool shot button
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.5 x 10 inches; 1.8 Pounds
  • Removable filter/stand.
  • Ergonomic handling


Professionals and even individuals prefer a hair dryer with maximum power. A 2000 wattage hair dryer means that it has a lot of power to dry your hair fast. It reduces the time of drying your hair and works efficiently to style them.

A 2000 wattage hair dryer can work all day without getting hot or giving a smoke or burning sensation. It could be the best replacement for expensive hair dryers at salons as it works with the same power all day.

The professionals like its horsepower the most, it is the most exciting thing to buyers.


Whenever we talk about ionic technology people think that we are talking about some NASA term. But it is quite different. Make it easy, our hair is naturally positively charged they get more positively charged when we dry them out.

This positive charge increases the frizz and makes the hair move here and there randomly. To reduce the frizz Babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer features ionic technology that leaves the negative ions on your hair.

These negative ions neutralize the positive ions and ultimately reduces frizz and give them a shinier and healthier look. Your hair looks more manageable after drying with Babyliss pro nano hair dryer.


A cool shot button on hairier is when pressed, a sudden breeze of cool air is released which sets your hair style and makes it long-lasting. It is just like our makeup fixers.

But unfortunately, in the case of Babyliss pro nano hair dryer, the customers are complaining that its cool shot button does not release much cool air to set their hairstyle.

It is no more than a low-temperature setting. Well, this might de-grade Babyliss pro nano hair dryer. But if we consider its lightweight, ergonomic design with 2000 power, it does not matter the most.


A hair dryer with poor heat and speed options, could damage your hair and even burn your skin with its extreme heat. Moreover, extreme heat only dries your hair from the upper surface while the lower layers are still wet.

The complete control of heat and airspeed gives you customized drying and styling in a convenient way. You can adjust the temperature and airspeed according to your needs. A Babyliss pro nano hair dryer is giving your 6-heat and speed settings mean complete control.

Babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer 1


[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • Lightweight
  • A complete temperature and power controls
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Dries hair fast
  • 2000 watts power to dry hair
  • Best choice for professionals
  • The removable filter keeps the motor maintain.
  • Leaves hair shiny and less frizzy
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • Nozzle placement is a bit difficult to attach
  • The cool shot button does not throw enough cool air
  • No retractable cord
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#F6F6F6″]


Some tools are especially, made for professionals and some for individuals. But Babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer proves the best choice for both of them. Like other tools, it has some cons too but it is much better than any other hair dryers in the market. If we look at the price range then it is a little bit on the costly side.

But instead of buying a ton of garbage, buying a delicate piece would be a better option to save money and time. Babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer does not come with an extra nozzle and diffuser attachment, you need to buy them separately.


BaByliss PRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer Review

In this century, everyone is in a hurry. Everyone needs smart appliances that could help them in their daily routine life to complete their tasks quickly and professionally. In this scenario, a hair dryer could play an important role. If you have picked up the right hair dryer, then your all worries are gone.

But if you have picked up the wrong hair dryer or poor quality hair dryer. Then you must know that the problems are going to start with your home. In this article, we will guide you to BaByliss PRO Rapido Hair Dryer.

BaByliss PRO Rapido Hair Dryer

Make an image that you have an urgent meeting at your office and you woke late, took shower, and started drying your hair. If your hair dryer is of good quality then it makes your day.

But think for a while if your hair dryer is not much efficient, to dry your hair fast without damaging them, then what should you do? You cannot go to your official meeting with wet hair.

For your professional and personal life, you need a BaByliss PRO Rapido Hair Dryer which understands your needs. The hair dryer gives its maximum output without damaging your hair.

Because we cannot sacrifice our hair for just drying and styling purposes. You need a lightweight, compact, and super-efficient hair dryer with various heat and speed settings for versatility.

BaBylissPRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer comes to mind whenever you require fast and secure hair drying. It deals with all types of hair with its modern technology and compact design.

