New Hair Style For Female

Short To Medium New Hair Style For Female Short Black Braid For Party

Styling hair is one of the major concerns of every woman, so we are here with some amazing new hair style for female that will surely impress your boyfriend.

Doing any complicated and stylish hairstyle could take ages, so we never want to put you in that frustrating condition. In this article, we have compiled some of the best hairstyles for females so that you can choose your favorite one without any hassle.

Top Three (03) Best Short To Medium New Hair Style For Female Short Black Braid For Party

Twisted Bun

The twisted bun is one of the easiest hairstyles to make on special occasions such as a wedding or school dance. You can do it on your own within 10 minutes because it’s quite easy to achieve.

Things you will need

  • A hairbrush
  • Some bobby pins.
  • Simple hairspray.

How to Style

  1. First of all brush out all the knots and tangles from hair nicely.
  2. Now part your hairs downwards until it reaches the nap of your neck. Divide them vertically into two different sections.
  3. Hold each section of the hair in each of your hands and tie them into a shoelace knot at the backside of your head.
  4. Twist the hanging tail of hair till the end.
  5. Now you have to roll the twisted tail into a round bun around the knot. Stable it with bobby pins.
  6. Repeat the 5th and 6th step with the left section as it is.
  7. Use some hairspray, and you’re done.

Double Ponytail

Double Ponytail is mainly for those girls who have long hairs. It will give a unique and impressive tough to your personality, and you can do it for special events of your life such as a wedding or anniversary. We are quite sure your hubby will be impressed.

Things You Need

  • Hair Comb.
  • Some Hair Elastics.
  • Spray for Textures.

How to Style

  1. First of all wash and dry your hairs with conditioner.
  2. Now spritz the spray all over the hair nicely.
  3. Divide or split your hairs into two different sections horizontally.
  4. Tie the above part of your hair in a rough bun shape.
  5. Similarly, tie the lower section into a mid-level ponytail at the back side.
  6. Now untie the top part and comb your hairs at the crown of your head to give some volume.
  7. Tie the above section in ponytail shape above the bottom ponytail.
  8. You’re done.

Halo Braids

We are here with a unique and new Halo Braid Style that is so easy to achieve even a seven-year-old girl can do herself. We know you must be excited and curious so let’s get started.

Things You Need

  • A Hair Comb.
  • Hair smothering serum.
  • Hair Elastics.
  • Few Bobby Pins.

How to Style

  1. First of All Brush all your hairs in a backward position.
  2. Pick few inches of hair behind the left ear and braid it nicely till bottom. Now secure it with hair elastics.
  3. Now repeat the same step on the right side as well.
  4. To avoid any frizz or dryness rub the serum on the braids nicely.
  5. Place the left braid on top of your head and pin it in a downward position behind the right ear. Apply same procedure for right braid.
  6. You’re done.

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