Infiniti Pro Conair Hair Dryer Reviews

Infiniti Pro Conair Hair Dryer 2023 Reviews and Guide

The Infiniti pro conair hair dryer reviews is a magnificent value and it is available for just only $39.99. Its ceramic heating technology makes it versatile, and its easy controls make it comfortable.

Infiniti Pro Conair Hair Dryer Reviews

With an MSRP of $39.99, the Infiniti pro conair hair dryer reviews is a magnificent value. Its ceramic heating technology is quite versatile, and its easy-to-read handles make it useful.

It’s a dryer with more power than we expected, and it begins with a concentrator and a diffuser, which is the best hair dryers. While its accessories are among the least strong of those we estimated, they fit safely and will help you gain both soft and textured hairstyles.

The InfinitiPRO has a 1,875-watt motor, which is the hair dryers we examined. The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium and the Parlux 3200 Compact have lightly more strong motors, but 1,875 W is lots of power for home use.

Professional stylists frequently use 3,600-W blowers, but those salon-grade hair dryers are far more costly than home designs because they are made to dry more than 2,000 heads per year in a much smaller time per head.

The Conair dryer weighs almost 1.1 pounds, making it the second lightest design we examined. The Revlon Perfect Heat Fast Dry weighs 0.1 pounds less and many people use to bring this Revlon blower for traveling purposes that has lesser settings and accessories. Both hair dryers have 6-foot cords, which isn’t quite long suitable for simple maneuverability. They are also the loudest designs we examined, every generating 85.5 decibels at their highest working levels.

The InfinitiPRO has three different heat settings and two airspeed settings to assist you to see the optimal combination for your hair. To reduce hair damage when applying any blow dryer, it’s best to use the lowest efficient temperature while concentrating. The ability to set both heat and airflow levels with the Conair maximizes your control to obtain the desired styling result. Based on our lab experiment, the hair dryer’s temperature level is 108 to 158 degrees, and its airspeed varies from 23.8 to 29.1 feet per second.

Like eight of the 10 blowers we examined, the InfinitiPRO has a movable endcap. That lets you wash its filter more simply to kill lint buildup and prolong the life of its motor.

The Conair dryer also got great marks for its handle. “It’s an excellent handle that correctly matches the arc of my hand,” one examiner said.

“It would feel a little bit heavy,” said another, “but the overall weight balance is excellent.”

We called both female and male examiners to evaluate each of the hair dryers in our review, and we really liked their feedback not only regarding each device’s functionality, but also about pricing and aesthetics.

We have tested all hairdryers but the InfinitiPRO has a cool-shot button to provide you a blast of unheated air when you’re willing to fix your style. This blower’s cool-shot button makes a noticeable clicking sound, but the click doesn’t look to show a problem. Pushing the button performs an instant temperature change, which is important if you need to reduce heat instantly.

“This hair dryer operates better than I expected overall,” one examiner told us. “You can tell specific differences when you turn between heat and airspeed settings. Given, some of the other hair dryers feel more stable, but this one still does the job.”

Numerous manufacturers give only a year or two of consumer protection on hair dryers. Conair, but, backs the InfinitiPRO with a four-year warranty (as Remington does for the Pro Thermaluxe, our best selection, and BaByliss does for the Nano Titanium, which is rough twice the cost of the Conair dryer). You will have an option to contact Conair customer service by phone and email as well.

Pros and Cons

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  • Quite lightweight
  • Soft grip
  • Attachments fit securely
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  • Louder than most hair dryers
  • The cord is shorter than normal
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The Infiniti pro conair hair dryer reviews is a great value blower that rivals more costly hair dryers. It has a 1,875-watt motor and works excellently for various hair types, making it fit for a range of users.


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