Best Battery Operated Blow Dryers Reviews

Battery operated blow dryers have become a routine, requirement for school going and working men and women. In our daily life, we use hair dryers at home and even we carry these hair dryers when going to travel. Whenever we need to use them, we simply plug it into the electric socket and start drying our hair without facing any issues. But if you face some circumstance as followed, what would you do

  • When camping or traveling to a place where there is no electricity or electric generator?
  • While drying a kid’s hair?
  • While drying your pet’s hair?
  • While riding your RV and having no electricity plug?
  • Sharing a room or home with a matte and do not want to disturb your roommate or housemate?
  • Staying in a hotel where there is no electricity socket matching your hair dryer’s plug?
  • Want to dry your hair in the car cannot find the exact plug?
  • Want to use hair dryer in craft projects but do not want the cord to tangle in the classroom?
  • During typhoon and thunderstorm or an earthquake?

Battery Operated Blow Dryers

To handle all of these situations, you need a cordless Battery Operated Blow Dryers. A battery-operated hair dryer is a cordless hair dryer, which works on a high power battery to provide you with the facility of drying hair anytime anywhere without worrying about plugs and sockets. Now, what features would you consider before buying a cordless battery operated blow dryers.

  • Powerful battery and availability of spare battery whenever the need to change
  • Easily removable external battery which can be changed while discharged without wasting time.
  • A battery operated hair dryer is carrying the extra weight of the battery so its dimensions should be designed in such a way that they balance the weight of the blowdryer and you do not feel it heavy while carrying it.
  • You should prefer a battery operated blow dryer which takes less charging time. It should be based on advanced technology that takes less time to charge and provides convenient usage. This depends upon the quality of capacitors fitted in the batteries.
  • A cool shot button is everyone’s favorite for finishing the hairstyle and making it long-lasting.
  • The hair dryer attachments which come in the package are the diffuser keeps the curls original shape safe the narrowly concentrated nozzles style the hair while the long nozzle protects hair from extreme heat.

Why Quit Conventional Hair Dryer ?

There are a lot of problems with a conventional hair dryer. It may be related to traveling, safety, electricity consumption, and health issues. Let us discuss these problems one by one.

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You cannot pack your regular conventional hair dryer in your light suitcase or even you have to end up sacrificing either your hair dryer or your luggage. The problem also occurs when you do not find electricity at your picnic or camping spot. The hotel’s hair dryer is not working. And you need a cordless hair dryer. Then these conventional hair dryers leave you hopeless.

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A hair dryer with a cord, cannot be used in a bathroom. It can be damaged with a drop of water or can cause accidents while drying in wet places. They can cause electric shocks especially if they drop into a bathtub or a tube filled with water. Never keep your hair dryer on after using it. Always switch it off after using it to avoid such accidents.

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Electricity Consumption


The conventional hair dryer uses a lot of electricity when you try to set it on high heat to dry your hair fast. A conventional hair dryer with high power could put an extra burden on your pockets.

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Health Issues


Exposing your hair or skin to electric devices can cause some dangerous diseases like skin cancer. The conventional hair dryers with high heat function and power can cause skin diseases.

What Makes Battery Operated Blow Dryers different?

  • They are battery powered, the cordless hair dryers come with external or internal batteries. The external batteries can be exchangeable and internal batteries can be chargeable.
  • They feature DC motors which make them lightweight.
  • They need charging in both cases. If it is powered by an external battery. Then it should have an alternative. if it is internal battery-powered, then it must be charged to have uninterrupted hair drying.

The Benefits of Cordless Battery Operated Blow Dryers

  • Easy to pack into luggage as it is less bulky and cordless. It is portable and easy to use for outdoor activities.
  • You do not need to carry a bulky generator, you need only a spare battery or power bank to charge your battery operated hair dryer.
  • Battery operated blow dryers are safe to use as they are not connected to any electricity supply.
  • This is lightweight and convenient to use anytime anywhere.

Drawbacks of Cordless Battery Operated Blow Dryers

Everything comes with pros and cons similarly, a cordless Battery operated hair dryer has benefits and drawbacks.

  • For salon use and professional blow-dry the conventional hair dryers come first.
  • Their battery life is limited, due to which it gives limited usage.
  • They suit thin or short hair. But coarse and thick hair requires more time and heat to get dry.
  • If we use them for a long time duration. And not stop between the intervals then the batteries are seen to be overheated.

Top Three Cordless Battery Operated Blow Dryers


We are going to review the top three cordless and battery-powered hair dryers for you. You will get sufficient knowledge before purchasing them.

1. Cordless Hair Dryer 450W Portable Wireless Blow Dryer

Cordless Hair Dryer 450W Portable Wireless Blow Dryer Powered by Lithium Battery features ultra-high power 450W dual speed adjustable hot and cold air, detachable air nozzle, DC charging hole. The temperature is 55-60 ° C, suitable for traveling purposes and camping.

It features The USB energy-saving switch which is configured to save power while drying your hair. The battery and cylinder are detachable which ensures battery life and power saving. This lightweight hairdryer with its beautiful design is best for drying kid’s hair.

2. Wireless Portable Blow Dryer Cordless Hair Dryer

Featuring, 5000mah large capacity battery, dual speed, adjustable hot and cold air, detachable air nozzle, and DC charging Base makes Wireless Portable Blow Dryer Cordless Hair Dryer a stylish and durable hair dryer.

Its design is so unique T-shaped fashion appearance, giving you a new visual experience with its noise reduction function to create a peaceful environment around you.

It gives you constant temperature control with its One-button sliding adjustment switch, alternating hot and cold 2nd gear, with a base adapter.

3. Wireless Hair Dryer, Rechargeable Blow Dryer with Diffuser, Portable Cordless Hair Dryer

Wireless Hair Dryer, Rechargeable Blow Dryer with Diffuser, Portable Cordless Hair Dryer features 5000mAH batteries. This hair dryer has a built-in temperature care system blow at a constant temperature of 40℃ mild and gentle provides a secure hair dry without damaging with extreme heat.

It uses 300 Watt power to dry hair safely and securely. Its portable and compact design makes it a favorite for traveling purposes.

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Choosing the type of hair dryer you want to purchase is the same as choosing other products. It is not just about a product it is about the reason behind purchasing the product. You buy the hairdryer which suits your requirements.

You can either choose a regular hair dryer for household or professional use or a cordless battery powered hair dryer for traveling purposes.

Battery-powered hair dryers are best for places where there are electricity issues or during natural disasters. So make your own choice depending on your need.


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