How to Blow Dry Short Hair

How to Blow Dry Short Hair? – Need to Learn This Technique

Having short hair means the level of convenience because you can easily wash and dry your sort hair without consuming too much shampoo and time. Well aside from fun, the short hair types look so beautiful whether it is a bob, lob, or a pixie crop. But if you don’t know how to blow dry short hair properly then you might have to face frizzy hair ends. You need to learn a complete blow dry technique so that you don’t need to visit the expensive salons anymore.

Things You Need to Blow Dry Short Hair

  1. Heat protectant to protect hair from extreme heat damage.
  2. A styling comb to create hair sections.
  3. A round brush to dry and style your hair like a pro.
  4. High-quality blow dryer with concentrator nozzle.
  5. Pins or clippers to secure the hair sections.
  6. Hair settings spray(optional)

Hair Preparation

  1. After washing and conditioning your hair, towel dry to remove an excess amount of water. Squeeze excess water gently but avoid rubbing hair with a towel as it increases frizz and damage.
  2. Apply a heat protectant product on your hair to avoid heat damage caused by a blow dryer. The heat protectant spray makes your hair smooth and healthy.
  3. After applying the heat protectant, use a comb to detangle your hair if there are any hair knots.
  4. Using a styling comb make hair sections, two at the back of the head and the other two at the front of your head above the ears. Secure the sections with the help of pins or clippers. Sectioning makes blow-drying easier and convenient for beginners and professionals.

How to Blow Dry Short Hair

Here is a simple guide to bow dry short hair that does not need much practice. You can achieve a salon-grade professional look by following this simple tutorial. Follow each step completely to get a professional blowout.

Step-1(Start Blow-Drying)

Turn your hair dryer on and pop the concentrator nozzle attachment. Start drying the back section of your hair, hold a brush in your dominant hand to comb through your hair while drying it. Make sure to keep the brush tight against your scalp to dry your hair smoothly. To ensure your finish is as sleek as possible keep the nozzle of your hairdryer parallel to the handle.

Step-2 (Style with Round Brush)

Dry the other sections of your hair by repeating this process on the other sections. Wrap your hair ends around a round brush and point the nozzle of the hairdryer downwards.

Step-3(Lifting the Crown Area)

When drying the crown area, using a round brush and the blow dryer to lift your crown area. You can do this by wrapping the hair around the brush and lift it in an upward direction by blow-drying it. This step will add more volume to your hair, making them look salon-styled.

Step-4(Blow Dry Bangs)

If you have small bangs, flat wrap the hair against the scalp when drying. Then blow-dry your front bang with a brush to set them. You can easily style your bangs with a paddle or round brush and a blow dryer.

Step-4(Fix your Hairstyle)

If you want to make your hairstyle smooth, sleek, and long-lasting then use a hair setting spray at the last step. You can also use the blow dryer at a cold setting to set your hairstyle for the day long. While the hair setting spray adds more shine and smoothness to your hair.

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Final Thoughts

You see, it’s so easy to blow dry your short hair using a blow dryer and brush. You can enjoy brilliant blowouts at home and you don’t need to spend dollars and hours on salons. Anything can be learned through practice and you can blow dry short hair professionally at home if you will follow these simple steps. But don’t forget to apply the heat protectant to your hair as it protects your hair from damage caused by the extreme heat and radiations emitted by the blow dryer.


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