Dyson Supersonic hd01 vs hd02 vs hd03

Dyson Supersonic hd01 vs hd02 vs hd03 Review and Comparison

Everyone gets excited when it comes to Dyson’s supersonic hair dryer. Almost everyone wants to taste the latest technology used in high-end hair dryers such as Dyson. When you do research before buying a Dyson supersonic model you get a little bit confused.

Often you see Dyson supersonic models termed HD01, HD02, HD03, etc. you get confused because almost all the models have the same outer appearance.

There are slight changes in the technical aspects. In this article, I will go through the minor details you need to know about hd01, hd02, hd03, and we will discuss the latest releases hd08 and hd07.

The Overall Best: Dyson Supersonic hd01

Dyson hd01 is the oldest and most popular model in the market. It is the most commonly seen supersonic model in the market with great reviews.

Dyson supersonic hd01 was released in 2016. When it comes to the vibrant colors of hairdryers the Dyson supersonic hd01 comes at the top of the list. It is available in vibrant colors.

The Dyson supersonic hd01 is fitted with 1600 watts v9 brushless motor. This motor is designed to deliver fast airflow to ensure a quick and quiet blow dry.

The hd01 features the smart temperature detection technology that detects heat 20 times per second.

The Dyson hd01 supersonic is packed with three attachments. You get a styling nozzle, smoothing nozzle, and a diffuser for complete styling requirements.

You get 4 heat and 3 airspeed settings to control the dryer according to your styling requirements.

Salon Professional: Dyson Supersonic hd02

In order to deal with the requirements of salon professionals, Dyson introduces the hd02 model. Only licensed professional-grade salon owners can get this latest model. If you are a salon owner you can enjoy the latest upgrades of Dyson supersonic hd02 at discounted rates.

Here are the latest upgrades of Dyson supersonic hd02

The hd01 model features one filter but hd01 comes with 2 removable filters. You can remove and wash the filters to satisfy your customer’s styling demands.

In order to provide the salon-worthy hair styling process, the hd02 comes with an improved styling nozzle that ensures better airflow.

The addition of a styling nozzle helps dry and style your hair quickly and effectively.

Also, the hd02 comes with a longer cord of 11 feet while the hd01 comes with 9 feet long chord. To maintain the requirements of salon professionals the hd02 features a longer cord.

Hd02 is available only in one color which is silver/white. If you love vibrant colors then hd01 fits your requirements.

Latest Upgrade 2019: Dyson Supersonic Hd03

The latest Dyson supersonic was released in 2019 with some upgrades. The main technology is kept the same by the manufacturers. The supersonic hd03 is equipped with a v9 brushless motor just like the previous models.

Dyson supersonic is designed with improved temperature detection properties. The Dyson supersonic previous models hd01 and hd02 measure temperature 20 times a second. But the hd03 measures the heat 40 times per second to improve your hair styling process.

Moreover, hd03 is packed with an additional gentle air attachment. This attachment helps to reduce the air temperature and increase the cross-section area for airflow. After combining these two factors you get minimum heat damage and dry your hair quickly.

The gentle air attachment is available individually for $40 if you are already using the HD01 model.

When it comes to upgrading in attachments, the styling nozzle of hd03 is offer better airflow as compared to hd01. Other than the nozzle the diffuser is also upgraded. It is designed with longer teeth to define the curls of long hair.

The Dyson supersonic hd03 fits the magnetic attachments better. The Dyson supersonic HD03 has better magnetic grip to keep the attachments secure.

Though all the Dyson models are expensive but HD03 is more expensive than all previous Dyson hair dryers on the market.

Comparison between HD01, HD02, and HD03

Dyson Supersonic HD01 HD02 HD03
Feature Differences Best Seller Model Spare Removable Filter Thinner & Wider Styling Nozzle
Most Color Options Thinner & Wider Styling Nozzle Securer Magnetic Attachment
Longer Cord (11 ft) Gentle Air Attachment
Cheaper Price for Salon Owner More Powerful Smart Detection
Higher Price

Latest Upgrade 2021: Dyson Supersonic HD08/HD07

Dyson hd08 is launched in July 2021 in Asian countries. You can call it an upgraded version of Dyson hd03 but there is no big difference.

The core technology is the same as the previous versions. There is only one addition of flyaway attachment to the hd08 model.

The shape of the attachments helps to make hair strands more sleek and defined. People with longer hair often complain about flyways. So Dyson supersonic hd08 comes with advanced attachment with a specific shape to control the flyaway.

If you live in the US, Canada, or Mexico you can buy the flyaway attachment separately.

In the Asian region, the latest model is available at $30 pricier than the old model. But in America, the price does not change and remains the same $399.

Note: You may see another model Dyson hd07 in the market. Hd08 and hd07 are the same models with different names. In the UK you will find it HD07 and in Hong Kong, it is named HD08. So don’t be confused if you come across two model names for the same product.


After analyzing all the models we conclude that all are built with brilliant technology to give you flawless blowouts with minimum heat damage.

If you want a Dyson hair dryer for your family use then HD01 fits your criteria perfectly. It is available in vibrant colors and the relatively lower price fits your budget.

If you are a licensed salon owner then Salon professional HD02 is for you. With the help of your salon License, you can enjoy the latest technology of hd02 at an attractive price.

If money is not an issue for you and you want a safe blowout then HD03 is for you. It comes with additional attachments and better temperature controlling technology to give you safe and healthy blowouts.

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