Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews 2023 – Buyer’s Guide & Comparison

In this article, we are going to provide you Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews, Best Pro Nano Titanium Travel Elegance which are very useful for every type of hair. I’ve always adored beautiful, well kept, and shiny hair. I don’t know if it’s because I really like hair or because I am an expert hair stylist. In fact, I’ve seen myself giving the suggestion to accomplish strangers on the road, at the park, and in several other places. In my many years as a professional, one assistant that I can never do without is the hair dryer.Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews 4

It enables me to dry my customer’s hair quick and also fixes the basis for a cute hairdo. Recently, I determined to look at the best products that are in the market. One thing that reached out was the Babyliss brand. I had owned and still own many of their hair dryers, and I do admit that it’s a leader and a pacesetter in the world of hairdressing. Hope these Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews will help you to select the best one.

The List Of Best 12 Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews

1. BaByliss PRO Italo Luminoso Dryer

This hair dryer has excellent air pressure and will provide a powerful performance. It is powered by the Italian AC motor and is invented to last a long. It’s available with ceramic heat technology and is very reliable to utilize. This will support the natural hydration of the hair and will ensure that you will dry very fast. Further, it will also deliver superior airflow, and there will be an excellent shine in your hair.

You can comfortably switch to different heat and speed settings, and there are also separate filters. Moreover, this is also available in an ergonomic layout and is very peaceful to hold. With this, there will be no destruction to your hair and features a long cord of 9 feet. This will provide you expert results and has a small concentrator nozzle. This is of 2000-watt and will let you show various type of hairstyles.

In Report:

Italian AC motor for better airflow.

Various settings for heat and speed.

Ceramic heat technology to preserve your hair.

2. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer

With double-voltage, this is an ultra-lightweight hair dryer and will give you a soft and shiny look. It is short and has two settings for heat and speed. You can take it conveniently, and it makes a low sound. Further, it has Nano Titanium technology and will give powerful air pressure.

This is reliable to use and has the equal performance of a full-sized dryer. Moreover, this will comfortably fit in your bag allowing you to bring it anywhere you want. This is a comprehensive professional styling tool and has the power of 1000 watts.

In Summary:

Double voltage for worldwide use and ultra-lightweight.

Nano Titanium technology for soft and shiny hair.

High heat with solid air pressure.

3. BaByliss PRO Turbo Hair Dryer

this hair dryer, you will get four heat settings which will permit you to style your hair in several ways. This is very strong and includes an AC motor. It has a slim nozzle and makes a low sound. It’s available in a travel-friendly design and is extremely lightweight. Furthermore, this is a 2000-watt dryer which will produce professional outcomes.

The motor is very strong and is quite efficient. Moreover, you can simply attach the nozzle as per your requirement and apply it conveniently. This is gentle to work and comes in an easy to handle design. It has a good amount of airflow and is a strong dryer. It is one of the most reasonable and best Babyliss hair dryers.

In Summary:

Strong dryer with extra-high wattage.

Four heat settings with high power.

Small nozzle and low sound.

4. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Volare V1 Ferrari-Designed Engine Full-Size Hair Dryer

Available in a beautiful design, this is comfortable to use hair dryer which will give wondrous results. This will provide the highest performance and has powerful air pressure. Furthermore, it has quicker airflow and has high-speed drying. There will be lower sound and less fluctuation and is inspired with nano titanium which will give superior heat change.


In this, you will get ionic generator which will increase the shine of your hair. Moreover, it also has a turbo boost which will provide you a professional experience. It has six several controls for temperature and speed and features a V12 engine. This is of 2000 watts and available with two accessory nozzles for multifaceted applications.

In Summary:

Nano titanium technology with turbo shot switch.

V12 engine designed by Ferrari.

Various heat and speed settings.

5. BaByliss PRO Rapido Hair Dryer

If you have been looking to dry your hair fast, then this is the best for you. This is a professional hair dryer which delivers excellent performance for hair styling. The dryer is extremely lightweight and also can be brought anywhere for traveling or other objects. Further, this will increase the volume and shine of your hair and is a high-performance blow dryer.


You can get professional results from home, and it is also quite easy to apply. Moreover, this is strong and will last for up to 10,000 hours with a single charge. This will provide you endless possibilities to style your hair and is a complete grooming tool.

