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Babyliss Hooded hair dryer is a giant hair-drying tool made for professional use. The salons use high-quality hooded hair dryers to dry their client’s hair. These are more expensive and big than conventional blow dryers.

But nowadays people are finding these giant tools so helpful that they are buying these dryers for household use. People love hooded hair dryers because they are powerful and dry hair faster than conventional blow dryers.

Conventional hairdryers are shifted toward styling with their advanced attachments. They offer versatile accessories to style your hair like a pro. Conventional hair dryers give you complete control to style each section of your hair.

On contrary

The hooded hair dryers are not that much versatile and don’t give you control to style each section.


If you will achieve the perfect bouncy hairstyle with rollers, you need a hooded hair dryer. It dries rollers much faster than conventional dryers and sets hairstyles in place.

Today we are going to share a detailed review of the BaByliss pro hooded hair dryer. We will explain all the features and specs including pros and cons to make it clear.

BaByliss PRO Neck Strips Hooded Hair Dryer

Special Feature

  • Auxiliary input connects to smartphones or MP3 so that you enjoy your favorite music.

It is for people looking for a professional-grade hooded hair dryer for personal use. This is basically a hooded hair dryer designed to be used in salons. But if you want to purchase this high-end hooded hair dryer.

You can now style your hair with rollers in minutes when you have a BaByliss hooded hair dryer. This hair dryer comes with advanced features and brilliant technology to make your life easier than ever before.

This hair dryer makes your hair drying time enjoyable rather than boring sitting under a hooded hair dryer. Salon professionals can take their business to the next level with the use of this BaByliss hood hair dryer.

This is because of its most enjoyable and convenient hair-drying experience. It dries hair fast to save you time so that you don’t get bored.

Let’s have a deep view of the top features and specs of the BaByliss hooded hair dryer

Power 2000 Watts
Motor type Brushless AC motor
Haircare technology Built-in negative ionic technology
Customization Three-heat, two-speed settings
Adjustability Adjustable height, wheel, and security locks
Maintenance Easy to clean, rust-free inner-outer surface
Cool option Available


First of all, let’s discuss power because this is the term related to hair dryer performance and drying time.

This hood hair dryer is equipped with a 2000 Watts powerful AC motor to deliver maximum output. The more wattage, more the power a motor can generate. Therefore BaByliss Dryers falls in the category of the most powerful and effective hooded hair dryers.


The BaByliss hooded hair dryer is equipped with a powerful AC motor to deliver maximum power. The brushless AC motor is built to long last and performs to dry hair fast.

AC motors are more durable and reliable than traditional DC motors. Therefore, these are preferable.


The Brushless AC motor works quietly and does not make annoying noises to cause headaches.


The BaByliss hooded hair dryer features ionic technology to take care of your damaged and fine hair. It prevents hair damage and controls frizz to enhance the natural shine of your hair.

Ionic technology is really very healthy and beneficial to maintain your hair health.

It works to reduce frizz created by the positive static gathered on your hair strands while washing and towel drying. The ionic technology generates negative ions to balance these positive ions and reduce static.

It is used in most of the latest hair dryers to make hair shiny and glossy with less hair damage. It works great to eliminate frizz and elevate shine.

Most hooded hair dryers miss this advanced haircare technology. But BaByliss takes care of your hair health.

These negative ions lock in moisture in your hair by sealing the cuticles. Therefore you can get your hair dried without losing natural moisture.


When you have to sit under a hooded hair dryer then you have to find the best temperature level that suits you. You cannot sit under a hooded hair dryer with too much hot airflow. Especially in summer, you cannot skip enjoying rollers’ hairstyling but hot air is not comfortable.

Therefore, to adjust heat and airspeed levels you need customization buttons. Babyliss hooded hair dryer is offering you three temperature and two airspeed adjustment buttons.

Not only heat function, but the cool shot option also helps to lock the hairstyle in place. It provides a great finish to make your hairstyles long-lasting.

Particularly if you don’t want to lose your fresh waves obtained with rollers, you need this function.

You will enjoy shiny and manageable curls without frizz for the whole day.

Portable and Adjustable

Hooded hair dryers are often heavy and difficult to change their workplace. You cannot pick them up to move around because these are heavy and cause shoulder strain.

To resolve this problem BaByliss pro hooded hair dryer is manufactured with wheels. It is portable and wheels can be locked when you have to use it. It prevents the dryer base from moving while in use.

The height of the dryer is totally adjustable allowing you to sit under the hooded hair dryer conveniently. This feature makes it a hooded hair dryer for all people including short and big heights.


