5 Best Stand Up Hair Dryer on Wheels Reviews

A hair dryer is our daily routine need and we just can live without it. Going for a job interview or attending a business meeting without getting hair done is an impossible thing to consider. Moreover, modern hair dryers are not built to just dry hair but they help to style your hair in multiple ways. But you have been using a normal handheld hair dryer that comes with a concentrator nozzle and diffuser. Sometimes it includes more accessories like comb attachments and is built with advanced ionic technology.

You might be curious about a stand up hair dryer on wheels you usually see at salons. You might be thinking that why do these salons have this kind of hair dryers? Why don’t they prefer handheld hair dryers? Should I also buy these stand up hair dryers on wheels?

If all of the above questions are rising in your mind then you are at the right place to get the answer to these queries. In this article, I will help you to explore everything about a stand up hair dryer on wheels. Also, you will be able to decide between buying this kind of hair dryer. You will also get a proper buying guide that will help you to choose the best stand up hair dryer on wheels.

Let’s get started…

A stand up hair dryer on wheels

A stand up hair dryer on wheels consists of three main parts. The large hood under which you get your hair dried, a stand of which height is adjusted according to the customer’s height, and a base with various wheels for movement of the dryer. This kind of hair dryer is usually used in professional salons to get the customer’s hair done in minimum time.

A stand up hair dryer is preferred by professional hairstylists due to its more advanced and convenient features. The customer has to sit under this dryer and within minutes it dries their thickest and coarsest hair conveniently.

Benefits of a stand up hair dryer

The standing hair dryer comes with multiple advantages that make them a top priority for salon professionals.

Dries hair professionally

A standing hair dryer has a large bonnet that can spread heat evenly throughout your head. It has air vents that spread consistent heat to your hair to get them dried as soon as possible. The standing hair dryer is used on a professional level because the stylists don’t need to move the hair dryer nozzle around to get the customer’s hair dried quickly. Rather the customer’s hair is just dried automatically without wasting a lot of time and energy.

More customization options

The traditional handheld hair dryer is featured with 2 to 3 heat/speed settings only. But a standing hair dryer allows you to set the temperature and airspeed levels according to your taste. It comes with various heat speed settings that even the customer can adjust according to their requirements.

Impressive haircare technology

We know that our hair can get damage with an excessive amount of heat. Therefore a hair dryer must be equipped with ideal ionic and tourmaline technology to keep hair strands protected. A standing hair dryer can spread negative ions more professionally than a handheld hair dryer. That means you can get fast drying with less heat damage.

Comfortable hair drying experience

When you use a handheld hair dryer you have to pick the dryer in one hand and control hair with the other hand. This makes the whole process more tiring and time taking. But not in the case of a stand up hair dryer on wheels. You just have to put rollers and sit under the cap to get your hair dried and styled conveniently.

Do you need to buy a stand up hair dryer on wheels?

Well, it depends on your choice. If you don’t have very thick hair and you find it easy to dry and style your hair with a hair dryer nozzle then you don’t need to buy a standing hair dryer. Because it is used on commercial levels at salons where hairstylists do many hair treatments.

But if you are born with thicker hair and find it difficult to dry and style your hair every morning then this is for you. Because with a standing hair dryer you can get your thickest hairs done within a matter of minutes without even using your hands.

A standing hair dryer is going to make your life more easy and convenient than ever before.

Top 5 best standing hair dryers on wheels

If you have decided to buy a stand up hair dryer on wheels then we have a list for you. Here are the top 5 best standing hair dryers that are going to make your every day a great hair day.

1.    Nova Microdermabrasion 1300W Stand Up hair dryer with rolling base & Wheels

One of the best hair dryers on the market is built with stainless steel material. It is a professional standing hair dryer with adjustable height, swivel casters, and professional quality 3 ft long cord. This hair dryer has a timer that can be set up to sixty minutes and it allows you to adjust the temperature up to 0-75℃.

You are allowed to adjust the position of the hood according to your desires with its swivel hood. You can adjust the height of the stand (min. 48″ – max.63″) where the sturdy base has wheels to make it portable.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Comfortable hair dryer
  • Adjustable height and temperature settings
  • Sturdy base with wheels
  • The durable stainless steel material
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  • Expensive
  • Not good for thin hair

2.    Giantex 1300 watts Adjustable Stand up Bonnet Dryer on Wheels

  • Swivel Hood
  • Temperature-control system
  • With a timing function of 0~60 minutes
  • Temperature can be adjusted from room temperature to 75℃
  • Minimal assembly needed
  • Swivel Casters for easy maneuverability
  • Hood with convenient hinged hood door
  • Portable design with wheels for quickly & easily move
  • Hot perm, hair-drying, hair-treatment, and spot-caring functions

Just like the above standing hair dryer, this Giantex dryer is also offering adjustable height and temperature settings. You can set the timer for up to sixty minutes and adjust the temperature from 40 -60 degrees.

