DIY Hair Dryer Holder

Make a DIY Hair Dryer Holder in 2 Easy Ways

Drying and styling hair with a hair dryer is more a difficult task. But to store a hair dryer after every use is a bit irritating thing. To solve this issue, people prefer to wall-mounted hair dryers. But what would you if you do not have enough budget to buy a wall-mounted hair dryer or a hair dryer hanger? You can make a DIY hair dryer holder at home using simple things.

It is a life hack I am going to share with you. You will learn how to make a DIY hair dryer holder at home. You can make a hair dryer holder using different household items as a cloth hanger or chips can. You only need ideas that are so simple to follow that you cannot imagine.

How To Make A Diy Hair Dryer Holder

A cardboard hair dryer holder

For this DIY hair dryer holder, you will need

  • A Cardboard Cylinder
  • Suction Cup Or Superglue
  • A scissor

Before making the holder make sure that the diameter of the front end of the cardboard cylinder is suitable to the diameter of the hair dryer. So that the hair dryer get fixed in the cardboard cylinder easily. A cylindrical shaped chips box is the best option. Wash it. To change the appearance, use spray paint. Or you can also make a cardboard cylinder by yourself. You can watch a video on the internet to make a cardboard cylinder.


Cut the cylinder to a proper size to fit the dryer into it. The length and the front end phase diameter of the cylinder depends upon the size of your hair dryer.


Make two holes in the cardboard cylinder to put the suction cups/nails/hooks. You can use a drill to make these vertical holes or a scissor. The diameter of the holes should neither too large nor too small.


Use suction cups on the holes and secure them with superglue so that the holder will not fall. If the suction cups have hooks attach on the wall, then hook the hair dryer. Or there is another way you can put the screws or nails on the wall and attach the holder with the holes.


Step 4 is optional if you want more convenience in using the hair dryer then you can make a small cut on one side of the cylinder opening. So that the wire will stay stable in the handle and it will not touch the ground.

Your DIY hair dryer hanger is ready to use. You can enjoy your blow-dry without worrying about storage.

Spiral Rack Hair Dryer Holder

You can make a hair dryer holder with just a mental hanger. It is so easy to make that you would be amazed after reading this.

For Spiral Rack Hair Dryer Holder you will need

  • A mental hanger
  • A Suction Cup Hook or Nails
  • A Plier

Step -1

Push the bottom in an upward direction as much as possible. The hanger will be in shape like it has two wings in the opposite directions.


To make the spiral rack push the two wings in the inward direction and give them a round shape. One side should be higher than the other. The holder will grab your dryer.

Hang the spiral rack hair dryer holder with the nails or hooks in the wall. Your DIY hair dryer holder is ready to hug your hair dryer.

Any Hair Dryer Holder Recommended to Buy?

1. Command material Nickel blower Holder

The blower holder will hold three pounds, therefore it’s excellent for many of the blow dryers on the market. And you are doing not would like any nails or holes drilling on the wall. It contains one hook and 2 strips that enable you to place your blow dryer straight off once you laundry your hair.

2. FLE Wall Mounted blower Holder

The first holder is merely for blowers that have a slender end. If your dryer contains a similar style to Dyson Supersonic, you ought to do that FLE chrome steel hair dryer holder. you’ll favor using glue or screw to mount the bracket. And you’ve got a little bracket that’s designed for putting the hair dryer plug exclusively.

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Final Say:

I hope you’ll get some useful tips from today’s lifehacks. If you would like to grasp a lot of tips & data regarding hair dryers, keep tuned, and do forget to return our website.


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