Best Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord Reviews

Here we are going to guide you about best hair dryer with retractable cord professional travel with folding handle reviews which will be very helpful. The options for retractable cord dryers do resemble pretty limited in the market. There is a huge group of buyers who particularly look for this feature.

Unluckily, the professional designs don’t have it because the more costly units tend to have a really long cord. So, this market section that required a dryer with a retractable cord is dominated by affordable brands. In fact, several are designed as travel hair dryers. We have featured 3 models below for you to pick the right dryer with a retractable cord that best suits your requirements.

What is a Retractable Cord?

A retractable cord is applied to retract a cord back to a device after picking that cord to a specific distance. Retractable cords are being applied in multiple electronic devices since the 1930s.

They keep a bunch of things plugged in, in a really great way. As retractable cords are expanded when required and spring back afterward, you will not face any complicated knots and there will be no installation snarl-ups which saves time that would be applied strengthening things out. Retractable cord hair dryers that have this specialty have space inside the dryer to save the extra length of the cord.

Retractable cords are produced through several steps.

These steps consist of both mechanical and non-mechanical processes. Production of retractable cord begins with the thermoplastic colorant, goes through the tin-plated copper wire and they secure the plastic case and fix them in the right way.

Many wires of retractable cords unwind together over guide rollers and into a spreader plate. The plate of retractable cord hair dryer accurately aligns the wires as they support into a dye.

This dye draws them down to the right diameter while a device further down the production line rotates the wires of retractable cord used for hair dryer into one cord.

This retractable cord proceeds to twist as rollers wrap polyester-backed foil around it. This foil is a shield to preserve the wires from electrical resistance.

The retractable cord then moves through the twisting mechanism and onto a take-up reel. Next to standard unshielded cord moves through beads of electrodes as thousands of volts of electricity are implemented to them.

The electrodes detect any flaws in the wires of retractable cord used for hair dryers. If they get none the cord moves forward. The next machine provides the cord with a paper wrap.

That is followed by the last layer, a thermal plastic jacket. It also takes a trip to a cooling station to fix. The plastic casings of some retractable cords have been used with fire retardant chemicals.

They put that strategy to the test – whether the cord catches fire or not. When it is established that retractable cord used with hair dryers is fire resistant it goes to the final packaging steps.

From the above, now, you know the method of producing these retractable cords. And it is obvious that they make sure the protection of these retractable cords, in each way possible for you.

Benefits of Retractable Cord Feature of Hair Dryers

When a machine has to plug into an electrical outlet, retractable cords are applied there frequently. The major purpose of using this type of cord with hair dryers is protection because this feature stops the cord from breaking, overextending as well. Cord of hair dryer if damages can surely put you in dangerous conditions.

Damaged cords can heat the floor, any electromagnetic machines, and your hair dryer as well. It can show live electricity and can injure you seriously. So you can easily get rid of this dangerous condition simply by using a hair dryer with retractable cord.

Besides the safety problem, you can be served in a few major ways by applying a dryer with retractable cord. Like:

Hair dryers with a daily cord system usually get complicated. But you do not have to worry about the extensive part of the cord to be tangled in your hair dryer has a retractable cord.

It’s great for the people who travel often. Numerous people love hair dryers with long length cord because not every time they will have an electronic outlet near her hand to plug in. But this long length cord sometimes makes problems as well. That’s why dryer with retractable cord is preferred. People usually put their dryer in a drawer, sometimes in a bag while bringing them outside. Cords (Long length cords especially) can really make problems to implement the dryer in the drawer or in any bag. But you will not suffer this problem if you apply a blow dryer which has retractable cord specialty.

You do not have to handle the extensive portion of the cord in your hand while blow drying while using retractable cord hair dryer. Further, your cord will not get tight in your head and arms or whatever comes in its way.

Best Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord Reviews

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1. Revlon Style and Go Compact Retractable Cord Travel Hair Dryer Review

Best Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord Revlon Style and Go Compact Retractable Cord Travel Hair Dryer Review

If you have been looking for the best hair dryer with a retractable cord, its retracting mechanism would probably be your major consideration.

Complaints of the cord not going in all the way for retractable cord hair dryers are simple. After a period of time, the mechanism may become faulty and it becomes challenging to reel in the whole length.


[su_panel background=”#EEEEEE” border=”0px none #cccccc” shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” target=”blank”]But for the Revlon Style and Go Compact Dryer, the retracting mechanism resembles to be better than its opponents.

