How To Diffuse Wavy Hair

How To Diffuse Wavy Hair With A Blow Dryer – Without Frizz

Maintaining hair, especially after the shower is not an easy task, but with specific products and techniques, it will be easier for you. Are you worried that how to diffuse wavy hair in a short period? Using a diffuser while drying your hair will spread the air in your hair.

It simply means that you can gently dry your hair without moving the hair around with your hand. The good thing for you is that while using a diffuser you can promptly diffuse your straight, curly, or wavy hair as well.

However, it also depends on which products and techniques you are using right now on your hair.

Here, we outline a few best techniques which help to guide you that how to diffuse hair whether curly, straight, or wavy hairs, along depth details about how to diffuse short wavy hair. So let’s get into the further details!

Importance Of Diffusing Wavy Hair?

Keep in mind that whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair it allows you to set or maintain your hairstyle in a healthy and perfect-looking way. Diffuse wavy or straight hair is a special type that is only characterized by attractive-looking waves that are easily spread out.

However, you need to understand that diffuse wavy, curly, or straight hair requires specific techniques and unique qualities that can be valued. As it completely depends on your choice, but with defined waves, your hair will get a more natural and attractive look.

Additionally, diffusing wavy hair is more resistant to styling and heat damage, if the waves are not completely concentrated. Moreover, the importance of diffuse wavy, curly, or straight hair only depends on individual styles and preferences.

This is because some people find the process of diffusing wavy hair unique and simple, but some people find the hair styling procedure bit challenging. But the fact is that you need to give a proper care routine that helps you completely to feel confident and overall comfortable with your hair.

How To Perfectly Diffuse Wavy Hair In Short Time?

No doubt, that diffusing wavy, curly, or straight hair will require time and specific things to do, so make sure that you have 10 minutes for diffusing your hairstyle.

The listed below steps will further guide you that how to diffuse wavy hair, which includes:

  • Make sure that your hair is fresh, not frizzy. It’s better to wash your hair first.
  • After that, it is necessary to apply some hydrating styler or a cream.
  • Thus, you need to diffuse gently by setting the medium temperature.
  • Additionally, you need to tilt your head to only one side either left or right, this will allow the diffuser to completely cup your hair.
  • In this final step, all you have to do now is gently scrunch and hold while drying your hair and ultimately it will give a soft bend in your desired wave.

Diffuse Curly Hair In 5 Minutes:

If you have curly hair and want to diffuse your hair in the best style, then you should need to read the below-listed steps. Keep in mind that almost every girl has a common challenge such as curly hair girls, which face smashing curls that makes their hair frizzy all the time.

But the diffuser is the only thing that can fix this problem in no time, and you will get defined and dry hair in perfect shape. Also, it enhances your ringlets which is a plus point to giving your curly hair a natural and amazing appearance.

To diffuse your curly hair, you need to follow the given steps, which include:

  • It is better to use hair products, especially which are approved for curly hair.
  • It is better to avoid products that include multiple ingredients such as alcohol and sulfates.
  • Make sure to apply the product on your wet hair and keep in mind to get enough hydrating cream through overall your hair.
  • After that, make sure to set the temperature only to a medium to cool heat, which never disturbs the natural shape of your hair bonds. It will help you to get an S shape appearance of your curly hair.


It is necessary to diffuse your curly hair very slowly without touching your hair. However, if you want the fastest drying time for your curly hair, then make sure to always start at the roots of the head.

Simple Technique For Diffuse Straight Hair:

It is much easier to use a diffuser on straight hair as compared to curly and wavy hair. With the gentle procedure, you can get easily natural air-drying outcomes on your straight hair.

The most important benefit of using diffuse drying, especially on straight hair is that it will completely protect your overall hair and also it allows you to get a more natural state look.

You can follow the above technique to diffuse curly hair. But make sure to use protective gel or cream before diffusing your straight hair.

4 Best Diffuser Attachments:

Well, when you use diffuser attachments then you can more easily enhance or get a better shape of your hair. Keep in mind that the below-listed diffuser attachments now come in multiple sizes and shapes.

1. The Sock Diffuser

It is basically a padded sock that comes in a stretchy elastic and gives you a firm grip, especially around the nozzle of your hairdryer. There is no doubt that it is the best and most popular attachment for hair diffuse drying while traveling. It comes with a lightweight feature and the size is less than a sock.

2. The Hand Shaped Diffuser

It is also another best attachment for diffuse hair, no matter whether you have either curly, straight, or wavy hair, it will help in numerous conditions. It is a popular and well-known attachment to afro hair types.

3. The Silicone Retractable Diffuser

This is the third best attachment that comes on our list and user friendly and can easily fit over almost every hairdryer. Also, you don’t face any issues while storing in a flattened space on anywhere else. However, it also comes with a large head for standard-size diffuse drying.

4. Compatible Brand Diffusers

These are the special type diffusers that are completely compatible with almost every type of hairdryer.

Closing Thoughts

The above-listed guides are the best which give you an understanding that how to diffuse wavy hair or any other hair type, such as straight hair or curly hair.

Make sure to use any product or gel before diffusing your wavy hair, otherwise, you will get a rough appearance of your hair. Moreover, there is diffuse hair attachment which can help you in many phases and get your desired hair shaped, effortlessly.

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