how to blow dry a bob

How To Blow Dry A Bob Quickly and Perfectly in 3 Minutes

You have a stunning bob cut which makes you look stunning and gorgeous. Either you have a stunning long bob or a cute short bob, both are amazing styles. A bob cut adds an element of confidence to your personality. But this hair cut is pretty much hard to style. But you can style your bob cut at your home with a hair dryer. Here we will discuss how to blow dry a bob?

How To Blow Dry A Bob

Here we are going to share with you two different ways to blow dry your bob haircut. You don’t need to visit any salon and after reading this you will be able to dry and style a bob haircut at your home.

Method# 01

This is a simple blow dry method. You can perform this method easily at your home. But before starting any hairstyling process you need to prepare your hair first. This will pamper your hair and prevents extreme heat damage.


You need to prepare your bob haircut to get ready for styling. Wash your hair with a shampoo that meets your hair type. After washing the shampoo apply deep conditioner from roots to tips. After applying the conditioner wait for a few minutes. Then rinse hair with lukewarm water. This will condition your hair deeply and prevent hair damage. Towel dry your hair and make them 20% dry.

Things Required

This is a simple blow dry so you need only a few things.

  • A blow dryer
  • A round styling brush
  • A heat protection foam
  • A comb to detangle hair

Step one

Apply conditioning cream or heat protection gel on your hair. You can also use a heat protection spray that will add more shine and protection to your hair. Apply the heat protection foam or gel on all hair from roots to tip.

Step two

Switch the blow dryer on and set the heat setting at medium temperature. Blow-dry bob haircut randomly and use a round brush to detangle your hair. But don’t brush too much and keep the heat medium. Because we only want to remove the extra moisture and don’t want to dry the hair completely. Dry only 50-60% hair at this step.

Step Three

Now it’s time to style your bob with a round brush and a hair dryer. After combing and drying up to 60% your hairs are smooth enough to style your hair. Use a round brush to lift the roots and blow dry hair if you want to add more volume to your hair. But if you want to go with flat style then add more tension in the brush while styling your hair. You can create sections to make it simple. It all done you are ready to shine with your stunning bob haircut.

Method# 02

Method two almost similar to the first one but some are added. But you will find this way too much easier and convenient. If you have more time to dry and style your hair then this method fits your requirements.

Step one

Wash and condition your hair with your regular shampoo and deep conditioner. Then towel dries your hair without rubbing them. Pamper your hair before going for a blow dry. So that your hair keeps protected from high heat damage. Detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb to avoid damage.

Step two

Use conditioning foam to make your hair more protected and shiny. Blow dry and randomly dry up to 50% using a round brush. But don’t dry too much or brush too much. Make partitions of your hair using pins or clips. Make four partitions front, back, and two portions for sideways. Secure the partitions with the clips combing them.

Step three

Take one partition and dry with a dryer and a round brush. If you like to add more volume then try to lift hair roots and use airflow in an upward direction. But if you want to stay with straight and flat looks then try to add more tension in the brush. This will make the hair flatten and adds more shine and smoothness. Do it step by step with all the partitions and complete the styling and drying process of your bob haircut.


After drying all partitions, comb hair with loose hands to lift the hair roots. A final setting spray makes your bob haircut more shiny and smooth. Use fingers to add more volume and make the hair fluffy. You are ready to shine with your fluffy and smooth bob haircut.

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