Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

Cute, Quick & Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair Step By Step For Black Girl

You have got a new haircut and now your hair is pretty small and you’ve got no idea about what hairstyle you can make with this short hair or you are confused for what style you should pick up for yourself? I’m listing down some super easy hairstyles for short hair step by step that you can make super quick even if you are in hurry.

Four Best Cute, Quick & Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair Step By Step For Black Girl

Half up hair wrap style:

This hairstyle for short hair is super quick and super easy and looks gorgeous for a casual or a party look. You just need some hairpins, teasing brush, hairspray and mini hair elastic. Here is how to do this easy hairstyle for short hair step by step:

  • First of all prep your hair roots by spraying hairspray which will serve to increase volume and hold.
  • Now take a teasing brush or a small hairbrush to tease some hair from the front of your hairline to increase some more volume.
  • Continue to take small sections and tease them one by one to induce volume in your hair.
  • When you are one teasing hair, take a small section of your front hair and secure them with a ponytail or hair elastic.
  • Now grab another small section of your hair underneath the ponytail and wrap it around that above ponytail in order to conceal it.
  • Pin it up and use the hairspray to set them all.

Side braid with messy curly bun:

A very easy and simple hairstyle that is a little formal but can be used casually as well. Again you need some hair pins, hairspray and a curler. Let’s have a look at how to make this easy hairstyle for short hair:

  • Take a front section of your hair and make a braid starting from one ear and keep on making it until you reach the opposite ear.
  • Now continue to make a traditional 3 strand braid and carry it till the back of your head.
  • Use a pin or band to secure this side braid.
  • Now use a curler to provide lose curls to your hair and make a pretty messier bun.
  • Use hair pins to secure it.
  • At last spray, all of your hair with hairspray and you’re done!

A simple braided bun for short hair:

One of the easy hairstyles for short hair step by step. This hairstyle for short hair is really simple and fast for women don’t want their hair to interrupt. It takes just minutes to makes this style and helps you look gorgeous with no interruption of hair while you’re busy at work. It’s simple to make it. All you need are some bobby pins and mini hair elastics. Have a look at the steps and you’ll know:

  • Grab all of your hair and make a small ponytail.
  • Secure it with elastic.
  • No braid the ponytail into a traditional three-strand braid.
  • Again secure the end of the braid with elastic.
  • No wrap your braid around the base of your ponytail and make a bun.
  • Use as many hairpins you need to secure your braided bun.

A loose braid:

You just woke up in the morning and now you are in a rush to go to work but your hair is messier to go out this way. This hairstyle is the best for that time so let’s have a look at the steps of how to make it:

  • Create a section of your hair that has the width of your eyebrows.
  • Use the teasing brush and tease the hair once on the left and then on the right side until you gain volume.
  • Now braid the section loosely.
  • Secure the braid using an elastic band or a small ponytail.
  • Apply hairspray over all of your hair to set them up.

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