This lightweight and compact hair dryer features, central negative ion generator that generates an exceptional volume of millions of ions per cm3. Which not only removes the statics but also gives your hair a shiny look. Let us understand the mechanism of negative ions.

Our hair is naturally positively charged, when we dry our hair this positive charge increases and creates static electricity which causes our hair to move here and there and creates frizz.

To reduce this frizz and give your hair a shinier and healthier look, BaBylissPRO BF7000 features negative ion technology which neutralizes the positive charge.

Here we will review the famous BaBylissPRO BF7000 by discussing its features and technical aspects along with its pros and cons so that you pick your own choice after reading an honest review.

Features of BaBylissPRO BF7000

  • 2200W Brushless motor dryer
  • Lightweight
  • Ionic conditioning for frizz-free styling
  • True cold shot
  • Low vibration for quieter operation
  • Ultra-slim concentrator nozzle
  • Removable noise reducing rear filter
  • 2.7m Power Cord
  • Cotton pouch

Lightweight and ergonomic

BaBylissPRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer weighs only one pond which is easy to pick is up along with its ergonomic handle design. Picking up a heavy hair dryer while you are drying and styling your hair might be a painful thing.

To avoid this pain, you must choose a lightweight hair dryer. BaBylissPRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer features modern technologies in a lightweight body and ergonomic design. Its dimension measures 4 x 10.4 x 12.2 inches that makes it easy to store in a drawer or cabinet.


BaBylissPRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer comes with three concentrated nozzles to customize your styling. It features 6-speed and heat settings which are more than any other hair dryer has in the market.

Its various heat and speed settings, give you complete control of air and temperature to customize your styling according to your hair type. The concentrated nozzles come in three different sizes 60mm, 75mm, and 90mm to suit everyone’s needs.

High Performance

BaBylissPRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer has 2000 watts power in its lightweight body which delivers 5000 hours of full power without affecting the performance.

The 2000 watt dryer has a variety of heat and speed settings to give you high-quality salon-grade blow dry. That means BaBylissPRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer has a 5x longer life than your regular dryer.

The Removeable intake filter from the back of the dryer helps in cleaning the dryer to maintain its quality. This is a quiet hair dryer containing a noise-reducing filter.

Technical Aspects

  • BaBylissPRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer is based on ionic technology to reduce frizz and give your hair a shinier look.
  • A cold shot button releases an immediate cool air to set up your hairstyle and make it long-lasting.
  • It features 9 inches cord for flexible styling.
  • It features lightweight technology & a Ferrari-designed engine for a blow dryer that is up to 40% lighter, faster, & quieter than other dryers in the market.
  • BaBylissPRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer is great for all hair types including thick & coarse hair.
  • It has a Removable rear silence.


[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE”]
  • Lightweight
  • Various speed and heat settings
  • Comes with three concentrator nozzles
  • 2000 watts high power generator
  • Space-saving
  • Removable rear silence
  • Cold shot button
  • 5000 hours of full power
  • Ionic technology removes frizz
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″]
  • Costly
  • Sometimes smells like smoke ( a customer-reviewed)
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#F6F6F6″]


Everything comes with pros and cons but in the case of this product, I found more reliability. This hair dryer gives you high-efficiency drying and styling ability without wasting your time. This fast high powerful and lightweight hairdryer gives you salon-grade blow dry without hesitations. You feel more comfortable with its lightweight and ergonomic design while holding it.

Its ionic technology helps to lock the moisture in your hair and gives them a shinier and healthier look. BaBylissPRO BF7000 Rapido Hair Dryer with its 2000 watts power and three different sized concentrator nozzles claims to fulfill all the basic styling requirements for your professional look.


Babyliss Pro Rotating Hot Air Brush Review

We do comprehensive research on the Babyliss Pro Rotating Hot Air Brush – Updated and came up with our final recommendation. If you are planning to buy a Hot Air Brush.

But, Before Buy

Check out The complete guide.

