BabylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Dryer.

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Brand BaBylissPRO
Color Black
Material Ceramic
Wattage 11
Power Source Corded Electric

When it comes to looking smart and gorgeous, you cannot skip your hairstyle because it makes you look one in a million. A good shampoo and a price-worthy hair conditioner can make your hair smooth and silky but you cannot go out with wet hair.

You need to dry your wet hair as soon as possible to start routine activities. A hairdryer is an electrical tool everyone is using in this century and you might be in search of the best one.

You have come across BaByliss 2800 hair dryer in the market but you can’t trust sellers therefore you have made this search. In this article, we are going to investigate each feature and specification of BaByliss Pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer 2800 to check whether it is trustworthy or not.

Features and Specs:

But before we move to our product let’s see which features and specs you must consider before you make a purchase.

Power of Hair Dryer

People invest in high-wattage hair dryers for business purposes because they are a little bit expensive. A typical hair dryer’s power ranges from 800W to 3000W and can be more but which one is best for you? Do you need a blow dryer with 800W or a high-wattage hair dryer?

  • If you are a hairstyling expert then you can invest in a high-wattage hair dryer to deal with more customers in less time. A salon power hair dryer ranges from 1875W to 2500W but a hair dryer with 2000W is enough to meet your daily requirements. Our BaByliss pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer 2800 features an AC motor powered by 2000W.
  • If you need a blow dryer for your routine blowout at home then you must go with a moderate one. A blow dryer with power ranges from 1875-2000W would be best to give you quick and quality blowout daily.
  • If you want to pack a hair dryer for your traveling purpose then make sure to have one with low wattage and dual voltage. If you still want to achieve a salon-quality blowout even when traveling then check the hotel outlet and purchase one that matches with outlet voltage and wattage.


Choose a hair dryer that comes with quiet and durable attachments according to your hair type.

For straight hair

You can style your straight hair with a round brush and a hairdryer with a concentrator nozzle. You can make your hair straight or add volume to it by using a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle and a round comb.

Most of the BaByliss ceramic hair dryers come with a concentrator nozzle attachment to ensure focused and even airflow.

For curly or textured hair

If you have curly hair then frizz is the most irritating reality of your life. Blow-drying or air-drying causes frizz to curly hair. If you want to enjoy your smooth, shiny, and frizz-free curls then you must grab a hair dryer with a suitable diffuser attachment.

It dries your curls while adding shine and volume without creating frizz. Babyliss Pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer 2800 does not include a diffuser attachment but you can buy a BaByliss diffuser compatible with this blow dryer.

Button settings

The comfort level of a blow dryer depends on the convenient heat/speed settings. You need controlled heat to blow dry your hair otherwise it would damage your hair severely.

All BaBylisshairdryers provide convenient button settings including a cool shot button for precise styling. An average hair dryer must have at least three temperature and two airspeed settings for complete control of the product.

A cool shot setting is most important when it comes to a long-lasting hairstyle without frizz.

Haircare technology

A safe and premium blowout cannot be achieved without advanced haircare technology. You must grab a hairdryer featuring the latest ionic and ceramic technologies for smooth and frizz-free styling.

It does not matter whether you are searching for a blow dryer for commercial use or one for your personal blowout needs. BaByliss is producing high-quality blow dryers featuring ceramic and ionic technology to give you sleek and voluminous blowouts.

Babyliss pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer 2800 is engineered with ceramic material that controls heat and produces an even airflow with controlled heat.

Ionic technology

Your wet hair gets positively charged when it is rubbed with a towel or comb and creates frizz. You need negative ions to reduce this positive static and improve hair health.

Frizzy hair is more irritating and tends to break therefore a shiny and smooth blowout is possible with a negative ions-based hairdryer.


Ceramic material is used to manufacture high-quality blow dryers for a fast-drying experience with controlled heat. Ceramic heaters get heated fast and allow you to dry and style hair quickly.

Ceramic material emits far-infrared rays that help to dry hair fast without making extreme heat damage.

The BaByliss pro hair dryer 2800 is manufactured with a ceramic material to give you a fast and safe hair drying experience.

BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Dryer

Key features

Technology Ionic, ceramic
Attachments Narrow concentrator nozzle
Cool shot button Available
Removable filter Available
Hanging loop Available
Heat settings 3
Speed settings 3
Swivel cord Available


Weight 1 pound
Power 2000W
Material Ceramic
Motor type AC

Babyliss Pro 2800 super turbo hair dryer is designed with smart technology and an intelligent heat-controlling system to provide you with salon-quality blowout effortlessly.

Babyliss Pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer is best for both professionals and personal consumers. It is because the powerful AC motor generates even and effective airflow to dry hair fast.

You can win more customers in less time for your salon because of its professional high-quality work.

You can style your hair with a concentrator nozzle and a round brush like a pro and you won’t need any straighteners or hot irons. Its ceramic heater gets hot really fast and provides you with enhanced hot air enriched with far-infrared rays.

The far-infrared rays are produced when ceramic material is heated under pressure. It gently penetrates hair strands making them dry from the inside out without any heat damage. The far infrared rays stimulate your blood flow and promote hair growth.

