Top 7 Best Hooded Hair Dryer Reviews

Let’s Find the Best Hooded Hair Dryer for Black Natural Curly Hair Reviews that can fit into your budget, compact size, backed with good performance and powerful machine.

Best Hooded Hair Dryer

Having your hair dried or drying the hair of the customer is something we all do or have to do on consistently.

Regularly, these hooded hair dryers are recognized best for professional treatment and they support to dry out the hair much quicker without having you put in too much energy.

Before we expose the most important points, it will be beneficial for you to have some of these products drew in your mind and we have elected 7 of the best hooded hair dryers that should give you the best combination,

When it comes to considering for your money and best high-end features to use in your salon or home. Here are the best hooded hair dryers on the market today:

  • Pibbs 514
  • Orion Motor Tech 900W
  • Laila Ali LADR5603
  • Ovente 3 Speed HDS223W
  • Babyliss Pro BABHHDRIW
  • Gold ‘N Hot Elite 1053
  • Conair HH320LR

#1 Pibbs 514- Best Professional Hooded Hair Dryer:

The Pibbs 514 is the best quality Italian manufactured hair dryer. It is produced for professional use and operates on the energy output of 1100-watts.

It is created from industrial grade materials, providing you some of the best stability on the market today, while also looking smart in your salon to please your customers.

This hooded hair dryer is not only flexible in terms of the heat and the speed and the height can also be customized to accommodate all users from children to adults.

It has wonderful features a 60-minute timer and a temperature control dial to make the ideal temperature, but one of the things we love usual is the fact that it immediately heats up to start drying the hair.

Unfortunately, it is a quite long and little bit heavy to move around, but 5 wheels have been combined in the stand and this enables you to move the hair dryer to the areas you want it most.

#2 Orion Motor Tech 900W-Most Versatile Hooded Hair Dryer:

It is manufactured from the highest quality materials, providing you excellent durability when it comes to pushing it around. The addition of wheels also performs it probable to move around with ease.

Versatility and adjustability are the main parts of this hair dryer and not only will you be able to fit it for height, but the hood is also entirely adjustable.

It combines various styling and heat settings and the timer enables you to fix the amount of time you would love the unit to work before automatically turning off.

The price is really reasonable and this makes it an excellent option for your home and for your salon. We would definitely suggest it for home usage and for professional use.

#3 Laila Ali LADR5603 – Most Affordable Hooded Hair Dryer:

We have the extremely smaller and affordable Laila Ali LADR5603 and this hair dryer is very smaller and comfortable to work than some of the longer options.

It includes IONS to help keep the moisture from emerging and this will prevent the hair from damaging or burned as well. This will also assist to reduce the frizz that is hardly caused.

The design is one of the biggest parts of this hooded hair dryer and since it is very smaller, it can be dropped and safely stored out of the way when not in usage.

This makes it excellent for you to use in the comfort of your home as well. The hood is also large enough to accommodate a set of large rollers if you need to have the hair curled for a special event.

One of the downsides is that is not consistent and for any reason, the settings do not operate the same every time.

#4 Ovente 3 Speed HDS223- Editors Choice:

First, on our list, we have the Ovente 3 Speed HDS223W and this hair dryer is produced to be used in expert salons.

It features 3 various speeds settings and the additional 60-minute timer. The part can also be used to choose the proper heating temperature and to have the hair dry out regularly.

The heating element work at 120V/1000-watt and connects with the fan to stop direct heat from destroying the hair as they dry out.

It can be pushed from station to station and it combines 5 rolling wheels, making it mobile and simple to move when necessitated.

This is definitely an excellent affordable choice for anyone looking to add an additional hooded hair dryer to his or her salon or home.

For the price, we would definitely suggest it for home usage as well as salon use.

#5 Babyliss Pro BABHHDRIW– Best Hooded Hair Dryer for Home:

We have the larger and more convincing Babyliss Pro BABHHDRIW and this hair dryer works at 1600-watts.

It is invented from plastic materials and the hard hat is really large, making it perfect for people or any head size to easily use it, it does heat up quite quickly and should not get too long to dry out your hair.