Let’s get started,

Babyliss Pro Rotating Hot Air Brush

Babyliss Pro is the most famous producer for inventing professional styling tools that usually provide high-grade results to professionals. Babyliss Pro Rotating Hot Air Brush is the first preference by many professional barbers, hairdressers, and other users around the world.

Many brands are out there but the Babyliss hair brush dryer is on top of that and has the fully reliable and trustable brand in the market.

Not just that it has enough ability to work close to your hair roots to achieve the maximum volume that is why this is exceptional.

With the help of the Babyliss pro-2-inch rotating hot airbrush, you can easily style and dry your hair at the same time. It will provide you with professional salon-quality hair styling at home.

Plus it will make your hair quite silky, smooth, shiny, and healthy as well.


it comes with ceramic heat that protects from the damage while it has more conditioning ions to seal in the moisture and shine.

You can turn off the rotating action for getting a fully professional look; even this hot airbrush is suitable for short hair as well.

Considering the other round brush hairdryer, this one is best when it needs to increase the volume, lift, shine, or thin hair.

This curling brush hair dryer offers anti-static type bristles as well that normally reduce the frizz from the hair.

This hair dryer rotating brush comes with an ergonomic handle and controls design that has the barrel moved forward and backward for smooth styling.

But remember one thing; you have to use this hair dryer brush when your hair is 80% dry for the final touch of your style.


  • Ceramic technology
  • 2 interchangeable round brushes: 40 mm and 50 mm
  • Boar and nylon bristles with Epoxide Tip Bristles 
  • 800W power
  • 2-speed settings
  • 2 temperature settings + “cool air” setting
  • Two-way rotation
  • Ionic
  • 2.70 m swivel cord
  • Hinged rear filter for easy cleaning
  • 1 year warranty

Pros and Cons of Babyliss Pro Rotating Hot Air Brush

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • It comes with three different temperature settings that can be used according to your customer’s needs.
  • It has anti-static hair bristles that help to reduce the frizz from the hair.
  • This spinning brush allows you to wind the whole section of your hair about the huge barrel that is perfect for long hair. 
  • It offers two years of warranty.
  • Being a nano-titanium technology, it has more negative ions that deliver to help the seal in the oils and moisture included in the hair cuticles which means hair will not get overheated and dry out.
  • All these negative ions provide the hair natural shine to make it more healthy and attractive after styling/drying the hair.
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • The spinning action of this model is too fast for comfort.
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Best Babyliss pro brush hair dryer – Buying Guide

There are certain things that you need to consider before buying the Babyliss brush hair dryer:

Does Rotating Hot Air Brush provide the salon-type look?

Yes, rotating hot air brushes will help you to achieve the salon-type look at home. This styling brush will dry your hair by blowing out the hot air, when you use the rotating barrel spins to straighten the hair, it will provide you with lots of volume and shine.

 Here are a few things that you need to consider:

  • A switch to turn the rotator off (useful if you decide you don’t like how it works).
  • Multi-speed settings.
  • Variable temperature settings.
  • Multi-direction settings.
  • The right barrel size for your hair type and length.
  • Dual voltage if you travel.

What is a Hot Rotating Air Brush?

This rotating hot air brush is quite similar to a regular hot airbrush, without the barrel of the hairbrush spins in use. Basically, this is a hairdryer and hair styling tool that makes it very suitable for this product. Many hot air brushes have a control button on their handle where it’s managing the temperature and speed settings.

Can it be used on Wet Hair?

The best way to use the rotating hot air brush is on the 80% dry hair for getting the fabulous result. It can be used on the damp hair as well but it will take too much time on the damp hair. So that is why I like to recommend you to first dry or squeeze out moisture with the towel then you can apply it to the dry hair. Plus you can get more volume and shine if you use it properly.

Rotating Hot Air Brush vs Non-Rotating Hot Air Brush

Both the hot air brushes are the same but the only difference between the rotating vs non-rotating hot airbrush is that the hot airbrush has a barrel of rotating that easily moves when styling it. This is the only difference.