The BaByliss ceramic hair dryers work on the same principle to give you a high-quality blowout with enhanced shine.

Now let’s investigate some important features and specs of the BaBylisspro porcelain ceramic 2800 dryer.

  1. Motor efficiency 

The BaByliss hair dryers are equipped with high-quality AC motors for fast and effective working without creating annoying noises. Its brushless super-fast motor works great to provide a powerful airflow.

The AC motor makes it a more durable and quiet hair dryer with enhanced output airflow. It requires 2000W power to work properly giving you a salon-grade blow-dry at home.

  1. Design of BaByliss hair dryer

The compact and sleek hair dryer body with an ergonomic handle makes it an outstanding blow dryer. The ergonomic handle is friendly for the professional as they can work with this blow dryer for hours without having shoulder strain.

The sleek black body is constructed with ceramic porcelain material. The handle is equipped with separate heat and speed buttons and a cold shot button.

  1. Attachment quality

Babylisshaircare products always come in high quality with excellent material. The same high-quality material is used to manufacture attachments of BaByliss hair dryers whether it is a diffuser or a narrow concentrator nozzle.

BaByliss Pro porcelain ceramic hair dryer 2800 comes with a quiet and narrow concentrator nozzle attachment for a precise styling experience. The reliable and durable concentrator nozzle ensures fast and focused airflow to dry and style your hair quickly.

  1. Improved hair health

Sitting under a hot hair tool means damaged hair with worse split ends and you cannot bear these horrible results of perfectly styled hair. You don’t need to sacrifice your hair health to achieve a salon-grade blowout.

Because BaByliss pro porcelain ceramic 2800 hair dryer is equipped with great haircare technology to reduce frizz and enhance your hair quality.

It is engineered with ceramic material that absorbs the excess amount of heat and prevents your hair from extreme heat damage. It produces nourishing negative ions that fight frizz and provide a smooth hairstyle with elevated shine.

You feel like having a hair care treatment when you finish blow-drying with a ceramic-based BaByliss hair dryer.

  1. Material quality

Ceramic porcelain is used to manufacture BaByliss pro porcelain ceramic 2800 dryer which is an absolute heat-absorbent material that gives you a protected blow-drying experience.

Ceramic material emits far-infrared rays that act to dry your hair from the inside out and preserve the essential oils in your scalp. It dries hair without making it dry and brittle by absorbing the excess amount of heat.

Ceramic heaters emit instant hot air to dry and style your hair fast where the healthy elements make your hair shiny and smooth. The BaByliss Pro 2800 super turbo hair dryer features a negative ionic generator that emits anions to reduce frizz and provide a shiny hairstyle.

  1. Customization

The BaByliss hair dryer provides you with an enhanced customization experience with its multiple heat/speed settings. You can control the temperature and airspeed of your blow dryer with provided separate button settings.

It is suggested to use a blow dryer at medium heat settings to avoid any hair damage. You can customize your hairdryer with three different heat and two-speed adjustment buttons. The cold shot button is provided to set your hairstyle for a longer time.

  1. Maintenance 

Any electrical device needs proper maintenance to prolong its life. The proper maintenance of a hair dryer makes it durable long-lasting and effective for a lifetime.

The BaByliss pro porcelain ceramic 2800 hair dryer comes with a removable lint filter that allows easy cleaning and maintenance. You can clean your hair dryer lint filter easily without any hesitation.

It features a hanging loop to store it easily after use. You can buy a hair dryer hanger or make one DIY hanger to store your dryer easily.


The BaByliss hair dryer comes with user-friendly features and specs. There are some key benefits people find about this blow dryer.

  1. The BaByliss Pro ceramic hair dryer weighs only 1 pound which seems quite lightweight to carry.
  2. The ergonomic handle adds a comfort element for professionals to use without fatigue.
  3. The porcelain ceramic material helps to provide controlled heat that dries your hair without extreme heat damage.
  4. The ionic technology is coupled with far infrared rays to provide you sleek shiny blowout.
  5. The frizz-free results make the customers happy and satisfied.
  6. People comment about its reasonable price range which makes it an affordable professional hair dryer.
  7. The concentrator nozzle is not wide but narrow which ensures super-focused and concentrated airflow to dry and style your hair effectively.

Everything comes with pros and cons. We know that nothing is perfect and can have some cons. Here are some points the users don’t like.

  1. It weighs only 1 pound but still, people find it heavy and bulky. The manufacturers should take notice of that experience.
  2. Babyliss Pro hair dryer is equipped with an AC motor that is quiet but still, the customers complain about its annoying noise.
  3. The AC motors are durable and long-lasting but some consumers stated that they got burnt within a few months.
  4. It does not include a hair diffuser which means people with curly hair have to purchase it.

Final Thoughts

Babyliss hair care is a French company producing a lot of high-quality professional-grade blow dryers and other hot tools. They are making a huge variety of high-quality blow dryers and use ceramic material to engineer their products.

The engineers claim that they don’t compromise on the quality but we know that everything comes with cons. This BaByliss hair dryer has some cons too but its professional features and high-power motor are worth a try.

If you are a salon professional and searching for a 2000W high-quality blow dryer at a reasonable price then this piece is for you.


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