Drybar Single Shot vs Double Shot Reviews – Difference & Similarities

If you had been using high-quality blow dryer brushed then you are already introduced to the best-selling and remarkable brand Drybar. There are other brands too manufacturing blow dryer brushes such as Revlon and BedHead but Drybar is something extraordinary. That’s why you will observe the elevated prices of Drybar tools. Amazing blowout performance ability or Drybar blow dryers brushes allow you to achieve your favorite curls or waves by using any curling wand or iron. If you already know the Drybar double shot blow dryer brush then you must have heard about the latest addition to the Drybar family. Yes, I am talking about Drybar single shot which just looks like its older brother Drybar double shot. The outer appearance of the Drybar single shot and Drybar double shot is almost the same. But if you look close you will see some differences inside their bodies and performing abilities.

Barrel Difference 

The handle of both the Drybar single shot and the double shot looks alike but the barrel has a slight difference. The barrel of the Drybar double shot is wider having a large number of bristles to style detangles hair smoothly. The wider barrel of the Drybar double shot makes it an amazing choice for many hair types including short and thick hair. On the other hand, the latest Drybar single shot comes with a round shape barrel that looks like a round brush. The Drybar single shot has less number of bristles as compared to the Drybar double shot. It makes the curls and waves effortlessly with its comparatively narrow barrel. The Drybar double shot’s barrel is designed to dry hair quickly but the barrel of the Drybar single-shot styles hair quickly with its unique construction. The Drybar single shot has bigger vents to dry and style hair quickly. Daybar Single Shot: drybar single shot vs double shot

  Daybar Double Shot:

What’s Common?

Both the Drybar single and double shot blow dryer has almost the same performance and drying power. Both the models are designed to dry and style multiple hair types. There is no difference in the speed and power of drying and styling hair. The Drybar single shot and double shot both can quickly dry and style your hair. Both hair dryers brushed dry and style your hair gently leaving your hair smooth. When it comes to hair care technology ionic technology is necessary. Therefore Drybar induces ionic technology in both single shot and double shot blow dry brushes. The ionic technology helps to style your hair smoothly and reduces frizz. It reduces the static and enhances the natural shine of your hair. In short, you cannot obtain a smooth, sleek, and shiny blowout without ionic technology.

What’s Different?

Let’s get started with the new Drybar single shot blow dryer brush that is designed uniquely. The Drybar single shot blow dryer brush is an ideal choice for small to medium-length hair. The small and thin barrel of the new Drybar single shot is made to dry and style medium-length hair effortlessly. The barrel helps lift and add volume to your medium-length hair precisely and effectively. The thin barrel is easy to put if you have light and short hair. You can easily give your short hair bangs more volume. In the case of short-length hair and side bangs, the Drybar single shot becomes more efficient. The Drybar single shot has bigger vents so be careful because your long hair can get stuck. On the other hand, the older Drybar double can assist you in drying and styling long hair conveniently. The wide barrel and fine bristles prevent your hair from getting stuck in the vents. It helps to style and detangle your hair effortlessly to give you a sleek and smooth blowout efficiently. If you want big curls you can achieve them conveniently. You can also achieve beachy waves by using the wide barrel and fine bristles of the Drybar. The Drybar double shot is not doubted convenient while styling long hair. But the narrow air vents may increase the drying time.

Final Thoughts 

Both models of the Drybar have everything you need to achieve a sleek and smooth blowout for short and long hair. Both Drybar single shot and double shot blow dryer brushes have almost similar prices. Drybar is already an expensive brand compared to other cheap products available in the market. If you want us to give a final view on both the Drybar single shot and Drybar double shot, here it is. The Dryer single shot is a perfect choice for people with short hair. Its smaller barrel and fine bristles help in achieving desired hairstyles effortlessly. You can also add volume to your side hair or bangs by using the Drybar single shot blow-dry brush. The Drybar double shot is the best choice for people with long and thick hair. It’s the wide oval-shaped barrel and wider bristles help in detangling and styling long hair effortlessly. You can easily create a glamorous hairstyle including big curls and beachy waves.

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