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Handle Less Blow Dryer Review – Best And Professionals

In this century when everybody is in rush, they want to get their jobs done as soon as possible. Along with speed people prefer convenience because we do most of our routine tasks by ourselves.

When it comes to blowing drying, people love to pick the ones equipped with advanced technology. Along with technology people’s bucket list also includes a compact and lightweight hairdryer.

Due to the rising demand for handle-less hair dryers, our team decided to share a detailed review of your favourite product. This ultimate handle-less hair dryer buying guide covers all the aspects you need to know. If you want us to recommend the best handle-less hair dryers, then check below our top recommendations.

What is a handle-less hair dryer? 

The handle-less hair dryers are the opposite of the conventional handheld hair dryers. The handheld hair dryers have a handle attached to the hair dryer vent. It can be foldable or un-foldable.

Where the handle-less blow dryer doesn’t have a handle to hold it. It has a significantly long dryer vent which you can hold to blow dry your hair conveniently.

Advantages of the handle-less blow dryer

Here are some of the significant advantages of a handle-less blow dryer due to which people prefer.

Works great with Comb Attachment

People with curly or 4c hair mostly use a comb attachment with a hair dryer to straighten their hair. But a traditional hair dryer with comb attachment makes things hard. You cannot move your hand conveniently while using comb attachment with a conventional blow dryer.

A handle-less hair dryer is a great option for those who need to use a comb attachment with their hair dryer. When you attach the comb with a handle-less hair dryer, it becomes a convenient device that straightens your hair without fatigue.

You will feel as you are just combing your hair just like you normally do. The only difference is that your comb is drying and styling your hair.

Cool touch design is safe to use 

Holding a hair dryer from its vent! Seems scary as it can be hot and burn our hand. But don’t worry unlike a conventional handheld blow dryer, it doesn’t have a hot motor. The handle-less hair dryers never get hot during the drying process. The handle-less hair dryers are constructed with cool touch material.

Thus it is safer to handle-less hair dryers than conventional blow dryers. If you are using a blow dryer, and your toddler is just playing around, it can be harmful. But with a handle-less cool touch, your toddler won’t get hurt.

No arm fatigue to reach the awkward positions 

Girls blow dryer the front part of the head conveniently but when it comes to the back of your head, it is tiring. Our arms start soaring and ridiculously, I just don’t finish the back hairs with efficiency.

But the handle-less hair dryer can save you from getting tired by blow-drying with a conventional hair dryer. The handle-less hair dryers are designed ergonomically to add more comfort.

Disadvantages/Cons of handle-less blow dryer 

Along with the charming advantages of a handle-less blow dryer, there are some cons too. But is just found only one that can create inconvenience for you.

Changing Heat speed settings 

Unlike the conventional blow dryers, the handle-less hairdryer has heat/speed buttons located at the bottom of the long vent. So if you want to change the heat/speed settings you need to hold the dryer with two hands.

Moreover, if you are new to handle-less hair dryer then you may have to take the dryer in front to change the settings. This can turn your blow-drying process into a tiring job if you frequently change the heat/speed settings.

Best Handle Less Blow Dryers:

RED by KISS 2200 Ceramic Tourmaline handle-less hair Dryer BD09

Red by kiss is one of the most reliable handle-less hair dryers in the market. It is designed with the most exciting features and technologies. Its cool touch design makes it feel comfortable while drying and styling hair.

This handle-less hair dryer is manufactured with an 1875 watts power motor. It emits powerful airflow to dry and style your hair quickly.

Its infused ceramic and tourmaline technology takes care of your hair while styling. The ceramic material emits far-infrared rays that help you to get the job done quickly. The tourmaline material emits negative ions to reduce frizz and give a shiny finish.

It comes with three attachments, one concentrator nozzle and two combs. This is a complete styling tool.

CHI Hand Shot Handle-Free Hair Dryer

When it comes to hair dryers infused with modern technology then we cannot complete our list by adding Chi. Chi hand shot is an advanced technology-based hair dryer to meet the requirements of this modern era.

Style is combined with ceramic heating technology to dry and style your hair rapidly. The ceramic material emits healthy radiations that dry hair strands without damage.

Unlike other conventional blow dryers, Chi handle-less hair dryer features an LED touch screen for heat/speed customizations. Moreover, the anti-bacterial properties of blue light keep you safe from bacterial buildup.

It comes with a concentrator nozzle and comb attachment to dry and style hair conveniently. Now you don’t need to rely on traditional tiring and bulky hair dryers. Get started with a stylish and advanced Chi handle-less hair dryer.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Grip Dryer Without Handle

If you are in search of a high tech top-notch handle-less blow dryer then look at this Paul Mitchell Neuro Grip Dryer. It is designed with advanced technology to cater for the users while doing a tiring job of blow-drying. Its exclusive heat/speed setting buttons allow you to control the whole device according to their will.

It is engineered with 1875 watts DC motor that makes it way more efficient. It dries your hair quickly with getting hot. The DC motor makes the unit quite lightweight. Moreover, the ergonomic design adds an element of comfort.

But this luxurious handle-less hair dryer is a little bit expensive as compared to other items.

E-appeal Powerful 2250W Hands-Free Hair Dryer

If you have thick hair and you are looking for something with higher wattage then look no further. Because this E-Appeal handle-less blow dryer is equipped with 2250 watts power motor. This level of wattage is induced to give you a quick blow dry. The ceramic and ionic technologies combine to deliver high-end performance.

The ceramic heater emits far-infrared rays to dry and style hair quickly. The negative ionic technology is infused to fight frizz and give a long-lasting shine. The cool shot button releases a burst of cool breeze to lock your hairstyle.

Moreover, the E-appeal blow dryer is packed with a stand that gives you blow-dry without using your hands. If you want to use a handle during some sessions, then a removable hair dryer handle is also available. In short, it is an all in one handle-less blow dryer available in the market.


Enter in the modern era with useful advanced high tech tools. A conventional blow dryer is no doubt a useful item to get a quick blow dry. A handle-less blow dryer is a great option to get a quick blow dry without getting fatigued. A tiring blow-drying job can be converted into a pleasant experience with a handle-less dryer.

But it can be hard to get used to with a handle-less blow dryer. Moreover, there is not a huge variety of handle-less blow dryers available in the market. If you are interested in trying a handle-less blow dryer then you can check our list.


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