How To Use Revlon Hair Dryer Brush? – Tutorial

Hey, guys today I’m going to be showing you how I blow out my hair with this Revlon like a two-in-one blow-dryer and brush. I did an article review on this a couple of months ago.

I didn’t actually show how to use it. I thought it was pretty simple to use but a lot of you guys wanted to see how I actually style my hair with it so that’s what this article is gonna be about I just got out of the shower and a teeny bit of makeup on and so my hair still is soaking wet from the shower.

How To Use Revlon Hair Dryer Brush [Two in One Volumizer]

I haven’t even really brushed it yet or run over it with any dryer so I’m gonna go ahead and do that. I just use a really wide tooth comb to brush my hair.

I have so much hair I have really thick hair and a lot of it so I hold a  lot of water in my hair. I am gonna put a little bit of this Bumble and Bumble BB repair blow-dry through it.

I drop this in either Sephora or old tar somewhere because this is or maybe got it and one of my support play boxes I got it as summer I did not purchase this but I am out of the stuff that I usually use which is the Loma Repair tonic so I’ve been using this and actually liked it so I’m just kind of running this all throughout my hair especially on the ends just to evenly coat it okay so the first thing.

I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna run it over my hair and dry most of it with like a regular blow-dryer I don’t think this stuff is necessary for people that don’t have really thick hair or don’t have a ton of hair but for me I just have so much that if I just use the Revlon brush it’s gonna take a lot longer to really dry all of my hair and I don’t have time for that so,

I’m just gonna grab a quick blow dryer I’m not gonna grab a round brush I’m just gonna dry about 60 70 % of my hair with that I’m so grateful for um store they sent me the new Harry Josh ultra-light blow-dryer this actually launches on the 23rd so like in about a week.

I’m not sure when this article goes up but it’ll actually you know it will either be for sale right after this article goes up or right when this article goes up but I love this I had the original Harry and Josh and this is just as good but it’s really really lightweight and it’s quieter than my other one so I gifted my husband the old one so he’s happy about that so,

I’m just going to use this on the hottest setting and I’m going to dry my hair real quickly okay so it’s about 60% dry I don’t want to dry it completely because I want the brush to do the styling and the smoothing part so you want to leave some like dampness in your hair but I basically just like dry it out all that excess water that was in there so then,

I’m just gonna kind of run comic dirt really quickly okay so next I’m gonna section off my hair I always start with the bottom section so I’m going to pull up pretty much all of my hair except this like a bottom piece right here so I’m going to get this rest of the hair out
of the way okay then.

I’m going to take the Revlon blow-dryer and there are three settings there’s cool low and high I’m gonna use the high setting for drying whenever I’m like drawing out a sweat in my hair which I talked about in that article like if you go to the gym or
you work out and you don’t want to wash your hair but you just want to refresh it up.

I’ll use the cool setting for that but whenever my hair is wet I want it really high so that it’s there’s a lot of heat and it smoothes out my hair so I’m just gonna turn it on and basically I’m just going to grab this section.

I’m gonna The great thing I like about this brush over using a round brush is that you can grab bigger sections so it doesn’t take as long so this right here.

I’m going to call and break into just two sections whereas with a round brush it would probably need three sections and it’s also a lot wider so you can again grab more hair and those sections can be wider but basically all men use imma try it on I’m gonna put it at the base of my hair like that and I’m gonna let it sit there for a few seconds so that that heat is still drying the dampness out of the hair.

I’m gonna let it sit and then I’m just going to kind of run it down like kind of holding it with my hand I mean you don’t even have to really hold it with your hand it’s so easy and it grips the hair really well that you don’t even really need this other hand where normally you would have a blow dryer and a round brush you just have one you’re just using one hand.

I will say this is a great tool it’s not as good as of a style I think as a round brush and a blow dryer it’s still great though so it’s still better than just drying your hair without any type of styling tool and it’s gonna smooth a lot more but I think if I really want to let go the extra mile and make my hair looks like the perfect blowout.

I would reach for a blow drying around brush but this is great for like day to day great-looking hair I still love this so I just want to say that because it’s so big you can’t really curl it as much as you can look like a smaller round brush but yeah so I’m just going to go ahead and show you guys how to do that then you’ll see.

I’ll kind of just twist it I’ll just twist my wrist a little bit just to kind of give a little bit more curl on the bottom and that’s it that’s all you do I mean you really can’t go wrong with this I mean there’s really no wrong way to use this I think this is just how I use it so I’m going to go and I’m going to do the rest of my hair and then we’ll see what the final product looks like and you want to say one tip that is helpful help.

I do want to mention one tip that is pretty helpful you do want to keep it there a little longer the first time I use this I was kind of running it through quickly and I noticed that it took longer to dry so you do want to kind of hold it there for a little bit longer than I do when I use a round brush and a blow dryer because again that heat is coming from within the brush so you want to let it sit there and with enough time to really dry you’re here ok then.

I’m just going to  take down and work on another section so I have so much here I have to do several sections that I’m just going to pull down back that bench lift up and do the same thing all over okay so I’m at my last piece here when I get around my face.

I have to pass through a little more quickly because my ears get really hot there’s a lot of heat that comes from this so you’ll notice that I’m passing a little more quickly that’s my only complaint really about this product is that the heat comes out in all directions so it’s good.

I think it’s hot if it’s you know like lazing on your face or your ears okay so I have this one piece here I could probably do one section with this but I like to do something a little different with the front piece so I’m gonna do break this into two sections this will be really quick because it’s a small section okay so for the front section.

I’m gonna do just like I do when I use a blow dryer and a round brush I’m gonna pull it forward first and then kind of pull it backward just to give a little more volume on the top so let me go ahead and kind of brush it okay so I’ve already got a brush through it so I’m just going to turn it on you can see how much volume that gave right here which is exactly what I want so now.

I’m just gonna kind of final touch everything I’m just gonna turn it on and kind of run through it just to just stick it out any leftover moisture in the hair and just give it a little bit more shine and then I’m going to finish it with my Shine spray by Bank okay so this is what it looks like after it’s just been dried.

I’m gonna take a little bit of the shining light reflecting spray by Orb an I love this product it’s such a fine light mist so it doesn’t build up or leave the hair feeling heavy this is nice because it’s really ultra like lightweight mist but it gives a really pretty shine,

so if you’re like me and you don’t like to wash your hair very often you probably are careful about the products that you use in your hair because again the more products you use the dirtier it’s going to get and feel and look and the more frequently you’re gonna have to wash so I need something to give a little bit of shine to my hair but I don’t want it to be heavy.

So I really like this and I’m going to step away from the camera because last time I did this it got all over my camera and that was not good and it smells so good if you’ve ever smelled the Orb a line of hair products you know what I’m talking about this stuff smells so good so I’m just gonna kind of spray the back okay and that’s it this is the style that that hair dryer it gives it’s so easy to use I really don’t think you can go wrong.

I mean this is the way that I use it but don’t feel like you have to map out the exact way that I did it I mean honestly you really can’t mess up with this brush it’s really easy to use which I think is why I like it and I recommend it to people so much because it took me a while to master how to use a round brush and a blow dryer.

I feel like I just got that down about a year or so ago and this is just easy to use so if you struggle with the blow dryer and round brush I recommend giving this a try like I said you can’t go wrong I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial I hope you guys have a fantastic day and I will see you guys in my next article don’t forget to subscribe if you’re not already thank you guys so much for reading.

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