Can Blow Dryer Damage Hair

Can Blow Dryer Damage Hair? How To Be Safe?

Blow dryer has become the basic need of today’s woman in her daily routine. And it should be because a blow dryer does not only speeds up the drying process of your hair but also provides you with various styling options. Today’s market is full of high-quality professional hair dryers that come with multiple styling attachments and are equipped with smart technologies. The luxurious blowout can be achieved with a high-quality blow dryer at home easily. Can Blow Dryer Damage Hair? How to Prevent Hair Damage?

But do you know that a blow dryer irrespective of the technology used to design this, can damage your hair severely? Yes, a blow dryer can damage your hair if you use it every day at high temperatures. Let’s discuss this topic deeply to get an idea about the kind of hair damage you get through a blow dryer. We will also discuss the tips to minimize the hair damage caused by a blow dryer.

Can Blow Dryer Damage Hair?

The simple but harsh answer is yes! A blow dryer can damage your hair as mentioned earlier. The ionic technology is used to manufacture the hair dryer due to its nourishing properties and ceramic/ tourmaline materials absorb the excess amount of heat. These technologies no doubt protect your hair from damage but they cannot provide a complete shield against heat.

Is blow-drying safe?

It seems that blow-drying is not safe, but don’t worry it’s safe. You can use a blow dryer to dry and style your hair. But make sure to use this helpful tool when you are in rush and need to dry and style your hair quickly. You cannot skip using this tool due to fear of damage therefore you can use it but when you really need it. The ionic technology featured in the latest blow dryers helps to condition your hair deeply and gives a shiny look.

How to Prevent Hair Damage?

You can prevent hair damage caused by a blow dryer by following these essential steps.

Use Dryer at low heat setting

You know that a blow dryer at a high heat setting expels airflow with a high temperature that could burn your hair strands. A hot airflow can make your hair dry as it eliminates the essential oils from your scalp. Therefore you can use it on a low heat setting or cool air setting to get the job done. The hair dryer at a cooler setting can still provide you sleek blowout without hair damage.

Protect roots and scalp

When you blow dryer your hair you always make the mistake of pointing the dryer directly to the roots and scalp. The hot airflow can make your hair dry by removing the natural oils and moisture. Therefore dry your hair strands by directing the airflow towards tips.

Avoid focusing one spot

You know that focusing the airflow at a spot for too long can dry it quickly. But you are putting your hair at high risk with this method. You should not focus on the hot air flow at a certain spot as it could burn your hair. Instead of doing this, you can roll the airflow around the scalp to protect it from extreme heat damage.

Try air-drying

You should avoid using a blow dryer regularly because it is impossible to protect hair from hot tools. Therefore give a chance to air drying as it is also a good option to have a sleek hairstyle. You should use a blow dryer only when you are in hurry.

Apply heat protectant products

This is the most important step you should follow before blow-drying your hair. Apply heat protectants to your hair as they help to minimize the hair damage caused by the blow dryer. A lightweight heat protectant spray is good if you are blow-drying curly or wavy hair. A heat protectant gel/foam or cream should be applied on wet hair to dry and style normal hair.


A hair dryer is a need of your everyday routine therefore you cannot skip it. But you can minimize the damage caused by hot tools by following our guide. A hair dryer can damage your hair, it doesn’t mean a hair dryer is not safe to use. It is safe but if it is used correctly whenever you need it.

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