RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Ceramic and Tourmaline Professional 2000 Watt Hair Dryer – Far-Infrared Heat and Natural Ions Dramatically Reduce Drying Time

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Brand RUSK
Color Regular
Material Ceramic
Wattage 2000 watts
Power Source Corded Electric

A hair dryer is one of the basic needs of our routine tasks. Regardless of your gender, profession, and age hair dryer is your daily requirement. A school-going teenager cannot step out with wet hair.

Even you cannot attend a business meeting with damp hair. Therefore, every man and woman has to look well-groomed while stepping out.

Due to the arising need for hair dryers day by day, manufacturing companies have started introducing more technologies in them. In this competition, it is hard to find the best hair dryer according to your requirements.

When we are hearing about great and innovative technology-based t3 and Revlon hair dryers then talking about Rusk seems wired. But you must acknowledge that the rusk speed freak blow dryer had performance in the past.

It was referred to as the best blow dryer that cuts drying time to a high extent. Rusk is proud of speed freak as it reduces drying time to save energy and time.

But today we are here to investigate the overall performance, design, technology, and other technical aspects. So that we could check whether it is worth buying? When we have other high-end brands in the market.

We will try to check every aspect of the rusk speed freak blow dryer to check its capability.

Classic Black design 

The rusk speed freak hair dryer has a black coating that makes it look classic. Its classic design looks pretty simple due to which people think it is a cheap hair dryer.

The handle of the rusk speed freak features heat/speed control buttons. Three heat and two-speed settings allow you to set the temperature and airspeed level according to your requirements.

It also features a large cool shot button that makes it stand above other dryers. The large cool shot button allows you to set your hairstyle for the day long.

The cord of the rusk speed freak hair dryer is made 8.5 ft long to ensure flexibility and convenience of use. It is neither swivel nor retraceable which is quite a disappointing thing. But overall ergonomic design is user-friendly and helps to make blow-drying an easy and comfortable process.

The drying Speed of the rusk speed freak

The rusk speed freak hair dryer is really a legend when it comes to speed. The rusk speed freak dries your hair within a matter of minutes with its 2000W motor.

The rusk speed freak hair dryer falls in the category of high-wattage hair dryers due to the 2000W powerful motor. The 2000W powerful AC motor generates high airspeed to dry and style your hair in no time.

If you have medium-length hair then it will take only 10 minutes to dry and style your hair. For very long and thick hair, you will get surprising results.

Comparing performance with other Branded dryers

When we compare to Dyson and t3 like high-end hair dryer brands we find speed freak a little bit down. The rusk speed freak blow dryer has only three temperature settings. Where Dyson and t3 offer a proper customized hairstyling experience.

They offer multiple heat speed settings that allow you to control the device according to your hair type. You cannot say that it is a perfect choice in front of expensive hair dryers in the market.

But if you are concerned with speed, then you can trust the rusk speed freak. Because it cuts the drying time to a high extent. People with 4c hair or the thickest wavy textured hair should try the rusk speed freak hair dryer.

Because drying and styling thick hair is a tiring job. Especially, when you are drying hair with a cheap low-speed hair dryer.

Quality of styling results

Regardless of brand, price, and styling abilities, we want to keep our hair safe. If a hair dryer cannot prevent your hair from getting damaged. Then there is no need to buy it.

The quality of hairstyling matters a lot when it is to heating tools. The rusk speed freak hair dryer is engineered with ceramic and tourmaline technology.

The far-infrared rays are emitted by ceramic material. These far-infrared rays dry hair faster with less heat damage. Also, the tourmaline material emits negative ions.

These negative ions reduce frizz and reflect the natural shine. Both elements combine to give smooth and frizz-free results after styling. But you can’t expect a high gloss finish, other high-end brands give you.

Attachments and accessories

You cannot just blow dry your hair with simply a hair dryer. You will need some attachments and accessories to complete your look. A hair dryer concentrator nozzle is compulsory to achieve sleek blow-drying conveniently.

The rusk speed freak blow dryer comes with a normal plastic nozzle attachment. This normal concentrator nozzle gives unexpected results when it comes to shortening the drying time. It helps to cut the drying time by delivering quick and fast airflow.

But the rusk speed freak doesn’t offer any other attachments for curl or wavy textured hair. It neither offers a diffuser to make frizz-free curls nor a comb attachment for sleek styling.

If you want to keep rusk speed freak for a long period of time, then you should buy these attachments separately. If you are satisfied with the rusk speed freak blow dryer performance. Then it is not a big deal to buy some attachments separately.


The rusk speed freak hair dryer that was introduced a few years ago was a legend of that time. Because it offers you high wattage 2000W AC motor for fast blow-drying. It is still worth buying because of its powerful airflow and ceramic tourmaline technology.

If you are tired of slow-speed cheap hair dryers, then rusk speed freak is one of the best options for you. It is still worth each penny. Although it cannot be compared to some latest models in some aspects still it is a speed freak.

It offers you limited heat/speed settings and only one plastic nozzle but does its job very well. Therefore yes, it is still worth buying.


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