How to Blow Dry Shoulder Length Hair

How to Blow Dry Shoulder Length Hair | Without Round Brush

Hairstyling does not depend upon hair length because you can achieve a voluminous professional blow dry with any hair length. A shoulder length hair can be dried and styled easily but if you would follow some techniques, you can achieve a high-quality blow-dry at home. You can easily dry and style your shoulder length hair using a hairdryer and round brush.

You can simply air-dry your shoulder length hair but leaving your hair wet for hours could damage it. The wet hair strands swallow and could break easily. Therefore you should always use a blow dryer to dry and style your hair.

If you have shoulder length hair and you want to blow dry your hair properly then you are at the right place. Here we will guide you through each step that How to Blow Dry Shoulder Length hair? You will learn to blow dry your shoulder length hair properly after reading this tutorial.

The thing you need to blow dry Shoulder Length hair Comb

You need a comb attachment to detangle your hair and smoothen hair before drying. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair as it reduces the factor of hair damage. The narrow tooth comb causes hair damage and makes hair frizzy.

Heat Protectant

Although we are not going to use any hot tool like a straightener or curling iron you still need a heat protectant. We will use a blow dryer that might emit some radiations that could damage your hair or scalp. To protect your hair and scalp, cover your hair strands with heat protectant products.

Round Brush

You need a round brush to style your hair using a hair dryer. You can lift your hair with a round brush adding volume to the roots and tips. A round brush together with a blow dryer works together to provide you sleek luxurious hairstyle.

Blow Dryer with a Smoothing Nozzle

You need a professional quality blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle and multiple heat/speed settings. A concentrator nozzle attachment helps to concentrate the airflow in a particular direction to style your hair precisely.

Pins or Clippers

To achieve salon-grade shoulder length hair blowout you need some pins or clippers to create hair sections. The hair sections are easily dried and styled.

Setting Spray (optional)

Once you complete your shoulder length hair blowout you will need a setting spray to make your hairstyle long-lasting. That adds more shine to your hair making it smooth and frizz-free.

Step -1 (Hair preparation)

  • Wash your hair with a chemical-free shampoo and use a deep conditioner. Apply conditioner with the help of your fingers from roots to tips. Let the conditioner for a couple of minutes and then wash with warm to cold water.
  • Towel dry your hair by wrapping hair into a towel, make sure the towel has covered entire hair strands and head. Squeeze the excess amount of water and let your head be covered with a towel.
  • When your hair is about 50-60% dried then detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb. Avoid using a narrow comb too harshly as it could damage your sensitive hair strands. Once your hair is damp, not wet, you are ready to blow dry hair.

Step-2 (apply heat protectant)

Apply a heat protectant spray on your entire hair and use your fingers to ensure that every strand is covered with product. If you are using any heat protectant or conditioning material on damped hair because the product in creamy form absorbs easily on wet hair. Heat protectant is a necessary step because it protects your hair from extreme heat damage and the radiations emitted by the blow dryer.

Step-3 (make sections)

After applying the heat protectant you need to divide your hair into small sections for convenient drying and styling experience. Take hair sections as many as you want, if you have thick hair then make four sections left, right, top and back.

Step-4 (blow dry shoulder-length hair)

  • Use a concentrator nozzle to Blow dry your side hair creating a curve around the head by focusing the airflow around the brush. To create this look put the round brush close to your face and lift your hair slightly while rolling the brush a little bit. Slide the round brush down while delivering hot airflow to the brush.
  • Blow-dry your back section of hair in the same manner. To create a more professional look, lift your brush higher from the back as much as possible.
  • You can style your front hair section according to your desire but avoid simple blow dry. You can create a bob and let put it on sideways or simply style backward. End your shoulder length hair blow-dry with the cool shot option as it maintains your hairstyle.

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