How to blow dry permed hair

How to Blow Dry Permed Hair With Pro Tips | Ultimate Guide

If you have curly hair then you can style your curly hair like a pro without visiting a salon. People think that blow-drying permed hair at home is an impossible task to achieve because, at the salon, the highly experienced staff does this efficiently. You cannot perform the same task at home without having much practice. But I promise that after reading this tutorial you would be able to achieve salon-style permed hair at home using a blow dryer. Don’t let your hair dryer harm your permed hair, see how to blow dry permed hair with our professional guidelines to perfectly guard your hair and maintain your perms intact.

How to Blow Dry Permed Hair

You can blow dryer permed hair at home following this guide easily. Generally, there are two kinds of permed hair, loosely permed hair, and spiral permed hair. We will discuss the methods to blow dry both permed hair types one by one.

1. Best Way – How to blow dry loose permed hair (without diffuser)

When it comes to blowing drying your loose permed hair without a diffuser you need to do some effort. You might need these things to blow dry your loose permed hair.

Heat protectant

You need to protect your hair from extreme heat and the radiations emitted by the blow dryer. Therefore choose the best heat protectant to save your permed hair from extreme heat damage and harmful radiations. Here you need to pick the lightweight product because we don’t want to weigh our permed hair down. You need to provide a lift to your nice permed hair therefore choose a lightweight heat protectant spray.

Wide-tooth comb

After washing your hair you need to detangle your hair but make sure not to disturb the curl pattern. For this purpose choose a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair knots gently. You can use your fingers to remove the hair knots without making hair straight.

A blow dryer

Choose a high-quality professional blow dryer equipped with ionic and ceramic technologies. These technologies help to protect your hair from extreme heat damage and reduce frizz. Blow-drying curly hair often leads to frizzy hair, therefore take care while choosing a blow dryer for permed hair.

Sectioning clippers

We are not making our hair straight but we still need some clippers or pins to make hair sections. Because blow-drying loose permed hair needs proper sectioning to create a professional long-lasting look.

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After washing and conditioning your permed hair, towel dry till your hair is not dripping water. You can use a blow dryer to gently dry your hair up to 50%. When using a blow dryer, keep a good distance from the dryer so that your curl’s pattern is not disturbed. Use a blow dryer on medium heat and gently dry your permed hair without making your hair too much dry.

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After making your permed hair nice and damp, separate your hair into several sections. Make several hair sections according to your hair volume. Parting your hair cuts the drying time and makes your perms and curls more defined. Use your finger ad start twisting one hair section. You can twist your hair outside or inside depending on what style you want to achieve. When your hair section is in one bundle, start to make the next section.

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After completing all the hair sections, start blow-drying your hair. Starting on your hair roots and keep scrunching your hair roots during the blow drying process. If you are blow-drying your permed hair in a bunch, always hold the hair section up and point the hot airflow to it. It creates more volume and makes your hair professionally styled. To make the perms more springy slightly shake the hair section. Untwist every hair section with your fingers after blow-drying. Use the blow dryer in a cold setting to make the hairstyle long-lasting.

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2. How to blow dry spiral permed hair (with diffuser)

If you have very curly hair then you can blow dry your spiral permed hair even more easily but you need a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. Because the diffuser keeps your curls in place and reduces frizz while blow-drying. Therefore blow drying curly permed hair with a diffuser is much easy and comfortable.


After washing and conditioning your hair blow dry your hair roughly up to 50%. You can towel dry your hair and skip blow-drying. But make sure while blow-drying your hair, keep scrunching up to create volume and precise shape. If you have tangled hair then remove knots first with a wide-tooth comb or using your fingers.


If you want to add more volume to your hair, flip your head upside down and use the diffuser to hold your perms up. If you want to keep your permed hair stay for longer, keep moving the hair dryer around and keep moving your perms around. To keep your permed hair fresh avoid letting your curls stay in one position for a long time. Blow-dry your roots regularly while scrunching them up to create volume. The diffuser attachment helps to maintain the volume by delivering gentle airflow.

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