How to clean hair dryer lint filter

How to Clean Hair Dryer Lint Filter of All Types of Dryers

The better performance of any electric tool depends on the maintenance of it. How to clean hair dryer lint filter? In This article is for you or even if you are the kind of person who keeps things clean and maintained. If you don’t know why it is so important to clean the lint filter of your blow dryer then give me a while to make you remember the importance.

Importance of Cleaning your Hair Dryer:

If you don’t know that why you should clean your blow dryer regularly then pay attention to the signs your blow dryer is giving you. Yes, a blow dryer gives some signs that it needs cleaning and maintenance. A hairdryer motor starts making noises and overheating when it has dust particles stuck in. so let’s check which signs are making you remember that you should clean your hair dryer lint filter right now.

Hair dryer is Noisy

You would feel that your hair dryer has started producing annoying noises and you can get a blowout quietly. This is the major sign that dust and broken hair are stuck into the lint filter and your dryer’s motor is unable to perform well. It starts making annoying noises and it is an alarming situation making you remember to clean your dryer.

Your Dryer has no More Powerful Airflow

You experience a weaker airflow because the clogged filter makes your motor weak and doesn’t allow it to work effectively. The performance is affected because there is a propeller located at the back of your motor. If the pores lint filter is clogged with dust then it cannot push outward. This mechanism is responsible for the powerful airflow if it does not work properly then you cannot get that airflow level.

Hair Dryer Gets Hot

When your hair dryer cannot produce even and powerful airflow, it starts getting hot. This hotness can cause serious damages by burning your hair cuticles. With a hot airflow dryer, your hair can lose the essential oils leaving your hair dry and rough.

How to Clean Hair Dryer Lint Filter?

We have discussed the importance of cleaning the blow dryer lint filter and you have acknowledged that when and why you should clean hair dryer lint filter. Now we will teach you how to clean hair dryer lint filter through this simple and easy Guide.

Step-1 Remove the Filter

The traditional blow dryers have a motor located in the back of the dryer. you can locate the porous lint filter, if it is removable then you can remove it just by twisting it around. If you cannot remove it by twisting, then you can use a screwdriver to open it up. Once you remove the filter you can see the lint buildups in the hair dryer vent. You need to clean this lint buildup in the next steps.

Step-2 Wash the Filter

Wash the filter with water to clean the inside and outside phases of the filter. Remove all the debris in this way, you can use water mixed with detergents to remove the dust buildups in the holes. After cleaning the filter you need to clean the inner screen. For this use a toothbrush to get the dirt buildups out or use a toothpick to remove the lint.

Step-3 Place it Back

Once you have cleaned the lint and washed the filter now dry the filter and place it back. Make sure your filter is dried before you start using the blow dryer because a wet blow dryer can cause serious accidents.


How do you deep clean a dryer filter?

Remove the filter and clean the filter cap after cleaning it check the lint buildup inside your hair dryer’s vent. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove as much lint as possible.

How often should you clean the lint filter in your dryer?

You should clean your hair dryer lint filter regularly to avoid weaker airflow and annoying noises. If you use your blow dryer regularly then clean the dryer lint filter once a week.

What happens if you don’t clean the lint filter?

If you don’t clean your hair dryer lint filter you will experience weaker airflow and high pitch sound. You can even get severe hair damages as the dryer starts getting too hot.

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