How to Blow Dry Curly Hair Without a Diffuser – Easy Steps

How to Blow Dry Curly Hair Without a Diffuser

Everybody knows the significant advantages of a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. Because a diffuser is made to dry curly hair without creating frizz and damage. The diffuser attachment helps to define your curls and keep them in place. It is much easy to dry and style curly hair with a diffuser attachment, even beginners can do this effectively. But in this article, we are going to teach you how to blow dry curly hair without a diffuser. Yes, you can blow dry curly hair with a diffuser attachment easily and we will guide you through each step.

If you are thinking that we will guide you to air dry your curly hair or dry your hair overnight, you are wrong. We are not going to teach anything like that, instead, we will use a blow dryer to dry your curly hair without frizz. You will be using a blow dryer to dry and style your curly hair without making it straight.

How to Blow Dry Curly Hair Without a Diffuser – Step By Step Guide

If you don’t have a diffuser around, you can still dry and style your curly hair effectively. Here is a simple guide to blowing dry curly hair without a diffuser. Follow each step to get a professional blowout at home without a diffuser.


After washing your hair, it is time to condition your hair. Here is a tip for you, you need to choose a lightweight conditioning product. Because a heavy creamy conditioner may weigh your hair end down making them straight. Instead, use the conditioner on ends to protect from damage and frizz.


Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant to your hair that is necessary to protect your hair from extreme heat damage. The heat protectant also helps to make your curly hair more voluminous and defined. But keep in mind that any heavy ingredient product could increase the weight of your strands making them straight and frizzy.


Before you start blow-drying your curls, you can choose to towel-dry your hair simply. Plop your hair and press the towel gently to extract the excess amount of water without disturbing the shape. If you don’t want your curls to lose their shapes and texture then avoid pressing your hair too hard.


Grab your blow dryer and set it on medium heat setting to blow dry your curly hair without frizz. Don’t set the dryer at high heat make the drying process fast. A fast-speed setting may dry your hair fast but it could make your hair frizzy and unmanageable. If you want a voluminous blow dry then the heat setting must be medium. In this process, you are not going to use any other styling attachments like a concentrator nozzle. Instead, put your head down and let your curls fall naturally.


Take a handful of your curly hair and point the hot airflow towards the bunch of your curls and start blow-drying. Change the position of fingers, make sure strands are being blow-dried evenly. This step is to add more volume to your curls and waves. Flip your hair over the opposite way to get more volume after the blowout. Flip your hair on the left to the right side while blow drying to add more volume to your curls naturally. This is the technique not to keep hair in one position and makes curls long-lasting. Your professionally styled curls are ready and you are ready to shine with your sleek blowout.

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