Chi Spin and Curl vs Lava Spin and Curl | Comparison

Hairstyling needs different tools and techniques because we, unfortunately, don’t admire what we are born. If you have straight hair then you would prefer to be looked at in curls and waves. But on the other hand people with curly and wavy textured hair desire to have sleek straight hair.

Moreover, there is another kind of person who is born with natural wavy textured hair. But they straighten their hair and create waves again with hot irons and curlers. I think I am one of them. Well, that’s hilarious but reality.

Due to the increasing need for these hot hair styling tools, we have decided to throw light on this topic. These hot tools not only turn your desires into reality but also give you the confidence of walking out.

There is a wide range of hot tools for hairstyling in the market today. Some are of low quality and available at very low prices. But some of them are of high-end quality high price tags. But due to high price tags people’s urge to try them out increases. Because we think that high quality leads to high price ranges.

You might have heard about Chi Spin and Curl and Lava Spin and Curl with their increasing demand. People consider that Chi Spin and Curl and Lava Spin and Curl are the same with the same performance. But there are still some differences in both of them including quality, performance, and most important the price tag.

The Lava Spin and Curl is on an expensive side than the Chi Spin and Curl. Therefore here is a detailed table showing the difference between Chi Spin and Curl and Lava Spin and Curl. So that you could get a better idea that whether you should buy that expensive tool or not?

Comparison Table

Model Chi Original Spin and Curl

Chi Lava Spin and Curl

Color Various Red and Black
Size 1″ or 1.25″ 1″ or 1.25″
Preset Temperature 3 3
Maximum heat 410°F 410°F
Barrel material Ceramic Lava Rock + Ceramic
Dual voltage Yes Yes
Auto shut off 1 Hour 1 Hour
Power cable length 9 Feet 11 Feet
Were to Buy

The color options

If we talk about color options then you will find more variations in Chi Spin and Curl than the volcanic Lava. The original Chi Spin and Curl is available in different color options like black, matte black, white, mint green, red, and rose gold. But the Lava volcanic is only available in red and blue variations.

The working principle of both stylers

The working principle of the Chi Spin and Curl and Lava Spin and Curl is quite simple. Both of the curlers automatically wraps your hair strands with the internal barrel. This hot barrel turns your straight hands into beautiful beach waves and attractive spirals.

On the other hand, the traditional hot irons and curlers are a bit difficult to use. Because you have to wrap hair strands around the iron wand manually.

Barrel Size

Sometimes it gets difficult to wrap hair strands around the wand due to the difference in hair length. Therefore both the Chi Spin and Curl and Lava Spin and Curl offer different barrel size options. You can choose from 1 inch to 1.25 inches according to your hair length.

Cord Length

When it comes to hairstyling the level of mobility matters a lot for convenience. Therefore the hot tools with short power cords are not suitable. But the original Chi Spin and Curl is available in 9 feet professional cord. On the other hand, the Lava volcanic offers 11 feet long swivel cord. This is the factor that makes the Lava volcanic something better than the Chi Spin and Curl.

Overall Performance of the Chi Spin and Curl and volcanic Lava

Both the curlers are equipped with advanced technology to give you perfectly styled hair in just a single step. Both the  Chi Spin and Curl and volcanic Lava are designed to deliver high-end performance with automatic temperature control. Both the curlers from Chi have 410°F maximum temperature. Both the Air Spin N Curl and Lava Spin N Curl are dual voltage allowing you to enjoy hairstyling worldwide.

Barrel Material

The barrel material makes a big difference when it comes to the health and quality of your hair strands. You can’t compromise on your hair health while styling your hair. because healthy hair means perfect styling every time. All the Chi curlers are constructed with ceramic material. The ceramic material when gets heated emits far-infrared rays and other healthy particles to leave your hair shiny and smooth.

But when it comes to Chi Lava spin N curl the technology gets changed. The barrel material of the Chi Lava spin N curl is infused with lava rock. The lava rock technology is used to build the barrel of this curler to style your hair more effectively with less heat damage. this is the reason why the Chi Lava spin N curl is expensive than the original Air Spin N Curl.

Does the Chi Lava spin N curl worth it?

Well, this is the question arising in your mind. I was also wondering that whether this lava rock technology in the barrel really works or not? Should you buy the lava spin curl just because of lava rock technology?

The answer to all the above questions is No…

The chi volcanic lava doesn’t emit any extraordinary heat to style your hair quicker than chi air spin curler. Because the maximum temperature of both models is the same and lava rock doesn’t make any difference.

But you should admit that the volcanic lava curler leaves your hair more shiny and smooth than the air spin curler. This is the main difference I noticed.

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Concluding Remarks

Both the original Chi Spin and Curl and the Chi Lava Spin and Curl work great to provide you with perfect smooth curls without any extra effort. I didn’t notice any big difference between the original Chi Spin and Curl and the Chi Lava Spin and Curl because both work at the same principle. Both have the same temperature settings. But the barrel material is different. The lava rock barrel material of chi volcanic lava makes it a better choice for people with damaged and brittle hair strands. Because the lava rock adds an element of heat protection and keeps your hair healthy, shiny, and smooth.


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