Some of the users said rotating hair brushes provide the better result but some of them said it’s harder to use it.

Curling Iron vs Rotating Hot Air Brush

The curling and rotating brush are both different types of heating styling tools. The rotating hot air brushes are similar to the blow dryer that has the feature of bristles that don’t heat up.

If we talk about the curling iron, it usually heats up for the sole intention of curling hair, but it can be applied to fully dry hair.

Hair Dryer vs Rotating Hot Air Brush

There is a little similarity in both of the hot styling tools. But with the hairdryer, the main difference is you don’t wind the hair about to dry, so you have to go with the second product to style your hair when you’re drying it.

When it comes to the rotating hairbrush, you don’t have to use the second styling product. If you want the curls, it needs to use the manual round brush to get it.

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In the end, we must say that you should buy this Babyliss blow dry brush as it has lots of amazing features that you need for drying and styling your hair. This is a powerful and complete hot air styling tool, it will meet all your requirements. However, this is one of the safest and quick tools that provide efficient results without even pulling or snagging the hair. If you’re working on your skin, it will not damage your hair. It has enough ability to perform on any type of hair efficiently and smoothly. So do not think too much about it, just go and make the fabulous experiment.

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Babyliss pro brush hair dryer where to buy?

Amazon is one of the best and most trustable places where you can easily find the Babyliss pro hot airbrush which is a durable product as amazon takes care of all those things for you.

How to curl hair with a blow dryer and round brush?

The very first thing I use is to dry my hair almost 90% with the blow-dry, divide it into the smaller section to work it properly, then you can easily use the round brush to achieve the tighter and shiny curls.

How does a spinning hair brush dryer work?

The hot hair dryer brush dries the hair by blowing out the hot air when the rotating barrel spins to straighten the hair. It provides extra volume and shine to your hair but the best way to use it when your hair gets 80% dry.


Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Hair Dryer Review

Having thoroughly examined the available research, we concluded that these are the best Babyliss pro tourmaline titanium 5000 hair dryer. If you want to buy a hairdryer, you should consider it.


Check out The complete guide to Dryer.

Let’s get started,

We all dream to achieve sleek smooth hairstyles every day but when we think about split ends, all dreams break down. Some girls love bouncy and voluminous hairstyle but when they think about frizz, they have to step back.

But now you don’t have to sacrifice your dreams because technology has evolved and things are changing. Modern technology has reduced the risk of getting hair damaged when blow-drying.

You can use high-quality fast hair dryers to get the desired hairstyle within minutes without fear of getting split ends.

We have been using BaByliss hair dryers for a long time and we all have a different point of view regarding their products. But we tried and tested the BaByliss pro tourmaline titanium 5000 hair dryer and found it useful in many aspects. Therefore we have decided to share our experiences with you.

We are going to share a detailed review of the BaByliss pro tourmaline titanium 5000 hair dryer equipped with advanced technologies.

We will share all the key features and specs and will investigate thoroughly including pros and cons.

So that you could have a better idea about its benefits and negative points.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer

Babyliss is manufacturing high-quality hair dryers to bring comfort and innovation to your lives. Their advanced technology-based hairdryers work great to deliver salon-grade blow out without side effects.

Babyliss hair dryers have been used by people all over the world belonging to various categories. Professional hair stylists invest in high-quality BaByliss hair dryers to make their clients happy.

Babyliss tourmaline hair dryer allows you to achieve versatile hairstyles with its multiple customization options. The professionals never compromise on the performance and durability of hairdryers, therefore the BaByliss pro tourmaline hair dryer had always been their favorite.

It delivers powerful airflow to dry and style your hair within minutes. You can achieve your desired hairstyles in a matter of minutes.

We would thank its titanium material that makes it a durable and reliable hair dryer. The perfectly ergonomic handle makes it user-friendly and prevents fatigue. You feel it very lightweight and comfortable to hold.

The pearl white sleek beautiful body is designed so brilliantly that you would fall in love with this hair dryer at first sight.