In Summary:

Dries hair 50% quicker and improve shine.

Lightest and high-performance with salon results.

Cool shot button with easy operation.

6. BaByliss PRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Hair Dryer


This is a tourmaline hair dryer which available in white color. It is a 2000 watt hair dryer with excellent performance. Further, it does not make any side effect and is very reliable to utilize. This has the power of tourmaline titanium technology which makes it very strong. This will dry your hair quicker and has best air pressure. In this, you will also get an ion generator and comes with fickle settings.

Moreover, it has a back filter which is quite easy to wash. It gives better performance and has high power. This is lightweight and available in a movable design. With this, you can exhibit various styles and has heat combinations for your choices. It is surely one of the safest Babyliss hair dryers on the list considering all the features.

In Report:

Superior air pressure for quicker drying.

High torque and ultra-lightweight.

Ion generator and far-infrared heat.

7. BaByliss PRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Hair Dryer


The Babyliss PRO 3000 available with good tourmaline titanium technology to not only perform your hair dry but also stop frizz and flyaways. The 1900-watt unit has strong heating events that work together with the study motor to give proper heat to dry any type of hair.

To add more, it has 6 heats seating for comfortable selection and a solid 9-foot power cord. I love the stylish design that provides it a fashionable look and the ergonomic design that improves handling. Chances of slippage due to wet or oily hands are insignificant.

In Summary:

Good heat transfer

Compact and ergonomic design

Comfortable to operate

Suitable for a different type of hair.

8. BaByliss Pro BABNT053T Nano Titanium Travel Hair Dryer


If you usually travel with your drier or are watching for something movable, then this system should help you greatly. It produces 1000 watts of energy which is completely okay for most hair models. And to increase carrying and work in small spaces, the unit has a slim design, is lightweight and also compact.

Besides that, it is based on the Nano Titanium technology to operate even on frizzy hair and also to stop flyaways. The dryer is double powered and will run with 100-250 V AC. I like the comfortable folding handle that saves space, the movable rear filter as well as the flat nice-grip casing. Although it is comparatively short, it still gives professional results.

In Summary:

Cool-to-touch surface

Not very loud

Comfortable heat selection

Good weight.

9. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Portofino Full-Size Hair Dryer


I have applied this Nano titanium hair dryer individually and it would my pick if I required a hairdryer right now. The 2000-watt input gives wondrous ability to handle any type of hair. For heavy or very wet hair, you can choose the higher settings while the lower heat setting is quite suited for the light or dryer hair.

On top of that, the Portofino 6600 features a strong Italian manufactured motor and give great speed and also lasts for a long time. It is based on the preferred Nano titanium technology that not only spreads the heat constantly but also efficiently. It has 6 heat settings and also has an ionic generator to stop flyaways or frizz. The stainless-steel rear filter can be removed for fast cleaning.

In Summary:

High quality

Great weight and design

Easy to use

Works great.

10. BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Hair Dryer


Recently got this hairdryer for my sibling as a gift. The first thing I loved about it is the high-grade energy performance courtesy of the 2000-watt motor. My sibling says it smoothly and instantly dries her hair however wet it may be. What’s more, it never gets too warm to handle even when performed continuously.

Additionally, the next thing I love it for is the ionic technology which reduces static, frizz, and flyaways. Your hair will look wondrous just by drying. The unit has 6-speed settings to suit various kinds of hair and choosing the desired setting is a breeze. It has a movable rear filter and cleaning is therefore convenient.

In Summary:

Good handling

Nonslip finish

Easy handling

Decent power.

11. BaByliss PRO Ceramic Xtreme Hair Dryer


I have observed quite a number of professionals applying the BaBylissPRO Ceramic Extreme. And from what they understand me, it’s cut for any type of drying. Like other top categories from the company, it’s also powered by a 2000-watt electric motor and has a high-quality heat factor for providing optimum heat.

What’s more, the unit has porcelain ceramic technology that delivers gentle heat to prevent hair and scalp damage. It’s really comfortable in hand and has a light surface for good handling. The concentrator nozzle spreads the heat to the right location whereas the cold shot button boosts functionality. The 6 heat setting enables you to choose your right setting depending on the hair kind.

In Summary:

Works great.

Good heat production

User-friendly design.

Removable filter.

12. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Elegance Hair Dryer

This hair dryer from Babyliss combines magnificent performance, safety, and efficiency. It’s among the best pieces in my salon and I utilize it white usually. I bought it because of its high power (2000 watts) and also the 6 power settings. It works quite healthy is also lightweight and won’t make the hand collapse after the extended performance. It has good heat performance and is simple to reach the button for more convenience.

Further, the heavy-duty piece is suitable for home and commercial uses and can work continuously without the housing getting too warm. Just like the power, the speed is also great, and this all raises the hair drying time. It has a soft non-slip surface which together with the ergonomic design stops slippage when held with wet or oily hands. The filter can be separated for cleaning.

In Summary:

Great performance

Smooth running

Great power

Ergonomic design.

How to Choose A Best Babyliss Hair Dryer

Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews 3

Thanks to my ton of experience of choosing Babyliss hair dryer, it’s extremely easier for me to distinguish a good hair dryer from an average or not-so-good one. Although, it wasn’t always this comfortable. I remember my first unit of Babyliss Hair Dryer that was so unusual. At one point it created too much heat, and in the next moment, the heat was so dizzy. This happened without affecting control. This certainly meant that it wasn’t the right choice of hair dryer and confirmation came when it died a few weeks after buying. After this conflict, I was keener when purchasing the Babyliss hair dryers. The following are the key things I look out for:


Since I can work on many customers of hair dryer in a day and I time I will deal with one for a long period, I always go for lightweight goods of Babyliss. They are not only lightly on the hand but also won’t make my fingers or hands too tired. Babyliss has multiple lightweight hair dryers to satisfy daily necessities.


Might be you know that you can get a light hairdryer but still enjoy the good energy. Good power means that you can run this product of Babyliss on the client’s hair quicker without messing it or changing the longevity of the unit. An extraordinary hair dryer of Babyliss will have a changeable set to suit various needs. The lighter or dryer the hair the lower the power it requires while course or very wet hair needs a higher hand.


A good hair dryer has a user-friendly style for soft operation. The Babyliss product will direct the increased heat to the wanted location, giving the control buttons are easy, and is easy to manage. Babyliss invests in short, powerful motors and strong heating elements of hair dryer that work quickly and give good heat.


You should look at the control switches of Babyliss whenever you are purchasing a hair dryer. You don’t want to strive to achieve the unit or briefly lose focus when switching the button. Best hairs dryers of Babyliss are available in a simple design and have easy-to-reach buttons. They will also have fewer buttons for added comfort.

Heat Range

The variety of heat you want for dry hair is various from that required for soaking hair. A thin hair also has multiple needs from coarse hair. A good product of Babyliss has a comprehensive heat range to cater to various hair kinds. Picking the right set of Hair Dryer is also easy thanks to the many temperature levels and user-friendly controls.


I once applied a heavy hair dryer and I disliked why I used it. It was not only hard to manage it but my hands were tired after I ended working on the hair. When choosing a product of Babyliss I make sure that the surface is soft on the hands and won’t make too much sweating, Hair Dryer has a strong grip surface and also doesn’t get warm even after extended operation. Other significant features of Babyliss Hair Dryer include color, safety, price, and reliability.

Babyliss, being a highbrow and brand today, has gone on a long journey in the blow dryers world and organized itself among the reputable brands in hair styling region. Adding up hi-tech individualities and growing as a professional symbol has made the brand a celebrated one in the hair dryer’s zone.

Attachments and Replacements of Babyliss Hair Dryer

Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews 1


Concentrator, the narrow nozzle to generate airflow in a specific section of your hair, is already attached to most of the hair dryers by Babyliss. Most of the dryers include one concentrator for easy styling but some of the models cover more than one shape of the concentrator. The brand began concentrator of 3 different shapes (narrow concentrator for fine hair, a medium concentrator for regular hair, and a wide concentrator for thick hair.)

Babyliss do not trade concentrator separately. If you have any issues or challenges with your concentrator then you can go for any universal concentrator of a famous brand.

We will recommend you to go for NZ3 Smart Universal Nozzle with a 3-way Adjustable Nozzle. If you are mindful of your hairstyle and want to buy a hair dryer with a concentrator then go for BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino as this dryer has built-in 3 concentrators (narrow, medium, and wide). This dryer is also rated best for all hair types.


