How to Blow Dry Curly and Wavy Hair Without Frizz

how to blow dry hair without frizz

When it comes to blow-drying curly hair you need to do some extra effort. You get a perfect blow dry from the salon and walk with confidence but when you dry your curly hair at home it becomes a messy task. This happens because you have been drying your curly hair with the wrong method for years. Because the curly hair is more prone to frizz and the hair ends become more brittle when exposed to heat. Therefore you need complete guidance to blow dry curly and wavy hair to get a professional-grade blowout without the frizz. Here we guide you through each step on how to dry your curly and wavy hair without frizz and heat damage.

How to Blow Dry Curly Hair Without Frizz

There is no rocket science behind blow drying curly hair without frizz but you need to follow these simple steps to have a magazine like blow-dry.

Things you need to blow dry curly hair without frizz

  1. A sulfate-free shampoo to avoid dryness and frizz.
  2. Deep conditioner to keep your hair smooth.
  3. Lightweight heat protectant spray to make your curls frizz-free
  4. A blow dryer with a diffuser attachment
  5. Hair setting spray/oil(optional)

Step-1 Wash and Condition

Wash your hair with a shampoo that is free from sulfate because the shampoos containing sulfate as an ingredient makes your hair dried and frizzy. After cleaning the shampoo apply some deep conditioning cream to your hair and wait for a couple of minutes. you can let the conditioner in your hair for about half an hour to get the most silky soft hair. Rinse with normal water and wrap your hair in a microfiber towel to squeeze the excess amount of water.

Step-2 Prep Your Hair

Prepping your hair before blow drying the most important step to achieve the desired hairstyle. Towel dry your curly hair because the curls can hold more water than normal hair. You should towel dry your hair up to 60% before you move to blow dry. Prep your hair with a heat protectant product. you can choose a leave-in conditioner but we suggest you grab a lightweight heat protectant spray. Because we want defined curls and the heavy conditioning cream can weigh down the hair strands leaving your curls undefined and frizzy.

Step-3 Diffuse Your Curls

Grab your blow dryer and attach the diffuser attachment then start diffusing your curls. The diffuser attachment helps to dry your curly hair without frizz because or defines the natural pattern of your curls. The diffuser works to add volume to your curls leaving them full and bouncy. Scrunch your hair ends and put them into a diffuser bowl and start drying. Then put the diffuser in your crown area and keep moving it in a circle while blow drying. This will add more volume to your crown area and leaves your curl smooth and defined.

Step-4 Finish with Setting Spray

Once you have done with your curls now it’s time to keep them stay for the day long. Use some high-quality setting spray to keep your curls in shape for the day-long or you can even end with a cold shot button. The stylists recommend using oils after blow drying curly hair to remove frizz and enhance shine. These oils nourish your hair deeply leaving your curls shiny and smooth.

How to Blow Dry Wavy Hair Without Frizz

There is no much difference between a wavy or a curly hair type but you can blow dry and style your wavy hair with a diffuser. You can use a nozzle to style your wavy hair without frizz.

Things you need to blow dry wavy hair

  1. Leave-in conditioner to make your hair smooth
  2. Heat protectant product to protect your hair from extreme heat damage caused by the blow dryer.
  3. A styling comb to smoothen your wavy hair.
  4. A round brush to style your wavy hair comfortably
  5. A blow dryer with concentrator nozzle attachment
  6. Wide comb to detangle your hair without making frizz or damage
  7. Clippers or rubber bands for sectioning


Step-1 prep your hair

To achieve a salon-grade smooth and frizz-free blow dry at home is possible if you prep your hair in the right way. Towel dry your hair up to 60% before you move toward blow drying. Then apply some leave-in conditioner to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free. The conditioner helps to repair damage and enhances the natural shine of your hair, also it protects your hair from extreme heat damages.

Step-2 sectioning

Detangle your hair with a wide comb to minimize frizz and hair breakage and apply some heat protectant product. Then use a styling comb to make hair sections. You can make four sections, two for the back and two for the front hair. If you have thick hair then go with various hair sections. Secure the sections with the clipper or rubber bands.

Step-3 Blow Dry Wavy Hair

Grab your blow dryer and pop the concentrator attachment and start blow drying. Take a section and use a round brush to style your hair section. Brush each bunch of hair and point the nozzle in the direction of the hair grows. Brush slowly hair in the downward direction pointing the nozzle in that direction simultaneously. You can easily style your hair using a blow dryer and a round brush simultaneously.

Step-4 Lock-in Hairstyle

Once you have dried all hair sections, now it’s time to lock in your hairstyle to make it long-lasting and smooth. You can end with a cool shot button to lock in the moisture it also protects your hair from frizz and enhances natural shine. You can use a hair setting spray or finish with oils to keep your hair smooth and shiny all day long.

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