We could not ignore the compact design that makes it travel-friendly. Babyliss tourmaline travel hair dryer is ready to provide you powerful blow-drying experience anywhere.


It works with a 120 volts outlet only which means you can use it in the USA or Canada. But if you want to use it other than these states you need to purchase a power converter.

That seems to be extra charges but you will be glad after getting your first blowout with BaByliss pro tt tourmaline titanium 5000 hair dryer.

Let’s check out the features and specifications deeply to get more knowledge about the BaByliss pro tourmaline 5000 hair dryer.

 Key Features 

Power 1900 Watts
Attachments Concentrator nozzle
Haircare technology Far infrared and ionic technology
Customization Three heat, two-speed settings
Maintenance Easy to the clean, removable lint filter
Cool option Available

 Powerful Motor  

The BaByliss pro tourmaline hair dryer is equipped with 1900 watts powerful motor. It delivers maximum power that works quietly to dry your hair conveniently. You can achieve salon-styled hair within minutes with its powerful sturdy motor.

1900W wattage is enough to use in salons to deal more clients with different hair textures. This hair dryer falls in the powerful category with its 1900W wattage.

It performs great to deliver high-speed airflow so that you get your hair done without wasting time.

You can still use it outside the town due to its easy-to-pack compact design.

 Precise Styling  

The BaByliss pro tourmaline hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle attachment. It is made with high-quality material to deliver precise and dense airflow.

You can get a sleek beautiful hairstyle with a concentrator nozzle and a round brush.

It helps to concentrate airflow to a certain hair section that helps to style hair in a particular direction.

If you like a bouncy and voluminous hairstyle then you can direct airflow in the opposite direction with a concentrator nozzle.

 Style Hair Without Damage  

Babyliss pro tourmaline 5000 hair dryer allows you to get perfect smooth hairstyles without making your hair damage. You can get a sleek and stylish blowout every day without worrying about split ends or week roots.

The titanium material emits far-infrared rays to dry your hair fast without roasting it. The far infrared rays penetrate your hair strands making them dried from inside out. These rays dry hair without burning the natural oils present in your scalp.

Therefore it is relatively safe to use far-infrared rays.


It generates millions of negative ions to reduce static and eliminate frizz. These ions work on the principle of balancing the positive ions gathered on your strands.

The BaByliss pro tt tourmaline hair dryer ionizes the air and creates positive and negative ions. The negative ions are absorbed by your hair strands making them smooth and glossy.

It also prevents heat damage by its nourishing ability to make your hair shiny and healthy.

So with this integrated technology, you can achieve high-quality blowout with less damage.

 Customization Level 

When using a hot tool on your hair you might get scared of hot airflow and high temperature levels. And high-temperature levels can roast your hair badly if not controlled.

You need a device with controlled heat and speed settings.

With BaByliss pro tourmaline hair dryer, you can customize temperature and airspeed levels according to your choice.

It offers you three temperatures and two airspeed adjustment buttons to provide controlled heat.

This customization allows you to choose between your hair-friendly heat/speed settings.

Also with the cool shot button, you can set your hairstyle for the day long.


You can now take care of your hair dryer to make it durable and long-lasting. Babyliss pro tt tourmaline titanium travel hair dryer features a removable lint filter.

It allows you to clean the dryer vent to maintain its performance.


  • Product Dimensions : 8.5 x 3.5 x 9 inches; 12.8 Ounces
  • Item model number: BABTTW5586
  • UPC: 074108206381
  • Manufacturer : BaByliss Pro
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Color: Pearl white
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Multiple heat/speed settings
  • The cool shot button fixes your hairstyle
  • A removable lint filter allows maintenance
  • The hanging loop makes it easy to store
  • Compact design makes it travel hair dryer
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Expensive
  • Not dual voltage
  • The wrong position of the on/off switch interrupts while drying hair
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#f4f4f2″ color=”#000″ border=”3px none #cccccc” shadow=”5px 0px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”10″ target=”blank”]

Final Verdict 

This is a little bit expensive hair dryer but still under $100 therefore you can give it a try. The professionals never compromise on performance and always invest in high-quality products regardless of price. And BaByliss pro tt tourmaline 5000 hair dryer is one of the best devices with high performance. Overall we love its design and advanced technology. But it is not the dual voltage that must decrease its consumers because people all over the world want to try this blow dryer.

