T3 Micro Cura Digital Ionic Professional Blow Hair Dryer, Fast Drying, Volumizing Wide Air Flow, Frizz Smoothing, Multiple Speed and Heat Settings

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Brand T3
Color White/Rose Gold
Material Plastic
Wattage 1875
Power Source Corded Electric

In this article, we are going to guide you about the best T3 Cura Hair Dryer – Micro Core, Luxe, And Professional Digital Iconic.

Most of the time, we have been examining the number of user reviews of products from online shopping stores. If the discussions are positive, we determine to get the product.

Moreover, another part has attracted our attention, so we purchased a T3 – Cura Hair Dryer. According to our specific, examined, and long-time usage of this excellent hair dryer here is the honest T3 – Cura Hair Dryer.

Have you ever visited the salon and wondered what magic they apply to get your hair silky soft? Was it the right way they washed your hair? The fancy salon hair products? Well, those surely play a role.

But I’m here to show you that really might be the hairdryer. Here’s my full analysis after applying the T3 Cura hair dryer for 2 weeks.

I’m not the kind of person who spends on fancy hair tools. I never have been because I hadn’t recognized the value. My last hairdryer was picked because it was an “Amazon Bestseller” and came with 2-day free shipping.

But, I’m here to tell you that my tune has completely changed. I have seen the light that is a great quality hair dryer and my hair is singing the phrases of cracking the cycle of fry, straightening with more heat, hair mask, repeat. Our T3 Cura Hair Dryer analysis will help you in buying this awesome product.

My friends at T3 gave me the Cura model hair dryer (<– best price at the time of this post) to experiment out for my honest analysis. So let’s break it down:

Which Hair Type Is It Good For T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer?





Tightly Coiled

What Is T3 Cura Core Hair Dryer:

A blow-dryer with a digitally-controlled comprehensive volume of air improved with negative ions to dry hair instantly for soft, healthy-looking results.

Key Benefits Of T3 Cura Professional Digital Ionic Hair Dryer:

– Fights frizz

– Dries hair instantly

– Gives healthy-looking results

If you want to understand more…

Fight the frizz in a shorter time with T3 Digital IonAir. Innovative digitally-controlled heat combined with a comprehensive, gentle airstream fast and expertly dries hair while sustaining body and shine.

Negative ions from a strong built-in generator smooth the hair cuticle for smooth, frizz-free results. The three heat settings and double speed settings connect with a lock-in cool shot button to produce a customized drying solution for any hair type and texture.

With a lightweight body and ergonomic handle, styling is easy and simple.

Usage Experience Of T3 Micro Cura Hair Dryer:

Got this as a replacement while our crushed Dyson was sent quality for repairs.

We liked it so much that it is directly our goto hair dryer even after the Dyson returned. Not as trustworthy as the Dyson but rather surely calmer. The particle affects our hair plush and it is much lighter than our Dyson. My significant other love this hair dryer since it doesn’t trouble her wrist while drying her long hair. The Dyson was simply too confused and substantial.

This dryer additionally performs an extraordinary travel dryer. Since it is light and little yet fabulous, we toss it in our check-in pack and take it with us entirely place.

We highly recommend this best hair dryer

Features of T3 Cura Hair Dryer:

T3 Digital IonAir Technology: Carefully controlled warmth that dries hair quickly while keeping up body and shine.

3 Heat Settings: Carefully managed and planned for all hair forms and surfaces.

Secure Cool Shot Button: A burst of cool separated spaces in any style for a smooth, smooth wrap up.

Unadulterated Stream Cap: Movable channel for ideal performance.

2 Speed Settings: For versatile drying and styling.

Drying Concentrator: Dries hair uniformly and immediately with a comprehensive volume of air.

Styling Concentrator:  Styles one section at any given time with concentrated wind current.


The good: This hairdryer is excellent. I got a white and rose gold Cura, and apart from being able to balance all of my Apple products (really significant folks), it really is pretty impressive.

The box comes with a dryer and two styling additions: a drying concentrator and a styling concentrator. There are some other attachments you can get such as one for curly hair, and a soft-touch diffuser.

I really love how the dryer feels in your hand. It’s not heavy, but it doesn’t feel too small either. The weight is accurate, and it feels balanced in my hand.

The Cura is slightly longer than a travel hairdryer, so in specific situations, I’ll probably travel with it because not only is it wondrous (more on that below), but also because of its small size.

The Bad: I hope I was able to retract the cord into the dryer or have some other cord-keeper mechanism, so I’m not continually wrapping the cord around…everything.


The Good: Popular feature so far has been the lock-in cool shot. You don’t need to hold the button down, just push for on, and repeat for off. The three heat settings are fine, but I truly have been just applying it on the highest setting and that’s been fine for me.

The Bad: The ‘eh: (because I’m being picky) there are two fan powers and that’s the only reason I’m knocking it down a star. I really wanted there to be three fan power settings so that I could customize the settings to my specific preference.


