How to Towel Dry Hair

How to Towel Dry Hair (Short and Long Haircut)

Men can dry their hair without using a blow dryer or any hot tool and enjoy a great day. In this era everyone loves to look stylish and beautiful in less time. Therefore men also use some hot tools to look stylish and handsome in no time.

You can use a blow dryer to dry and style your hair today we are not going to talk about it. We will share a tutorial on How to Towel Dry Men’s Hair?

Men’s short hair doesn’t need any hot tools to get dry and can be dry easily with a towel. Yes, you might question that if it is that much easy then why do you need to read this tutorial?

You need this because we will share a step-by-step guide to towel dry men’s hair. We will cover two types of haircuts one is short and the other is long hair cut.

How to Towel Dry Men’s Hair (short haircut)

Step-1(Wash and put the towel on the head)

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and you can use a conditioner to keep your hair healthy and shiny. After that take a medium-sized towel and put it on your head. You don’t need a big towel for your short haircut.

Step-2(remove excess amount of water)

Rub your hair with a microfiber soft towel to remove the extra amount of water. Avoid twisting your hair too hard as it could damage your hair and make it brittle and frizzy. To avoid damage and frizz you need to be careful about drying your hair and be gentle on your hair.

Step-3(half-dry hair)

Take off the towel from your head and then gently remove water from your hair. Put the towel on your hair and tap it with the towel gently until your hair is not dripping water. Don’t rub the towel with hair too hard to avoid damage.

Step-4(air dry hair)

You can finally style your hair using your fingers or a paddle brush. Once you achieve your required hairstyle, let it air dry. Don’t touch your hair while air drying it as it could create frizz. A short haircut doesn’t need much time to get dry.

How to Towel Dry Men’s Hair (long haircut)

Step-1(wash and cover head)

Wash your hair with regular shampoo and always condition your mid-length hair or long haircuts. Because long haircuts are more prone to frizz and look rough. Take a towel and cover your entire head with it. If you have long hair then take a suitable towel to dry your hair.

Step-2(squeeze excess amount of water)

Put the towel on your head wrapping all hair strands, squeeze it gently to remove the excess amount of water. Avoid rubbing your hair with the towel as it increases frizz.

Step-3(blot your hair)

Once your hair is roughly dry, blot your hair to get the perfect finishing. It is because you might have pretty wet hair and you need to dry it.

Step-5(air dry hair)

After getting damp hair level you need to air-dry hair. You can use anti-frizz hair products to remove frizz and manage hair properly.

Advantages and disadvantages of towel drying men’s


Towel drying is a healthy way to dry your hair without using any hot tools. Hot tools make your hair damaged and frizzy. Towel is the best tool to dry your hair without compromising on hair health. There is a plus point that you don’t need to apply heat protectants r other hair care products that could slow down the air growth.

Long drying time

The towel-drying takes a lot of time but it’s healthy. You can achieve dry and styled hair in a couple of minutes with a blow dryer. Where towel drying requires about 30 minutes and you have to wait for it.

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