How to Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser

How to Use a Hair Dryer with Diffuser? – 5 Best Ways

Curly hair is a natural beauty everyone wants. The perfect curls are not easy to obtain when you are born with naturally straight hair. The flat irons or curlers damages your hair badly to make them curly. You need to look stylish with a wavy or curly look but are afraid of burning your hair with extreme heat curlers and straighteners. But you don’t know that this signature look could be achieved, with just simple steps with a single tool. Then there is a question that, How to use a hair dryer diffuser?

You will be amazed that an old tool that had been using in the 80s is going to help you achieve this look. Hair dryer diffusers used to obtain perfect curls without using extreme heat devices. A hair dryer attachment with a bowl-like shape, having prongs meant to cradle hair while it’s drying. This attachment often comes with your hair dryer. But if your hair dryer has not a diffuser attachment, then you can buy it separately.

How to Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser?

A hair dryer diffuser dries your hair while locking the moisture in your hair. It keeps the exact shape of your curls. If you use a hair dryer diffuser in the right way, the results will leave you amazed. The hair dryer diffuser works to dry your hair without making them frizzy. It develops the shine in your hair and enhances the actual pattern of your waves or curls. We will teach you how to use a hair dryer diffuser in simple steps to get a more stylish look with less frizz.

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Before using a hair diffuser, let’s talk about some primary preparations you need to check.

  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Use a conditioner after washing your hair
  • D does not rub your hair with a towel instead make a turban and wrap your hair in a towel.
  • Dry your hair in the towel about 40-50%. Do not rub hair after opening the turban.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. Avoid extra brushing or combing because it produces frizz.
  • After detangling your hair, take small sections of your hair, create some curls using your finger and clip the remaining hair.
  • Leave your curls alone

Whenever you take a shower, the curls start their work and transform into their original beautiful shape. You need to secure the original pattern and lock the beauty of natural waves and curls. Avoid brushing and combing your hair to keep the natural wavy pattern of your hair. Apply cream conditioner or spray to keep the original style of waves. Instead of rubbing hair with a towel, wrap them and make a turban to avoid the frizz. Dry about 40-50% hair with a towel and leave rest for diffuser dry.

  • Cup the hair into the diffuser

Put the hair diffuser on the hair dryer and place your hair section in the cup of the hair diffuser. That will dry your hair and add more volume to them. To give them a more defined look make curls with the help of your finger. This step defines and locks the original shape of your curly hair. Place the ends of your hair up to 2,3 inches in the cup and start drying. To add more volume to your hair place the hair diffuser on your crown area and lift the hair with a diffuser.

  • Fine-tune the ends

The precise well-defined ends give your hair a complete look. To attain this ideal natural look you can use a round brush and replace the hair dryer diffuser with the concentrated nozzle and straight the ends. Instead of this, you can use a brush or comb to define your hair ends. The straight hair end with the accending curls finishes the look.

  • Complete shiny Looks

At the last step, use oil to give your hair a shiny look. But avoid the roots because that would minimize the hair volume. Once you have learned how to use a hair dryer, the next step is to add more shine and silk to your hair. Start applying the oil from down the neck and rake through the hair. You can also spray the oil to spread the oil without reducing the volume.

Here you go with your stylish wavy looks. The hair dryer diffuser has done an excellent job for you to attain this signature look.

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