The complaints on this matter resemble to be fewer among buyers related to the Conair Ionic Cord Keeper travel hair dryer.

The Style And Go is an 1875-watt hair dryer available with ionic ceramic technology also have a retractable cord feature. It is a travel design. Therefore, it doesn’t have separate buttons for the heat and speed settings.

Rather, this retractable cord hair dryer gives a combined 2 heat/speed switch with just a High and Low option. Some people may discover this acceptable for everyday usage but for those with long hair that is more challenging to dry and style, this may not be enough as a home-use hair dryer.

However, this travel dryer with retractable cord is still an honestly powerful unit for a travel model. It should work for people with quick and easy to dry hair.

The major problem with this Revlon compact retractable cord hair dryer is its stability. The complaints about its short life span are much regular on the web.

However, it makes up for it with its engaging pricing. The Revlon Style and Go Compact Dryer is a $20 price point hair dryer. At times, you can take it for several dollars less.

This lessens the hesitation to obtain because numerous people don’t expect a cheap retractable cord hair dryer to last long either.

To them, a soft retractable cord is the most significant consideration and the Style and Go is able to satisfy that need great.[/su_panel]

2. Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer With Folding Handle And Retractable Cord Reveiw

Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer With Folding Handle And Retractable Cord Reveiw

The Andis Fold-N-Go is another famous retractable cord hair dryer although it also resembles more similar a travel model with a folding handle.

However, it is not a double voltage unit and hence, you can’t take it overseas. Some users also think that this retractable cord hair dryer is on the bulky side that makes it smaller than suitable for traveling.

With a vessel length of over 7 inches, it is extremely bigger than the Andis Micro Turbo which is probably the smallest travel hair dryer that you could get.

We would put the Andis Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer in the mid-size variety.

[su_panel background=”#EEEEEE” border=”0px none #cccccc” shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” target=”blank”]In some perspectives, this Andis model retractable cord dryer is reliable than the Revlon Style and Go above. Firstly, the cord is lengthy at about 6 feet analyzed to just over 4 feet for the Revlon unit.

For a blow dryer with retractable cord, this is reflected long. Secondly, this professional retractable  cord product has 3 heat/speed settings. Numerous travel hair dryers will only provide you with 2 settings.

So, for this Andis hair dryer, you will also get the Medium setting which is usually missing in other designs. There is also a Cold Shot button for extra styling in this retractable cord dryer.

The Andis Fold-N-Go is an 1875-watt ionic retractable cord hair dryer that conditions the hair to decrease frizz. Several buyers are happy that it makes their hair look healthier and shinier.

Andis retractable cord hair dryer can also dry hair at a sensibly fast rate. In fact, several buyers come across this hair dryer with retractable cord at hotels they stay in during their holiday. Its performance is sufficient to convince them to get it for their own usage at home.

However, there are several complaints of this retractable cord dryer not serving beyond a few months. On the other hand, numerous people also have had it for several years with no objections.

Given that the amount of positive reviews far outweigh the negative, the Andis Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer with retractable cord resembles like a great buy.

This is because the price is not too costly at around $20 at the time of writing (price subject to change) and it functions great for a hair dryer in that price range.

To us, it makes the cut for the best hair dryer with retractable cordage with its 3 heat/speed settings which you can’t see in other retractable cord designs.[/su_panel]

3. Conair Cord-Keeper 2-In-1 Styler Professional Retractable Cord Hair Dryer Review

Conair Cord-Keeper 2-In-1 Styler Professional Retractable Cord Hair Dryer Review

The Conair Cord-Keeper 2-In-1 Styler Hair Dryer is a little different than the other 2 design above. For a beginning, it is not a travel hair dryer.

This makes this hair dryer with retractable cord a great option for everyday usage if you truly want a retractable cord hair dryer for your house.

That means rather of having one button for both heat and speed control, you have a different button to fix your heat and fan settings.

There are 3 heat and 2-speed settings on this retractable cord hair dryer to feed to different hair types and style.

[su_panel background=”#EEEEEE” border=”0px none #cccccc” shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eeeeee” target=”blank”]The other additional feature of this Conair design of a retractable cord hair dryer is that it is a tourmaline ceramic hair dryer. So, for those who have shorter healthy hair,

this would be the best choice than basic models. This retractable cord hair dryer will give off insufficient hot spots and minimize heat loss to the hair. It also has ionic technology that claims to reduce frizz by up to 75% compared to models with just natural ion production.

