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he brand “Gem Force” provides super fantastic hairdryers that are sturdy and famous in the entire world. The specialty of the Gem Force Hair dryer is that it works well and always shows outstanding performance.

On this platform, you have a chance to buy these hair dryers at low prices. Some products are available to low watt and some are high watt. It is up to you which one you want for you. If you have questions in your mind like; how do their blow dryers work? Well, read this article until the end. Because we can figure it out together in our Gem Force hair dryer review.

To be honest these branded hairdryers are super fantastic. These are very sturdy and famous in the entire world. The Gem Force brand engineered it with high-quality material. The design is really ergonomic and its style is really unique. Moreover, it has a pretty cool-looking and clean design on the outside.

Top 5 Best Gem Force Hair Dryers

There are 5 best Gem Force Hairdryers that are useful for a long. These are as follows:

1. Gem Force Intense Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer (Baby pink)

This hair dryer comes with a cold shot button; ceramic emits far-infrared heat. It is useful to eliminate frizz and get shiny and smooth hair.


Intense Air Flow: This ceramic hairdryer produces the best airflow that will dry your hair quickly.

Sturdy Motor: The DC motor is very sturdy and durable. So, it will never create an issue.

Attachments: It comes with a nozzle and diffuser. You can use these attachments to get natural curls on your hairs. Similarly, you straighten your hair.

Heat and Speed Settings: This hairdryer provides a feature to set the heat and airflow speed.


  • This hairdryer is beneficial to dry hair quickly.
  • You can use this hairdryer at home.
  • It comes with a DC motor that produces the best airflow.
  • You will get shiny, silky, and smooth hair.

  • Not perfect because the DC motor is louder and less-durable.

2. Gem Force Intense Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer (Paisley)

This ceramic hair dryer is made with high-quality material. Hence, it is useful because of its sturdy and durable motor.
Sturdy Motor: This hairdryer comes with a sturdy and durable motor. It benefits you to use for a long.

Cold Shot Button: This hair dryer has a cold shot button that is really useful.

Negative Ions: It produces the negative ions that and far Infrared to seal in vital moisture and repel humidity.

Nozzle and Diffuser: It comes with a nozzle and diffuser that are really useful to give an awesome look to your hairs.


  • It is useful with a nozzle and diffuser.
  • This gives you shiny and smooth hair.
  • The heat setting also available to set as you want.
  • You have a chance to use this beneficial hairdryer that will eliminate frizz from your hair.

  • It is not lightweight.

3. Gem Force Intense Ionic Ceramic Science Hair Dryer (Red)

This hair dryer comes in red color that looks pretty. Its motor is durable and produces a good airflow.


Super Heat: This Gem Force hairdryer provides super fantastic heat. It is good to dry hair in a short time.

2 Attachments: This ionic hair dryer comes with a nozzle and diffuser. These attachments are really useful to get shiny, smooth, and awesome hair.

Repel humidity: This hairdryer is beneficial because it helps to repel humidity within a few minutes.


  • This hair dryer comes in red color.
  • It dries your hair within a few minutes.
  • The diffuser and nozzle are also useful to get a shine and natural hair look.
  • Moreover, you can use it to straighten your hair.
  • The heat is comfortable and it has setting buttons.

  • Not durable than other branded hairdryers.

4. Professional Salon Infrared Hair Dryer

This hairdryer is useful and recommended by professionals. The hairdressers use it in the salon. It is perfect with a high-quality and sturdy motor.
AC motor: This hairdryer has an AC motor that is sturdy and useful for fast drying.

2-speed Settings: This hair dryer has 2 speed settings high/low. So, you can use the airspeed that you need.

3 heat Options: It has 3 heat setting buttons such as hot, cool, and warm.

Nozzle and Diffuser: These attachments help you to make a hairstyle.


  • This hairdryer provides infrared heat to reduce static and frizz.
  • You can use it to straighten hair and also gets natural curl.
  • This hairdryer mostly used in the salon.
  • The heat and speed settings are really helpful to get perfect results.
  • It will not damage your hair.
  • This professional hairdryer is suitable for all hair types.

  • Not suitable for home use.

5. NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

This hairdryer engineered with high-quality material. It has a powerful 1875 watt motor that produces a strong airflow. Moreover, it is sturdy and useful for all hair types.
3 Heat Options: It comes with 3 heat options such as hot, cool, and warm.

3 Attachments: This professional hairdryer has a diffuser, comb, and concentrator.

Powerful Motor: It has an 1875 watt motor that produces a strong airflow.


  • It is useful to dry hair with low noise.
  • It left your hair smooth, shiny, and also silky after drying.
  • You can use its setting buttons and easily set the airflow.
  • You can easily control the temperature and wind speed to make your favorite hairstyle at home.
  • It comes with extra features that help to make your hair more smooth, shiny, and healthy.

  • The attachments are hard plastic and get relatively hot.

Features of Gem Force Hairdryer With Technical Aspects

1600 watt DC motor 

The Gem Force blow dryer comes with a 1600 watt DC motor. The motor is really sturdy that produces airflow. Some testers found it an outstanding motor for the best hairdryer. But some are not happy with its DC motor. The reason is that DC motor hair dryers are louder and less-durable. Furthermore, AC motors have benefits when it comes to weight. As there are many high wattage hair dryers that are more durable and sturdy than 1600 watt. Hence, the motor is just acceptable.

Heat/Speed Settings

The Gem Force hairdryer designed with a heat button and speed button individually. The testers said that it is not letting us down on this and the cold shot button works perfectly. Although, it has a small flaw and only has 2 levels regarding temperature settings. So, you can set the heat and speed as you want.


It comes with a lightweight DC motor. Hence, the dryer weighs around 3 pounds. Moreover, the handle is easy to hold.


The Gem Force hairdryer built-in ceramic technology. This technology can help the heat penetrate your hair, giving it warm and even temperature while drying.


As it is made with ceramic materials that generate far-infrared heat. This heat is widely used to eliminate frizz and fight heat damage too.


The attachments are useful that comes with the hairdryer. The brand packs a diffuser and a nozzle in a hairdryer box. So, if you want curly hair then you can use these attachments. Similarly, if you want to dry a specific hair section, you will find the tools are useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are gem hair dryers good? 

Yes, of course, the Gem Force hairdryers are all-time good and really useful for all hair types.

2. How many watts is a gem force hairdryer? 

The Gem Force Hairdryers come with a 1600 watt DC motor as the core that produces airflow.

3. Is an ionic or ceramic hair dryer better?

The ionic and ceramic hair dryer best for you and both are useful. The difference is that an ionic hairdryer has the benefit of not opening the cuticle of the hair shaft, which helps the hair remain shiny and smooth. The ceramic hairdryer is a tool to straighten your hair from a curly state. But honestly, we will advise you to go with an ionic dryer and use other styling tools to straighten the hair.

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