Calista Tools Calista StyleDryer Pro Custom Blowout, 2-in-1 Styling Tool, Blow Dryer and Styling Brush

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Brand calista
Color Powder Pink
Wattage 1200 watts
Power Source Corded Electric
Special Feature The Calista StyleDryer Pro Custom Blowout helps reduce styling time by allowing you to dry and style in one step.

An emerging hair dryer brand Calista launched its first stunning blow dryer bush at the start of 2020. The Calista StyleDryer Pro had something special that we needed to bring a thorough analysis.

If you look at the popular hairdryer 2-in-1 hair drying and styling tools such as Revlon, hot tools, bed head, etc. you would find them similar to that of Calista Style Dryer Pro. If there are plenty of options available in the market then why Calista Style Dryer Pro?

The best thing about Calista Style Dryer Pro is its versatility. It’s a convertible hair drying and styling brush tool that allows you to create multiple styles by changing the brush attachments.

If you are not sure whether you should buy the ultimate Calista Style dryer or not then keep reading. In this thorough detail, I will try to reveal all the positive and negative aspects of Calista Style Dryer Pro.

Calista Style Dryer Pro Amazing Design 

If you are aesthetic conscious while buying the hair drying and styling tools then you would love the stunning appearance of Calista StyleDryer Pro. The light pink finish of this styler gives it a stunning look.

Often cheap hair styling tools give intensive feelings with their poor quality aesthetics. But the sleek smooth light pink finish makes it a professional grade aesthetically appealing styler.

The handle has a golden knob with a diamond pattern giving a luxurious feeling. Other than aesthetics, the handle size is slightly longer than the typical blow-drying brushes on the market.

The longer handle allows you to control lengthy hair strands more effectively without burning your fingers. The round brush attachment of Calista StyleDryer Pro is a little bit longer than the Revlon one-step hairdryer and styler.

Moreover, the long cool tip of the Calista Pro allows you to style your hair conveniently without getting hurt but is more shallow than Revlon which can cause quality issues. The overall design of the Calista hair styling tool is aesthetically stunning.

The Performance Quality of Calista StyleDryer Pro

If you are looking for a hair styling brush to straighten your hair then Calista StyleDryer Pro is a great fit for you. it creates enough tension to straighten your hair effortlessly. But its soft bristles don’t offer resistance that can hurt your hair roots.

In order to deliver even hot airflow to style your hair, Calista Styler features three temperature adjustments. Plus the ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic technology combine to give you smooth and shiny hair after straightening.

When it comes to hair care technology that protects your hair from heat damage Calista Styler outshines the Revlon one-step dryer and styler. This blow-drying and styling brush leaves your hair shiny, smooth, and frizz-free.

The styling results are smooth and stunning with Calista styler and dryer pro. Results aside, the Calista Styler takes a little bit longer to dry your hair.

Calista StyleDryer Pro: Some Benefits and Drawbacks 

You can enjoy versatile hairstyling by replacing the brush attachments. Just flip the attachment to recreate a new hairstyle. The round brush makes your hair straight and smoothes offering the required tension.

The other attachment that comes with the Calista StyleDryer Pro is its styling brush. A small paddle brush that can be attached to the handle of the styling brush.

The paddle brush attachment helps to style your hair precisely with its long teeth and a small number of bristles. The long teeth and a small number of bristles go through every hair strand effectively to style hair precisely.

As for styling the concerned, you would observe that a standard round brush attachment is far better than a tiny paddle styling attachment. The round brush attachment provides the necessary tension to pull and style your hair in the desired direction.

Moreover, the styling paddle brush is not large enough to create the same amount of tension and strength. As for as usage of a styling brush, you can use it to detangle hair strands before starting the styling process.

Pros and Cons:

  • Brilliant design that gives the stunning outer appearance
  • The styling results are smooth, shiny, soft and frizz-free
  • The convertible attachments allow an easy styling process
  • You can buy more attachments for versatile styling separately from the market.
  • The styling brush is small that cannot produce the required amount of tension
  • The hairdryer brush takes a little bit longer to dry your hair

The price of the Calista StyleDryer Pro brush 

The Calista StyleDryer Pro is available in the market for $69 to $79 according to the platform you choose. If you compare the Calista StyleDryer Pro with other similar models available in the market you would find it costly.

But the Calista StyleDryer Pro is worth each penny as it delivers smooth and shiny hairstyling results.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the Calista StyleDryer Pro is one of the great inventions of this century. It allows you to control and style your hair pretty easily. The dryer is packed with two different brush attachments, a standard round brush, and a tiny paddle styling brush.

The best thing about the Calista StyleDryer Pro is its versatility offered by two types of brushes included in the pack. You can switch the brush attachments and create beautiful styles within a matter of minutes.


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