Can a Hair Dryer Kill Bed Bugs

Can a Hair Dryer Kill Bed Bugs? Bed Bug Myths

High heat can kill bacteria and germs if exposed to heat for a long time. The same method is used to sterilize the surgical instruments. The high heat kills the bacteria and can kill the bed bugs too but it needs a high amount of heat for extended periods. People think that they can kill the bed bugs with their blow dryer. But the question is does it really works? Can a hair dryer kill bed bugs? We observed that people are interested to know the exact answer to this question. Therefore we decided to provide you the complete and right information about this topic. Today we will guide you through each reality about can hair dryers kill bed bugs?

We will try to cover the topic of discussion with the help of frequently asked questions.

Can a Hair Dryer Kill Bed Bugs?

People are found asking this question in many Google search engines and other information platforms. Yes, we can use our blow dryers to kill the bed bugs and their eggs. But another important question is, is it really work perfectly? The simple and sweet answer is no, we cannot kill bed bugs with our dryer effectively.


Several pieces of evidence prove that you cannot find this method as useful as you expect. Here are some reasons that’s why you don’t find this method so useful.

Requires too much time

If you want to kill bed bugs with your blow dryer then you need to maintain the temperature up to 113 0F for about 90 minutes. If you have a high-quality hair dryer with more heating capacity then the time will be shortened obviously. A normal hair dryer cannot stay for 90 minutes with this heat level, it might be broken or switched off automatically.

High heat level required

You need higher temperature levels to kill the bed bugs and destroy eggs effectively. To destroy the eggs you need to expose them to about 215F because the eggshells are heat resistant. They don’t get eliminated until you expose them to this temperature for 90 minutes at least.

The temperature levels of a normal blow dryer vary between 100 to 205 degrees depending on the different motors, wattage, and technologies used to manufacture. Therefore your blow dryer can kill these bed bugs and their eggs only if it meets these requirements.

Why Cannot You Kill the Bed Bugs Completely?

Here are some other reasons that show you cannot kill bed bugs completely using your blow dryer. 

  1. Your hair dryer does not have a label that mentions the temperature levels. So you cannot get a brief idea about the temperature level you can achieve. Moreover, you need to keep the dryer at a high temperature for a long time to kill the bed bugs and eliminate the eggs. These conditions are hard to achieve because the dryer could be burnt at this heat.
  2. You cannot destroy the bed bugs and the eggs with a concentrator nozzle attachment. The concentrator nozzle attachment cannot provide enough airflow coverage. You cannot cover the whole bed including the sheets and pillow with this small nozzle. Therefore the small airflow coverage is the main reason that you cannot use a blow dryer to kill bed bugs.
  3. You should be very careful because the whole procedure could be dangerous. If your pillows or sheets accidentally touch the inside of the blow dryer they could catch fire. Therefore it is not safe anymore to use a blow dryer to kill bed bugs.

Other than the sheets, your hair dryer can be burnt due to running at a high temperature for 90 minutes. Therefore it is not good for your bed and the dryer.

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Concluding Remarks

You might hear about killing bed bugs using a blow dryer or even some social media influencers have shown you some tutorials. But you should hire professional pest control experts to get rid of these bed bugs. Or you can use other treatments to kill the bed bugs. Clean the surroundings of your bed regularly and change the sheets regularly to avoid facing such difficulties.


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