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How To Dispose Of Hair Dryer – Can I Throw Away?

Hair dryers are the common household products we utilize daily. We use a hair dryer almost every morning to get our hair done before leaving for jobs or business meetings. No matter how expensive your hair dryer is it is not forever. When your hair dryer dies it needs to be disposed of properly or recycled.

Either you can recycle your old hair dryer or dispose ofit in thecorrect way to get rid of it. In this article, I will throw light on various aspects of the disposal of a hair dryer. If you are using a hair dryer for your facility then you must dispose of it correctly so that people around you and the environment don’t get harmed.

How to dispose of hair dryer

Here are some of the most important tips on how to dispose of a hair dryer.

Wrap the dryer for transport

Before starting the disposal procedure you must pack your hair dryer in a bag. Here I would suggest you use a piece of cloth or a bag made up of cloth. You should limit the use of plastic to reduce environmental pollution.

Also, wear some surgical masks if the hair dryer is really old to prevent any skin damage. Moreover, you should put on a face mask to avoid contact with any leftover gas from a hair dryer.

Call the Local Scrap Collection Agency

After packing up your old hair dryer for transport it’s time to call your local Scrap Collection Agency so that it can take away the dryer. The Local Scrap Collection Agency uses the raw materials in the dryer to make other useful products.

Consult the packaging instructions

Before you call the Local Scrap Collection Agency you must know the packing instructions before handing over the dryer. Some of the Local Scrap Collection Agencies may give you special instructions about packing if needed.

Make sure the agency is reliable

Before handing over your old hair dryer you must know that the Local Scrap Collection Agency is reliable. Make sure the agency takes care of safety measurements while breaking down the dryer. So that your dryer is not a risk to the environment.

How to recycle hair dryers?

If you think that your hair dryer is not completely dead and its material can be used in making other useful items then consider recycling it. Recycling is better than disposal because it helps to create useful things out of scrap.

But it doesn’t mean that you should start making things yourself. I would suggest you find a reliable recycling center and hand it over to them for better use of your old hair dryer.

Locate a recycling center near your area

First of all, you need to find a reliable recycling center near your area with good reviews and ratings. You can either ask your friends circle about the location of the recycling center or use the internet to search for it. You can also search for scrap metal because hair dryers are put in the category of scrap metal.

Make sure the recycling center accepts hair dryers

Make sure the recycling station accepts hair dryers. Some recycling stations don’t accept household appliances such as hair dryers. If you ask them before throwing your dryer at the station it will save you time.

Arrange the Drop-Off for Your Broken Hair Dryer

After getting enough information about the recycling station you can arrange the Drop-Off for Your Broken Hair Dryer. After that let the station take care of your products.

Other ways to get rid of your old hair dryer

If your hair dryer is not completely dead and still functional then you can consider the following methods to get rid of your hair dryer.

If your hair dryer is still operational and in a good condition then you should donate it. You can donate your old hair dryer to a charity so that someone can use it instead of throwing it in the trash.

Gift it to a friend or family member

You have a fully functional hair dryer in good condition but you have bought a new model. You are not using the old hair dryer anymore. You have a family member or friend in need of a hair dryer.

It’s the best idea to gift your old hair dryer to that family member or friend so that they can save a little money. In this way, you are contributing to saving your environment by limiting the use of plastic.

What to Consider When Disposing of Electrical Items?

Hair dryers no matter whether electrical or battery-operated are considered electrical items. That’s why you must be very careful while disposing of these electrical home appliances.

Remove the batteries

First of all, remove the batteries your hair dryer may contain. A hairdryer needs to be plugged into an electrical supply because it generates a lot of heat and power. Moreover, a hair dryer may be battery-operated or have internally fitted batteries for some functions. So before disposing of your hair dryer,it is necessary to remove all the batteries.

Dispose of All Batteries Separately and in a Proper Manner

In that case, you should eliminate all batteries from the gadget before discarding it or sending it for reusing.

Batteries can be incredibly hurtful to individuals, creatures, and the climate.

Hence, they should be discarded appropriately and as per neighborhood and state regulations.

Make a point to counsel your neighborhood scrap dealing organization about discarding batteries in your hairdryer.

If they can’t help you, contact your neighborhood perilous waste administration organization. Make a point to completely adhere to their guidelines.

You should recall that you shouldn’t discard hairdryers and batteries together.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of a hair dryer is essential when you have a new model. If your hair dryer is functional then it’s the best idea to give it to a person who needs it. But if it is not functional and completely dead then you must get rid of it properly. No matter if you recycle it or dispose of make sure you don’t hurt the environment.

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