How Long do Hair Dryers Last

How Long do Hair Dryers Last? – Do You Know How to Replace?

Drying and styling your hair is your daily routine task. Before going to work you need to dry and style your hair every day. The quality and the lifespan of a hairdryer matters a lot to give you stunning looks. Your hair dryer reduces frizz and makes your hair shiny.

The styling attachments provide you with the latest fashion trends. You can straighten or curl your hair by using hair dryer attachments. Smooth and managed hair makes your personality confidant and attractive.

To achieve all these goals, you need to keep an eye on, how long do hair dryers last. So that you don’t experience any misadventures.

In this article, we are going to inform you that how long do hair dryers last. You should note these points, before replacing your old hair dryer. Here you will also get some tips to increase the lifespan of your hair dryer.

How long do hair dryers last?

This is the question asked by most of the people who are thinking about replacing their old hair dryer. a hair lasts for 600-1000 hours of use. That means if you use it for 20 minutes daily to dry your wet hair. Then your hair dryer should retire about 5 years later.

Searching for the brand offering a durable hair dryer is also an important task to perform. If we check Dayson hair dryer then it claims that its Supersonic hair dryer can last for more than ten years.

Besides this, you can use your hair dryer for as long as it is providing you quality blow-dry. You don’t need to throw your old hair dryer if it’s motor and heater are in working condition. You don’t need to waste money on buying a new dryer because your dryer is of an old model. If you get to know the factors affecting the quality of your dryer, you could increase the life of your dryer.

The lifespan of hair dryers depend upon a lot of factors

  • Quality of the hair dryers
  • Voltage and safe electricity supply
  • Safe storing of hair dryer
  • Filter health

Quality of the hair dryer

The quality of the hair dryer decides how long the hair will last. Efficient motor and enough power to keep your hair dryer healthy. And in working condition. You should note a primary thing and that is the material of the hair dryer body. Check the features and specs mentioned on the package, before buying the dryer. Look for the power of motor offered, the material of the dryer’s body, and the quality of the heater. These specs would make your dryer durable.

Voltage and safe electricity supply

Your home appliances depend upon the electricity supply of your house. More safe supply more durable appliances. Short circuits tend to damage your appliance including your hair dryer.

Safe storing of hair dryer

The lifespan of your hair dryer depends upon the way you store it. Always use a hair dryer holder to store the hair dryer. The organization of cord affects the durability of your dryer. If you don’t want to spend money on buying a hair dryer holder. Then you can make it by yourself at home using simple and steps

Filter health

Your hair dryer collects dirt and dust from the surrounding while drying your hair. This dirt lowers the working quality of your hair dryer. The cleaning of the filter plays the most important role to keep the motor in working condition.

When do you need to replace your dryer?

With time everything gets changed and gives some signs abut its condition. These signs help you to decide to replace the appliance or product. The hairdryer also offers some signs that help to make your decision about replacing it.

If the problem indicated by one of these signs is recoverable then you don’t need to replace it. But some problems are so serious that cannot reverse lead to replacing the appliance.

The hair dryer is noisy

The blocked filter of your hairdryer causes noise production. Your hair dryer starts producing annoying noise which makes you uncomfortable. You can resolve this problem by cleaning the filter. Many hair dryers come with a revocable filter to keep the maintenance of the dryer.

This helps to maintain the motor quality and reduces unwanted noise. But if even after cleaning the filter, the noise does not reduce, you need to replace the dryer. Because this could be due to some damage to the motor.

Poor airflow

When you start experiencing poor airflow. Or your dryer starts taking more time to dry your hair, then it shows that the motor is dying and losing its power. You cannot recover a dying motor. It happens because your dryer is too old or the power of the motor was too low to operate it for a longer time. This sign leads you to buy a new hair dryer.

Overheated dryer

If your hair dryer starts overheating that could be an alarming sign to replace it with a new one. Most of the hair dryers in the market have an auto shut-off button. Which shuts off the dryer when it reaches its most heat. This feature prevents your hair from burning and short circuits. The heater rods seem too hot or turn red if your dryer is getting too hot. Replace your dryer to avoid severe accidents.

Tips and Tricks to increase the life of your hair dryer

You should keep good care of everything to use it for a longer period. Here are some tips to make the quality and lifespan of your dryer better.

  1. Store your hair dryer in a dry place. People love to keep their dryers and styling tools in their bathrooms. But this could lead to damage to your appliances. The floor of the bathroom tends to humid all the time and could cause serious damages.
  2. Do not twist or wrap the power cord to store the dryer into a drawer. It damages the cord and it is difficult to replace a hair dryer cord.
  3. Keep your filter clean to maintain the motor performance. Do it once a week, remove the filter, and clean it.


You can increase the lifespan and maintain the performance of your hair dryer. By following some tips and tricks. By cleaning and managing your device but a time comes when your dryer gets retired. Then you need to replace it. Keep updated about the maintenance of hair dryer. And learn how to keep the dryer in working condition for a longer period of time.

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