If you want to try a Babyliss travel hair dryer then BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer could be the best choice for you.

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What You Need to Consider Before Going Buying the Babyliss PRO TT 5000 Hair Dryer(Buying Guide)

You can grab the best hair dryers in the market if you can check their credibility and relate to your requirements.

The best hair dryer is one that is best for you, for your hair types, for your comfort. Yes, you don’t need to run behind social media influencers, you can get your best one by yourself.

You just need to look for these key features and specs when buying a hair dryer.

Power and Performance

You can categorize this point according to your requirement.

If you are a professional hairstylist and work at a salon then you must find one very powerful. You should go with high-wattage hair dryers like 1900W or 2000W+ hair dryers.

More wattage means more power a motor can generate. More power means less drying time.

So you can get a quick blowout with a professional hair dryer if you have a high wattage hair dryer.

If you need a normal hair dryer for yourself for regular blowout then you can look for a normal wattage hair dryer. The one hair dryer that satisfies your daily blowout requirement.

We don’t mean that you should choose a low-wattage hair dryer like 1000W. A low-wattage hair dryer is suitable for traveling purposes.

You should choose the best one like 1875W or above for your daily blowouts. So that you always look beautiful.

Attachments and accessories

Some of the hairdryers come with multiple attachments like a diffuser, concentrator nozzle, and combs. If these are made with high-quality material and durable then you must try them. Because more attachments mean more versatility and flexibility.

But if you need basic sleek and bouncy hairstyles then a concentrator nozzle is enough. Make sure it is durable and made with high-quality material.


A diffuser is best for curly hair to define curls and make them frizz-free.

Haircare technology

Getting a smooth and sleek blowout is not an easy task. You have to sacrifice your hair health if your blow dryer does not feature any haircare technology. You can’t ignore Haircare technology when you want to improve hair health.

The ionic technology is integrated into hair dryers to fight frizz and provide smooth hairstyles.

Ceramic material is used to protect your hair from extreme heat damages.

Titanium material heats up fast to dry hair quickly.

Tourmaline technology emits far-infrared rays and anions naturally to fight frizz and enhance shine.

You decide what you need to get shiny and glossy hair.


You can’t expose your hair to high heat that can result in damaged hair with split ends.

You need multiple heat and speed settings to adjust the temperature and airspeed levels. In this way, you can achieve your best heat/speed levels that suit your hair type.

Other than heat/speed settings you need a cool setting to set your hairstyle in place. It also helps to add shine to your hair and gives a long-lasting finish.

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What is a tourmaline hair dryer?

Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that emits far-infrared rays under high pressure. This is used to develop high-quality salon-grade blow dryers. The tourmaline hair dryers emit far infrared rays and negative ions to make your hair healthy, smooth, and shiny.

What is the difference between ionic and tourmaline hair dryers?

The ionic hair dryer emits negative ions to fight frizz and add more volume. The tourmaline hair dryer also emits negative ions along with far-infrared rays. These rays help to dry hair from the inside out without extreme heat damage. Tourmaline hair dryer dries hair fast with far-infrared rays.

Why do not use a tourmaline hair dryer?

Tourmaline material emits both far infrared rays and negative ions to make your hair smooth and shiny. If you don’t like far-infrared rays or have an allergy to them, then don’t use a tourmaline hair dryer.

Which tourmaline or ceramic blow dryer for fine hair?

If you want to straighten your hair with a straightener or a blow dryer then ceramic is a safer option. It distributes heat evenly and reduces hair damage on fine hair. On the other hand, tourmaline is also a better option to consider.


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