How Does a Hair Dryer Cause Hair Loss

How Does a Hair Dryer Cause Hair Loss? Some Expert Tips

The hair dryer is supposed to damage your hair and tends to make it fall. The drying process is carried out with hot airflow that promotes split ends. The hair roots get weaker and as a result, hair starts falling.

You think that a hair dryer makes your hair weaker with the dangerous hot rays emitted by the blow dryer. But it’s not like that, your hair does not fall immediately after using a blow dryer. Does your hair dryer cause thin hair and hair loss? How to prevent hair damage while blow-drying.

How Does a Hair Dryer Cause Hair Loss?

So let’s make a simple and quick statement about this question. Yes, a blow dryer can cause hair loss but it’s not like what you think. A hair dryer cannot make your hair fall immediately after using it. If you use a blow dryer correctly then you won’t face that hair fall.

Before we jump to get the right method of using a blow dryer you need to know how it works to make your hair fall. A hot airflow that is pointed to your scalp weakens your hair follicles. The hair roots start losing natural oils and nutrients which results in weak hair and causes hair loss.

The hot airflow causes split ends and makes your hair dry. The frizzy and dry hair is more prone to breakage. Your hair starts losing its power and finally falls. Therefore we can’t ignore the fact the blow dryer causes hair loss, whether fastly or slowly.

But you cannot skip enjoying a sleek blowout, therefore we have compiled a list of some hair care tips. These tips would help to protect your hair from extreme heat damage.

Benefits of a hair dryer that cannot be ignored

Here are some advantages of a hair dryer that proves it is safe to use. You should not worry about instant hair loss caused by a blow dryer. Because it comes with some advantages too to make your hair healthier and shinier.

Ceramic or tourmaline material

Some of the hair dryers are composed of ceramic or tourmaline material. These hair dryers can emit far infrared rays that dry your hair faster with less damage. The far-infrared rays are relatively safe as compared to hot airflow. Because it dries your hair faster without eliminating the natural oils from your hair follicles.

Ionic technology

The hair dryers of this modern age are designed with a negative ionic generator. The negative ions reduce frizz by balancing the static on your hair. It reduces frizz and limits hair damage by conditioning your hair from inside out. The negative ions are healthy for your hair and prevent it from falling.

How to Prevent Hair Loss Caused by Blow Dryer

You can prevent hair loss caused by a blow dryer by following these simple guidelines. We will share with you some expert tips so that you could enjoy blow-drying without any fear.

Use heat protectant

If you feel your hair looks frizzy and dry after blow drying then starts using a heat protectant product to secure your hair from extreme heat damage. The heat protectant conditions your hair deeply and makes a shield against heat.

Therefore, to get smooth, silky, and frizz-free hair you need to apply a heat protectant product on your hair before you start blow-drying. Because if you have dry hair then it would fall due to dryness and you will blame your hair dryer.

Use at Medium Heat Setting

Nothing is harmful until you use it incorrectly, similarly, a blow dryer should be used at a medium heat setting to prevent your hair from damage. A high heat setting can dry your hair fast but it can damage your hair severely by drying the hair follicles.

It takes away the natural oils and essential nutrients leaving your hair dry and dull. To skip this situation, always try to dry your hair in medium or cooler settings. You can still achieve a sleek and voluminous blowout in a cooler setting.

Dry in a Downward Direction

There is a proper use of blow-drying your hair in a specific direction. You minimize hair loss by using the blow dryer in the right direction. People use blow-drying in an upward direction to add volume but it can damage your hair.

They direct the airflow in the opposite direction of the hair it grows, which leads to hair fall. The best method is to start blow-drying from roots and gently move downwards. This may not add volume to your hair but can limit hair loss.

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