The diffuser is not necessary for fine hair but if you have curly hair then the diffuser is a need to diffuse heat uniformly in your hair without ruining the curly hairstyle. Most of the Babyliss hair dryer models do not constitute a diffuser.

If you have curly hair and are intending to buy a hair dryer then you can choose BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino as it consists of a diffuser. Otherwise, you can also buy Babyliss diffusers separately.

Babyliss Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser is regarded as a superlative diffuser in the market and you can use this with any Babyliss dryers.

Launched Babyliss Hair Dryers

  • BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino is for hair protection
  • BabylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer has tourmaline plus titanium technology with dual voltage
  • BabylissPro Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer has professional expertise
  • BabylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer is a combination of tourmaline and titanium
  • BabylissPRO BABNT053T Nano Titanium Travel Dryer has dual voltage and is ultra-lightweight
  • BabylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic 2800 consists of Porcelain ceramic
  • BabylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer with dual voltage and combination of tourmaline and titanium
  • Babyliss Diamond Hair Dryer has diamond radiance shine technology
  • BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer is compact is size
  • Babyliss 3Q Professional Hair Dryer has ionic technology specially designed for thick hair
  • BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer is best for all kinds of hair

Why Babyliss Blow Dryers?

Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews 2

1. Heating Technology of Babyliss Blow Dryer

Nano Titanium Technology

Nano Titanium is an exceptional electrode of heat that can maintain stability in ultra-high temperatures. Babyliss Hair Dryers include Nano Titanium for healthy yet comprehensive drying. This element manages heat and prevents the dryer get extreme hot that can burn your hair or hand. It approves the adequate amount of heat to your hair into the dryers so that your hair does not get over-dried.

Tourmaline Technology

Tourmaline is one of the advanced elements for protecting your hair. The blow dryers of the Babyliss brand have tourmaline technology which decreases damage and makes hair soft and glossier. Pure Gemstone Tourmaline Crystal exterminates natural ions and lessens static. If you have damaged hair then tourmaline hair dryers by Babyliss will be useful for you as it dries hair quick and diminish the mutilation of hair while styling.

Ceramic Technology

Ceramic is the most famous part that conveys and disperses heat to your hair evenly. Babyliss Hair Dryers use ceramic technology for providing equal hotness to your hair and restrains your hair damage-free. With this technology, your dryer grows hot and stays hot. Your each and every hair gets evenly heated up and so you get your hair dry consistently by Babyliss Hair Dryers.

2. Caring Issues of Babyliss Hair Dryer

Ionic Technology

The blow dryers of this brand highlight Ionic technology for a precise result that lessens damage and decreases surface tension. Conveying negative ions, the Babyliss Ionic Hair Dryers helps in faster drying and making frizz-free locks.

Far Infrared Heat

Babyliss Blow Dryers incorporates far-infrared heat for guarding your hair against excessive heat and boosting up the amount of electron for unstiffening your hair. With this technology by Babyliss, your hair becomes softer and shining.

3. Technical Facets Of Babyliss Hair Dryer

Variable Heat/Speed Settings

Babyliss Hair Dryers are administered in different heat/speed settings. Some of them cover 2 heat settings, High Heat/Speed Settings, and Low Heat/Speed Settings. As several hairs require various temperatures some of the dryers have more than 2 heat/speed settings. Examining the dryers of Babyliss, the temperature ranges from 2 to 6 heat/speed settings.

Damaged hair that possesses split ends can go with the heat setting 1, broken and unhealthy hair will be ideal for heat setting 2, fine and silky hair may go with the heat setting 3, the heat setting 4 is for normal hair. Curly or wavy patterned hair can be dried and styled with heat setting 5 and uncontrollable thick or coarse hair suits best on heat setting 6.

Dual Voltage

People who travel enormously or have many homes in different countries will need dryers which they can practice worldwide. Where most of the dryers of other brands hold a single voltage of 110V, for simple traveling, most of the Babyliss Blow Dryers include the dual voltage of 220V so that you can operate the device globally.

For applying the hairdryers if Babyliss is out of the USA, you will require an adapter or converter (Babyliss does not produce or provide any kind of adapter, so you require to buy it by yourself from the local shop)

Cool Shot Button

The hairdryers of Babyliss possess a true cool shot button. This button allows the dryer emits cold hair that can keep your hairstyle longer than hot air. No matter what material is used for a dryer, hot air will surely damage your hair. In that case, the cool shot button delivers cold air which will not harm your hair at all rather it will dry your hair quickly and will hold your hair in style for a long time.

