How Hot Does a Hair Dryer Get? How Much Degrees Of Heat?

Perfectly styled hair is a dream everyone wants to achieve and some practice at home while others visit salons to get it done. The choice is yours but the problem you face in achieving this dream is hair damage. Hot tools like blow dryers or straighteners work excellent to give you stylish and confident looks but these tools hurt your hair too. You cannot throw your hair dryer in a dustbin to avoid this damage and buy a new one. Instead, you can follow some precautions to reduce the damage caused by the blow dryers. In this article, we are going to discuss how hot does a hair dryer get? And how to avoid the heat damage caused by the hot hair dryer. You can follow these simple guidelines to achieve the ideal temperature for your blow dryer and minimize hair damage.

How Hot Does a Hair Dryer Get?

A hair dryer gets too hot and could be gentle but it depends upon various factors.

  1. It depends upon the room temperature, which means a dryer works differently on a 5 0C or 25 0C.
  2. The hotness of a blow dryer is affected by the power.
  3. The material of the hair dryer matters the most.
  4. It depends on the frequency at which you use the dryer.
  5. The lifespan of the blow dryer is responsible for its hotness.

There is a factor that controls the hotness is the distance between you and the blow dryer.

Hair Damage by Blow Dryer

Often people think that a blow dryer does not damage your hair because it is a fancy hair dryer. A hair dryer like other hot tools obviously damages your hair strands and makes the week. The hot air expelled by the dryer weakens your hair strands and roots resulting in severe hair damage.

If you think your fancy blow dryer that is featured with ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline technologies would not damage your hair. The fancy and expensive blow dryer still emits heat and damages your hair strands. The ionic or ceramic technologies can reduce the damage factor but cannot completely protect your hair.

How to Limit the Damage Caused by Blow Dryer

Since you cannot ignore the heat damage caused by a blow dryer but you can limit this damage by following these simple tips.

Ideal temperature

It is recommended to use a blow dryer at a medium heat setting and never increase the temperature to cut the drying time. The ideal temperature setting recommended by the experts is below or at 410°F. If you try to increase the temperature above this, the heat starts melting out the keratin in your hair resulting in hair loss. Also, try to increase the distance between you and the hairdryer with your hair. Avoid holding it up directly in front of your hair.

Use a heat protectant product

Use a heat-protectant spray/gel or foam to protect your hair from extreme heat damage. Before pointing out the blow dryer on your hair, make sure to use a heat-protectant spray or serum. These heat-resistant products protect your hair from extreme heat emitted by the blow dryer. They won’t protect your hair from getting damaged completely, but somehow helpful.

Avoid hair damage tips

  1. Never use hot hair tools on wet hair, in this way you are frying your hair. Wet or damp hair is a lot easier to break than normal dry hair. You are thinking that a hair dryer is made to dry your hair but, if you use them right after a shower, it can damage your hair significantly.
  2. The right way to dry your hair quickly is to wrap it in a microfiber towel for a few minutes and then air-dry it up to 60%. After towel drying uses a blow dryer on medium heat and keeps it at a nice distance from your hair. Keep in mind to use a heat protectant.

Prevent hair dryer from overheating

You can prevent your hair dryer from getting too hot by following these simple guidelines.

  1. If you use your blow dryer continuously for a too long time, it would get overheated and suddenly shut down. To prevent your hair dryer from overheating use it in several intervals.
  2. Keep the maintenance of your blow dryer by cleaning the lint regularly. Sometimes the dust buildups affect the motor performance which results in the hot blow dryer.
  3. Sometimes the broken hair gets stuck in the duct, clean the duct to maintain the performance.

Material Affects the Hair Damage

The material of the hair dryer affects the hair damage caused by the dryer. The ceramic/ tourmaline or ionic technologies determine the hair care level.

Ceramic material is a good heat absorbent that protects your hair from extreme heat damage. The ceramic material emits far-infrared rays to cut the drying time. The ionic technology is features to emit negative ions that balance static. It limits the frizz and conditions hair from inside out. The negative ions cut the drying time by reducing the diameter of water droplets.

The tourmaline crystals are spread to coat the internal components of the dryer. The tourmaline material emits far-infrared rays along with natural negative ions to dry hair fast without extreme heat damage.

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