Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine, Miracurl 3 in 1 Tool for Multiple Curl and Wave Lengths

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Miracurl 3 Pro
Product Benefits 3-in-1 styling tool creates tight & regular curls or loose waves. 3 direction control for loose or uniform looks.
Shape Round
Brand BaBylissPRO
Hair Type Curly
Material Titanium

Everyone loves wavy and curly hairstyles. The loose waves or bouncy curls, the choice is yours. But the problem is to achieve these styles without damaging your hair from hot tools.

The curlers and straighteners use high heat to turn your hair strands into waves and curls. This procedure leaves your hair damaged and weak. To avoid hair damage caused by curlers.

Babyliss Pro miracurl provides you with beautiful waves and curls. Babyliss Pro miracurl gives you different types of wavy styles. It gives with its various temperature settings. Here we are going to explain a tutorial on how to use a BaByliss Pro miracurl.

Babyliss Pro Miracurl

The BaByliss Pro miracurl is a professional machine. That transforms your hair automatically into smooth wavy and curly hair. Its brushless motor, nano titanium curl chamber, and steam function.

That provides precision curling control to give you a stunning look. It comes with different temperature settings to give a versatile curly hairstyle.

The Babyliss Pro miracurl comes with the following features.

  • Extra smooth & shiny curls
  • Nano titanium curl chamber
  • 4 timer settings: Off, 8s, 10s, 12s – for different curl effects
  • 3-direction curl control: right, left, alternate
  • 3 heat settings: 450°F, 410°F, 375°F – for all hair types
  • Surround heat system
  • Max Life PRO brushless motor
  • Smart Tech safeguard and energy saver
  • Auto shutoff + sleep mode + motion sensor

How to Use Babyliss Pro Miracurl

Every styling tool works great for precise styling if you know how to use it. But if you don’t know how to use BaByliss pro miracurl you cannot get the advantages of it.

We will divide the whole process into three simple steps to make it easy. Further, we will discuss the advanced settings to customize the styling experience.

Hair Preparation

Before going for any style you must prepare your hair. Wash the hair with your regular shampoo. Apply a deep conditioner starting from roots to tips. Wait for a few minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Dry up to 80% of your hair using a towel or a blow dryer. Then apply a conditioning cream or a spray to your hair and detangle them with a wide-tooth comb.

Step one

First of all, plug the hair curler into the socket to make it ready for styling your hair. Look for the red power light indicating that your curler is ready to style your hair.

Step two

Create a thin section of your hair and put it into the curler. The section should not be too wide, which will tangle your hair while curling. And the results could be disappointing. You should keep one thing in mind the curl chamber side is facing your hair.

Step three

After putting the section into the curl chamber close the handle. The chamber pulls your hair inside and makes them curly. The curl styles depend upon the temperature settings you have chosen.

Release the handle after several seconds to let the curls out of the chamber. The beautiful and neat curls are in front of your eyes in just a few seconds.

Advanced Temperature Settings

Advanced temperature settings affect your styling experience. You can choose different heat settings for different wave textures. The three directions: left, right, and alternate, help give your curls precise direction. This can be handled just by dragging the button on the handle.

The timer setting allows you to release the handle when it beeps. You can decide and set the timer to get perfect curls.

  • 6 – 8 Seconds Relaxed Waves
  • 8 – 10 Seconds – Soft Curls
  • 12 Seconds or Longer – Bouncy Curls

The three heat settings: 450°F, 410°F, 375°F allow you to control the temperature. The maximum heat gives you bouncier waves. But for safe styling, it is recommended to stay with the medium heat setting.

  • 375°F – delicate, fine, colored, damaged, hair
  • 410°F – normal textured hair
  • 450°F – coarse, coarse resistant hair

I hope this article has helped you a lot on how to use a BaByliss Pro miracurl. Following these simple steps. And noting the advanced settings you would be able to create awesome curls.


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