Other than the flexible temperature and time settings its height be adjusted according to the user’s choice. You can comfortably sit under the bonnet to get your hair done within a matter of minutes. There are 5 wheels attached to the base making sure that you can move it around.

Other specs

  • hood Diameter:10″
  • Power: 1300W
  • Deep of the Hood: 9″
  • Material of heat unit: Stainless steel
  • Package Size:25”×21”×17”
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible settings
  • Comfortable hair drying experience
  • Flexible height settings
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  • Expensive
  • Users have issues with the base

3.    Gold ‘N Hot Elite 1875 Watt Stand Up Bonnet Dryer on Wheels

If you want more wattage than a normal standing hair dryer then this is for you. with 1875 watts of power the Gold ‘N Hot Stand Up Bonnet Dryer on Wheels dries your hair even faster. Other than the power this hair dryer has built-in ionic technology to reduce frizz and elevate the shine of your hair.

Moreover, you can switch on and off the ionic feature according to your requirements. The tourmaline technology is also induced to keep hair protected from overheat and preserve their natural keratin oil. This type of hair care technology makes it one of the most favorite standing hair dryers in the market.

But this Gold ‘N Hot Elite Stand Up Dryer on Wheels doesn’t feature the timer that might cause inconvenience for some users.

Other specs

  • 1875 watts. The dryer has a removable air intake grille
  • Ionic generator with On/Off switch
  • 4 styling settings
  • Tourmaline infused
  • Adjustable bonnet.10 ft. cord
  • Removable legs on base for compact storage
  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: Gold N Hot
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6 x 17.9 x 22.9 inches
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Professional quality hair dryer
  • Salon worthy 1875 watts powerful motor
  • Customizable
  • Ionic generator
  • Ideal hair care technology
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  • Doesn’t have a timer
  • Overpriced

4.    1875 Watt Stand up hair dryer on wheels by Hot Tools

Just like the above stand up hair dryer this hot tools item is also engineered with 1875 watts powerful motor. It doesn’t only dry your hair quickly but also prevents hair from getting damaged. It is built with tourmaline technology and features ionic nano technology to nourish your hair strands.

With 2 speed and 4 heat settings, you can adjust the dryer according to your styling requirements. Two lockable wheels make the dryer stay at the position without making any disturbance. The 9 ft professional cord makes portability easy.

Other specs

  • Pre-Moisture System with tourmaline and ionic nano technology
  • 1875 watt power
  • Adjustable front visor 2 Speed / 4 Heat options
  • Includes 9ft cord
  • Two lockable wheels for stability
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Professional-quality stand up hair dryer with hair care technology
  • Reduces frizz and dries hair 50% faster
  • 1875 watts powerful motor
  • Lockable wheels
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  • Weak pedestals
  • Other quality issues

5- BabylissPro Ionic Stand up Hard-Hat Dryer on wheels

Unlike all other standing hair dryers, this Babyliss stand up hair dryer is built with 2000 watts AC motor. This is one of the best standing hair dryers on our list and we have a detailed separate post on it.

With 2 speed and 3 heat settings, you are allowed to adjust the temperature according to your needs. Other than drying your hair the BaByliss stand up hair dryer will also entertain you with infused auxiliary function. The 2 locking wheels make sure that the dryer won’t moves when in use. It has a built I diffuser that makes your hair soft smooth by using ionic technology.

Other specs

  • The adjustable bonnet has a lift-up visor for added convenience.
  • Built-in, adjustable airflow diffuser.
  • Heavy-duty anchor bolt to lock base and poles in place.
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Adjustable height
  • Relaxed hair drying experience
  • Haircare technology
  • Built-in diffuser
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  • Expensive for family use

Buying Guide

Here are some of the key features you should consider before buying a stand up hair dryer on wheels.


You are buying a stand up hair dryer because you want your hair dried as soon as possible. And it is not possible with a low-wattage hair dryer therefore you must check the wattage of the dryer before making a purchase. The more wattage of the dry the more power it has to dry your hair quickly.


Standing hair dryers come with a built-in timer function. This feature is crucial when you are buying a standing hair dryer for your salon. This feature allows the professionals to set the drying time for each customer. In this way, they can handle multiple customers at one time.

Wheels quality

You must check the quality of the wheels before buying a standing hair dryer because they make a huge difference. The solid durable wheels are necessary for a professional standing hair dryer. Because you can only move your hair dryer from one place to other if it has solid wheels.

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The standing hair dryers come with various benefits that make them a favorite of everyone. The salon professionals must have these superior quality hair dryers because they are going to earn money out of them. But for household use, a traditional blow dryer is enough as it is budget-friendly. But if still, you are buying a standing hair dryer for home then go ahead because it is going to change your life. It is all about your priorities.



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