How to Air Dry Hair Overnight

How to Air Dry Hair Overnight for Straight and Curly Hair

People used to air dry theirs before inventing the hot drying tools. If you think that hot drying tools have saved your life and you can blow dry your hair at any time. No doubt that the blow dryer has saved out time and money but it comes with some drawbacks too.

The blow dryers emit some harmful radiations that damage your hair and scalp. You want to air dry your hair but you think that it takes too much time.

If you think so, this article is going to change your mindset because we will teach you how to air dry your hair overnight without wasting time.

How to Air Dry Hair Overnight for Straight Hair

If your hair is on the straighter side then this method is for you and it is easier than you think.

Step-1(Wash and Towel Dry)

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo that suits your hair type and apply some deep conditioner to keep your hair smooth and silky. Rinse the conditioner after a couple of minutes with normal water.

You cannot sleep with water dripping hair therefore you need to towel dry some of your hair before we move to the next step. Squeeze excess water with a towel gently but avoid rubbing your hair with a towel because it could create frizz and damage.

Wrap the towel around your head covering all hair and wait for a couple of minutes. When you get damp hair that is not dripping water unwrap the towel and move to the next step.

Step-2(Condition Your Hair)

Once you have achieved damp hair now you can apply your leave-in conditioner on your hair. The leave-in conditioner keeps your hair healthy and reduces frizz after you wake up. If there are some stubborn knots you can detangle your hair with a wide comb.

This step helps to achieve smooth, silky, and healthy hair after you wake up in the morning. You can use a lightweight hair spray to make your hair strand smooth and manageable.

Step-3(Tie Hair into Buns)

Once you have done your hair care routine now it’s time to tie your hair and go to bed. You can tie your hair into a bun so that you don’t face the crazy hairstyle when you get up in the morning. If you have thick hair,

I suggest you make more than one bun for convenience. You can divide your hair into two sections left and right and make buns. Secure the buns with the help of clippers, rubber bands, or crunchers to avoid frizz while sleeping.

Step-4(Wrap Buns and go to Sleep)

You cannot leave your buns uncovered because the damp hair can create friction with your pillow and make your hair frizzy. You should wrap your hair buns into another towel that will help to dry your hair more quickly.

The towel should be soft and made with microfiber to reduce the damage and frizz. Secure the towel with a hair tie or you can simply make a knot.

If you think your pillow is soft enough that it would not create frizz, you can sleep without wrapping hair in a towel.

Stepp-5(Morning Routine)

In the morning remove the towel and the hair ties. Fluff your hair with your fingers and see the magic because you have achieved voluminous naturally dried hair. You can use a hair setting spray if you need but you can leave your hair like that and enjoy your day.

How to Air Dry Hair Overnight for Curly Hair

There is not much difference in drying straight and curly hair overnight. If you have a curly hand want to achieve smooth curls without using hot tools then sleep in the plop.

Step-1 (squeeze excess water)

After shampooing and conditioning your hair deeply towel dry hair until it stops dripping water. Squeeze water with a soft towel but don’t twist wet hair too hard as it could increase frizz and damage. You need to squeeze water gently because the curls may contain extra water.

Step-2(apply hair care products)

Once you get wet hair but not water-dripping hair you are ready to apply your styling product to your hair. You can apply a leave-in conditioner to make your hair curls smooth and defined. The leave-in conditioner cream or a lightweight spray can give you well-defined curls without the frizz.

Step-3(plop your hair)

After covering all hair care steps now you need to plop your curly hair into a microfiber towel or a long-sleeve T-shirt. Put all your hair strands on the towel or a T-shirt and wrap around your head covering all hair strands.

I recommend you choose a microfiber towel instead of a T-shirt because the hard material could damage your hair strands. Secure the towel with rubber bands or make a tight knot at the head.

Step-4(fluff your hair)

In the morning your beautiful hair is ready to rock. You just need to untie your hair and fluff your curls with your fingers to give them a natural look. You can use some hair setting spray to make them more defined and shiny. That’s all your smoothly air-dried hair is ready to make you stand with confidence.

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