4. Design of Babyliss Hair Dryer

Long life motor

The motors of Babyliss Blow Dryers are the focal reference of their splendid performance. The Babyliss Blow dryers have an durable Italian motor which will assist you for many years. They operate AC motors from 1000 watt to 2200 watt. Some of their products highlight Brushless motors and some have Ferrari Designed Engines.

Most of the travel-size blow dryers by Babyliss utilizes 1000 watt because the dryers are small in size and small dryers require fewer wattage to run. If you use the Babyliss Dryers correctly and prudently then this dryer is adequate to provide you lifelong service.


Babyliss hair dryers are so much lightweight that you will observe that you are carrying nothing. These hair dryers are simple to carry and effortless to pack. They have dryers weighs 0.6 pounds to 2 pounds. That also presents it a dryer best for travelers.

Foldable Handle

The Babyliss hair dryers own a foldable handle which gives it easy for traveling. The handles are ergonomic and meant to make styling effortless for you. The end of the handle is rounded so that your hair or hand do not get damaged by it.  No only traveling, if you want to save the dryer then it will be easy for you because the dryers are simple to store with the folded handle and it takes less place in your storage.


The hair dryers of Babyliss has a large cord and so you do not need to stay in a singular place and dry your hair. You can do your chores and until can dry and style up your hair with the super long string. The extent of different Babyliss hair dryer cords varies from 5 feet to 9 feet long for the comfort of your drying and styling.

Comfortable grip

These blow dryers have a pleasant grip so that your hand does not undergo any aching. Some dryers also include rubberized coating so that you can operate the dryer and use it for a long time. As it has a rubberized finish so there are no dangers of getting burnt fingers or hand. Normally, dryers have a material that heats up and can hurt your body parts. Heat does not cross the rubber of its body and so your hand stays secure from the heat.


These dryers by Babyliss has a detachable filter which makes cleansing of the device effortless. Without a removable filter, you require to use a brush to clean the dryer but the brush cannot approach every point of the dryer and so the dryer can never be well cleaned. If you have a removable filter then you can switch the filter and can easily clean it with a brush or a piece of cloth and can clean it properly.

4. Deficiency of Babyliss Hair Dryer

Slow Drying Time

Every brand has unusual products that do not match their criterion, Babyliss also has some products that failed to hold their beauty. The chief objection about some specific Babyliss hair dryer models according to users is the dryers’ dry hair slowly.

However the best types of this brand dry hair in 10 minutes, some models also need around 15 minutes or longer for drying and styling your hair.

The Absence Of Automatic Shut-Off Feature

Many people are oblivious nowadays in switching off their electric tools which result in severe misfortunes. Babyliss Hair Dryers do not have any automatic shut-off feature. No models of Babyliss owns auto shut-off feature and so you want to be so much careful about switching your dryer after drying your hair as it may induce damage to you and your family member.

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The Babyliss Hair Dryers might appear slow in drying and styling hair but the technologies that the brand gives at such ordinary price is definitely praiseworthy. Thick hair demands more time to dry with these dryers because the dryers prove gentle hot air. Unnecessary heat may cause your hair damage and so they dryer preserve hair by slow yet gentle air pressure.

The dryers of Babyliss do not feature automatic shut-off which beyond suspicion is an imprecision. You need to be circumspect when you dry your hair and make sure that you switch off the dryer.

If this brand cannot please you with their features and technologies, then you can visit our other pages for other options.

Purchasing a good hair dryer can be a difficult task. You want to know the major features Babyliss is offering, understand the need at hand, have an idea what current or previous customers are saying, and also set a budget for hair dryer. Without time or sufficient knowledge, it very likely you will get a faulty product of Babyliss.

A genuine option is normally to depend on trustworthy Babyliss product reviews that compare and then rank the products. In this one, for example, we have taken you through the reasons Babyliss is a best select, and look through best Babyliss hair dryers from the company, and conclusively confirmed you tip for picking the best item. So, which one advances to you the best? Kindly leave a comment or share your experience of selecting hair dryer with us.