Being a non-travel design, the Conair Cord-Keeper 2-In-1 Styler does not have double voltage capability or a folding handle.

But because this hair dryer has a retractable cord, some people still take it along for their travels. However, it is not a lightweight hair dryer and we wouldn’t suggest this for traveling.

For tours abroad, a lighter hair dryer same like an X5 Superlite would be a safer choice.

Related to the Revlon Style and Go Compact Dryer above, the retractable cord for the Conair Cord-Keeper receives numerous complaints from buyers.

So, if you are purchasing it for the retractable cord feature, you might have to think twice. Numerous buyers have mentioned that they want to manually guide a part of the cord back into the handle because they can’t take the entire length of retractable cord of this model to reel in automatically.

But the performance of this Conair hair dryer itself does not fail for a $20 to $30 unit. Its features and shelf life would be a reliable bet compared to the Revlon design.[/su_panel]

Comparison of These 2 Good Products

Name Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer Conair 1875W Cord Keeper Hair Dryer
Manufacturer Brand Andis Conair
Product Dimensions 4.1 x 8.1 x 6.1 inches 9.6 x 6.5 x 4.1 inches
Weight 1.6 Pounds 1.55 Pounds
Retractable Cord Length 6 Feet 5 Feet
Attachments 1 Concentrator None
Heat Settings 3 2
Speed Setting 2 2
Cool shot button Available Available
Button to Retract Cord Available Available
Removable Filter No No
Folding Hand Yes Yes
Voltage Single Yes
Price Below $50 Below $50 Dollars

The Downsides of A Retractable Cord Hair Dryer

The difficulty with a retractable cord hair dryer is truly a lack of decision. You are held with affordable brands. There are no greater end brand names that offer retractable cord feature.

So, if you have been looking for a reliable quality hair dryer that can make your hair stronger, you will have to go back to the traditional designs rather that retractable cord hair dryer.

Moreover, a retractable cord is frequently short. Normally, it measures about 4 to 5 feet. This means you will have to stand near to the power outlet when applying the hair dryer.

The general retractable cord length for standard hair dryers would be 6 to 8 feet. You can even take hair dryers with an extra long retractable cord that goes up to 10 feet to provide you more versatility.

But at a few more than 4 feet cord length, you are bound to the spot. You might even have a problem if you are a tall person and want to lift the hair dryer higher related to an average height person when blowing dry your hair with professional travel hair dryer with retractable cord.

Finally, there is a problem with the stability of the retractable cord mechanism.

If you are getting a hair dryer for this feature and it disappoints within a short period of time, it really frustrates the purpose of purchasing it in the first place. There are lots of other options if you are ready to forgo the retractable cord feature.

Moreover, when the retracting is not constant, it can get much annoying. Each time you pull out the retractable cord to apply the hair dryer, you will have to gradually feed the cord back in after you are finished.

This feature of retractable cord dryer is certainly annoying and a waste of time.

Negative Sides of the Retractable Cord

Normally, hair dryers with retractable cord specialty have a cord length of 4-6 feet in usual. But in normal blow dryers, the cords are about 8-10 feet long. So if you love to buy a dryer with retractable cord, you will not get that option and you might not get a possibility to stand quite far from the power outlet.

So, is there alternative an option if the object you need a retractable cord hair dryer is because you favor keeping things neat and clear on your counter?

An Alternative Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord You Can Consider

If the aim of a retractable cord hair dryer to you is for comfortable storage rather than traveling, then you can have a look at a wall-mounted hairdryer.

This kind of hair dryer will also keep your sink counter neat and clean and there is no cord to grapple with for storage. They also assist to save space.

The cost is not much changed from a hair dryer with a retractable cord. The only inconvenience is the requirement to install the unit. However, most of these walls mounted hair dryers available with all the mounting plates and screws needed for simple installation.

One example is the Andis 1600W Quiet Hangup Hair Dryer. Normally, these units also have a night light made in which is energy-saving and high lasting which performs them ideal for the bathroom.

You can go for it rather than dryer with a retractable cord.

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Overall Observation

In fact, you cannot get a “very long” like 10 feet cord with products that have a retractable cord specialty. But if you have no doubt with that “2-3 feet less” cord length, you can be availed in multiple ways by working a blow dryer with a retractable cord.

Moreover, retractable cord products also give other attachments like concentrators and diffusers. It will not make you feel that you are losing your money because the prices are quite cheap. Finally, considering the advantages, specialties, and prices, overall, a dryer with a retractable cord is surely worth getting.



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