The poor-quality hooded hair dryers stop working after a couple of months due to poor maintenance. This isn’t your fault, but the dryer is not easy to clean.

Due to poor maintenance, the dryer doesn’t last long and your money is wasted.

But BaByliss Pro hooded hair dryer is easy to clean. Its rust-free inner and outer surfaces make it durable.

Moreover, the snap-in wheels are featured to prevent your hair from clogging the inner surface. That keeps the dryer neat and clean.

Keep Enjoying

Sitting under a hooded hair dryer for several minutes or even hours is not an easy task. You can get bored and tired of sitting in the same direction for a long time.

What if you could enjoy your favorite music while drying your hair under a hooded dryer?

Yes, BaByliss pro hooded hair dryer is fitted with Auxiliary input that can be connected to your smartphone or MP3. You can enjoy your favorite songs while getting a smooth and beautiful hairstyle.


Reading a book or magazine isn’t a bad choice either if you are a busy person.

  • Product Dimensions : 34 x 34 x 58 inches; 18.25 Pounds
  • Item model number: BHHIN
  • UPC: 074108357601
  • Manufacturer: BaBylissPro
  • Weight: 18.25 pounds
  • Easy to handle
  • Wheels can be locked to prevent them from moving while in use
  • Ionic technology is integrated to make your hair look smooth
  • Multiple heat settings offer flexibility
  • A cool option is available to set your hairstyle
  • Portable and convenient to use
  • Height adjustments make it more customized
  • A built-in music system makes it a luxurious and relaxing tool.
  • The powerful motor is salon friendly
  • Durability issues

Buying Guide of Babyliss Hooded Hair Dryer

Before you buy a salon-quality hair dryer you must know about it. So that you don’t waste your money on the wrong tool.

Here are some of the top features and specs, professionals look for when they make a purchase.


You are buying a hooded hair dryer to dry your hair as fast as possible. therefore you must check its heating function whether it is enough for your requirements or not.

Salon professionals like to have the best-hooded hair dryers having great heating ability. Because more heat means less drying time. Therefore they can deal with more clients in less time.

You must check the number of heat levels that suit your hair type.


Hooded hair dryers are often built with powerful motors to generate sufficient heat.

They look for a hooded hair dryer with more than 2500 Watts of power to get the job done.

But you don’t need that much wattage for personal use. A hooded hair dryer with more than 1000 Watts of power is enough for you.

Babyliss pro hood hair dryer is powered by a 2000 Watts motor to generate powerful airflow. Therefore is preferable for salons and individuals at the same time.


The hooded hair dryers are big in size and heavy in weight. It is difficult to move them from one working place to another. You can’t carry them with you to move around.

Therefore a professional hooded hair dryer must be portable and attached with wheels. These wheels allow you to move the dryer easily from one place to another.

Babyliss hooded hair dryer is portable and convenient to move.

Haircare Technology

Mostly hooded hair dryers are designed for professional use and are meant to dry hair fast. They don’t feature any specific haircare technology.

But you must grab one with suitable hair care technology to get your hair done without any heat damage.

The ionic technology of the BaByliss Pro hooded hair dryer works to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Final Verdict

A hooded hair dryer is undoubtedly a professional tool, but people are using these at home to get salon-styled hair in this pandemic. These giant devices give a smooth finish but you need some patience to sit under them.

You can read your favorite books or magazines when sitting under the hooded hair dryer. You can’t get the flexibility to style each section of hair like a conventional hair dryer. But it dries rollers much faster than conventional blow dryers.


Q1. How to steam hair without a steamer or hooded dryer

Answer: Place your absorbent towel and a bowl of water in the microwave. Put a processing cap on your head after applying deep conditioners.

Then wrap the absorbent towel around your entire head and wait for a couple of minutes. Remove the towel, let your hair cool down, and rinse with cool water.

Q2. How to straighten natural hair with a hooded dryer

Answer: You can use rollers coupled with a hooded hair dryer to get your favorite hairstyle. Put rollers and sit under the hooded hair dryer. You are ready to enjoy smooth and straight hair.

Q3. What are the benefits of using a hooded dryer when deep conditioning hair?

Deep conditioning your hair takes a lot of time because creamy products are not easy to dry. Therefore you can sit under a hooded hair dryer for about 30-45 minutes to get the treatment done.

The hooded hair dryers dry hair so fast that you can enjoy your crispy curls, stretched curls, rollers sets, or straight hair instantly.

Q4. How to discard a hooded hair dryer?

To make the procedure eco-friendly you must dispose of your hooded hair dryer in a good way. You can search for the nearest scrap center and drop your hair dryer there.


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