Dyson Hair Dryer Storage Hanger

How to Use Dyson Hair Dryer Storage Hanger With 3 Step Guide

Using a hair dryer is almost our everyday need. We use a hair dryer after a shower to look more stylish and stunning. As the hair dryer does not only dries your hair but also gives you various styling options.

But storing a hair dryer in a drawer, before every use detangling the cord is a little bit messy. To avoid this mess, Dyson supersonic comes with a storage hanger.

But you don’t know how to use Dyson hair dryer storage hanger so, most of us ignore this little attachment, you might be amazed that this tiny Dyson supersonic hair dryer hanger could prove a lifesaver.

How to Use Dyson Hair Dryer Storage Hanger – Detail Guidance

If you lean, that how to use a Dyson hairdryer storage hanger, this lifehack would replace the expensive wall mounted hair dryers. The storage hanger is for the people who want more drying flexibility in their room or bathroom.

If you learn, how to use a Dyson hairdryer storage hanger, this will help you take your hairdryer off the ground. Dyson hairdryer storage is another name of convenience.

There are three simple steps to attach the Dyson hair dryer storage hanger. Follow these simple steps to avoid any misconceptions.

Step one:

dyson hair dryer storage hanger

  • There is a rubber cord shield at the bottom of the Dyson hairdryer. You would need to find it.

Step two:

  • The next thing to do is wrap the hanger’s string around the rubber cord shield.

Step three:

dyson hair dryer storage hanger

  • Pass the end of the hanger band through the circle of the string.

Your Dyson hair dryer storage hanger is ready, you can hang your hair dryer anywhere. You can dry and style your hair in your room or bathroom, anywhere you want. The storage hanger has made the job easy and reflexible for you. Moreover, you do not need to make any extra knots to secure the hanger storage.

Things to be noted

Once you have attached the hair dryer hanger, the next thing is to mount some hooks in your room or bathroom to put the hair dryer between uses.

But it is recommended to install the wall hooks at a suitable height to avoid accidents. The height of the hanger should be so that the hair dryer cord does not touch the floor. The bathroom floor tends to be humid or wet all day. Must hang the dryer at a height to avoid any serious accidents. You should install multiple hooks to customize.

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