This hooded hair dryer features a flexible stand and can be passed around with ease. It has different speed options for selecting the number of wind that should be implemented and it does have a part that considers quite a while to heat up.

For longer hair, we found that it takes around 1-hour on average to completely dry out the hair.

One of the main concerns we have with the Babyliss Pro Ionic Roll about Hard Hat Dryer is the fact that is heavy and does not have any time.

#6 Gold ‘N Hot Elite 1053– Best Bonnet Hair Dryer for the Money:

The Gold ‘N Hot Elite 1053 is another best quality and powerful hooded hair dryer produced for professional use, but affordable rather be used at home as well.

It is manufactured from the highest quality materials and offers exceptional versatility to be pushed around in your salon from station to station.

One of the major features is the 4 different styling settings and this enables you and the customer to make your own choices when it comes to styles and perform around with them a little bit.

The hair dryer combines IONS that will help protect the moisture in the hair and prevent the hair from being damag or forming these headstrong split ends.

The downside to this hair dryer is the particularly heavy hood that grips on falling forward when the shafts have not been correctly fitted.

While this might not seem like a significant problem, it will be when the hair dryer closes upon the customer, we suggest playing around with it to make sure that you do get the hang of managing the weight of the hood.

#7 Conair HH320LR– Best Bonnet Hair Dryer for Travel:

Last but absolutely not least, we have the Conair HH320LR and this hooded hair dryer is once again shorter and very affordable.

It has been produced from plastic materials and while this is not the most permanent of building materials, it does make the hair dryer very light and comfortable to move around in the salon.

All of the settings are the similarities and you cannot really fix the heat. It also lacks some stability and should it fall while traveling, you might need to have it restored or even buy a new one.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hooded hair dryer:

As with anything in life, we could feel the hooded hair dryer might seem like a lifesaver, but with all of these advantages, there are some cons as well. Here are the major advantages and disadvantages of the hooded hair dryer:



  • They dry out the hair much quicker.
  •  Lets you to multitask.
  • Does not destroy the hair in any way.
  •  They are excellent for wet hairstyles.
  • They dry out all the hair together.


  • They are much more expensive than the normal hair dryer.
  •  It takes a lot of energy and maintenance to keep them running.
  •  Infrequently, these hair dryers are quite loud.

Important features to consider when buying a hooded hair dryer:

Now that you should have a better understanding of which of these hair dryers are supposed to be the best, you might also be excited to know about the features we used as our standard for selecting the right products.

With a little bit of analysis and a few skillful salon opinions, we conducted to find out exactly which features the specialists look for when choosing one of these products.

Here are the major features you have to study looking for: heat, size, adjustability, portability.


The volume of heat that is normally blown out by these hair dryers is necessary and as you will be drying the hair as instantly as possible, you will be looking for the maximum heat you can at the much possible price.

While professional hair salons concentrate on having a power output of 2500+ watts, you can be excellent with more than 1000-watts if you are applying the hair dryer at home.

The bigger the power output, the more heat the hair dryer will be ready to give off and hopefully, with a heat power dial, you could manage this heat to get the best result possible when drying out your own or the hair of your customers.


When looking at the size of the hair dryer, you will not be looking for the size of the complete design but more importantly, you should concentrate on looking at the size of the hood.

If the hood is too short, it will definitely have a big impact on the ability you have to dry all the hair of your customers.

Best Hooded Hair Dryer


Several of the cheaper models only have one setting for all of the features.

This means that there is no heat check dial and the speed settings cannot be adjusted, but when you are working in an expert salon, having these will surely make a huge difference.


Depending on whether you will be buying one for your salon or for your own personal use, the portability is absolutely something you have to look into.

If you like traveling but hesitate the smaller hair dryers, you want something smaller, foldable, and portable to bring with you.

If the hair dryer is only utilized in the salon, you should look for versatility and this requires it has wheels that execute it possible to move it from working station to working station without you having to pick it up and bring it around.


Examining the interior of the hairdryer is quite significant, particularly if you are using extremely chemical products on the customer’s hair.

Having an anti-stain coating is absolutely something that will manage the hair dryer protected and you may easily just rub it down before using it for the next customer. This surely goes hand in hand with complete stability.

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