The Good: Bottom line – this hair dryer works and does exactly what it states! After washing my hair, I apply the L’Oreal hair primer to help preserve and dry my hair quicker (because my hair is super thick).

During the first half of my first hair drying action, I really shocked why this hair dryer was so valuable. But, when my hair was about 75% dry – BAM! My hair was very soft and didn’t have the puffy frizz that I normally have after drying my hair.

The best part? I didn’t require straightening my hair afterward. Game. Changer.

Here’s a before and after applying my old hair dryer and the T3 Cura. TBH, I shot the before after I started applying the T3 Cura and it was really depressing for me to use my old hair dryer again. You can observe the amount of frizz I have in the before analyzed to the after.

My hair really looks darker because it’s not perfectly fried. I’m drinking the T3 Kool-Aid – wait, scratch that, I’m chugging the T3 Kool-aid from a beer bong. All while rocking silky fresh-from-the-salon hair.

My selected features of this hair dryer are that it doesn’t blow your hair everywhere. I can truly give myself a real blow out with a roll brush where my old hair dryer just kind of blew my hair everywhere without doing enough. The way you are able to manage this hair dryer for styling is top-notch.

The Bad: I didn’t see a tremendous improvement in how instantly the hair dryer dried my hair. I have very thick hair and it’s normally a complete 10-minute process while it might have shaved off a few minutes, I was expecting to dry my hair in 2-3 minutes.

It’s also significant to note that my mom who has thin, straight, hair also used this product and saw zero difference between applying the T3 Cura and her $30 Conair hair dryer. That is why; I think this dryer will be essentially impactful for those with thick, curly, and/or frizzy hair.

Overall Rating

The Good: I like this hair dryer and it performs what it states I fully suggest it for those with long, thick, curly, and frizzy hair.  I also believe the price point is spot on for this product.

While T3 products are at the best in the market, I was really shocked that the Cura retails for only $285 and I’ve been seeing it on exceptional for as low as $119 (a total steal IMO).

I’ve combined with other bloggers about T3 products on the price because while they are fabulous, they are also pricey.  From that research, I have seen that these products are genuine investments and will last 10+ years, and can be family hand-me-downs if taken care of well. Thus, the Kitchen Aid Mixer of hair tools.

I also want to figure out that I love that this hairdryer isn’t too heavy (my old one scared my cat every time I turned it on) and it makes a delightful ‘woosh’ sound when you turn it off.

The Bad: My objections to this product; no cord keeper, an additional fan setting, and better drying time, are insignificant and I can observe them being addressed in future releases.

Also, if you have thin, straight hair, I don’t think this product would give many benefits to you (but please let me know if I’m incorrect about this in the comments!).

This is definitely a beneficial product for a holiday gift, or to add to your own wishlist.

Good For:

•    Thick and/or Curly Hair

•    Hair Frizz Problems

•    Heat-damaged Hair

•    Home blow-outs

•    Traveling

•    Small apartments/spaces

•    Sound/Noise Sensitive

Not Ideal for:

•    Thin Hair

•    Short Hair (pixie cut or shorter)

•    Straight Hair

•    Budget Conscious

Specs: This black and rose-gold dryer started just last month, and it’s powered by T3’s digital Air Technology, which the band says delivers a quicker dry and smoother, shinier hair. It also has a volume increase switch, five digital heat settings, two-speed settings, and a cool-shot button. Its most innovative characteristic is the auto pause sensor—the dryer automatically turns off when you let go of the handle. (No more hurt inner thighs when you hold it between your legs!)

Weight: “It’s more ergonomically beneficial and lightweight than its predecessor,” says Mishal. But, if we’re analyzing it to the Dyson (which we are, obvi), it’s surely the heavier of the two.

Attachments: The nozzles knocked this dryer down a dent for most of us, since they were difficult to lock in and then switch. “Getting the attachments on was a mixture,” says Priscilla. “It took me about ten minutes because the one I preferred just wouldn’t resemble to fit. I also wanted to change the nozzle to make the air flow in several directions, but couldn’t get it to do that.”

Function: The T3 has a lot of settings, including the aforementioned volume-boosting button, which eliminates the smoothing ions and improves your hair to get to its comprehensive. “The volume booster switch certainly sets this dryer aside as it gave my hair some extra oomph and is a completely unique specialty,” says Emily. “And, let’s be genuine, the dryer design is chic af, you just feel preference using it!” That said, some of us got the auto shut-off a tiny frustrating. It’s excellent if you’re setting it down a lot during styling, but sometimes a suggestive finger shift can prevent the airflow, and it takes several seconds to heat up again when it starts.

Dry time: Three and a half minutes for Tara, four minutes for Emily, 17 minutes for Nezariel, 20 minutes for Mishal, and three hours for Priscilla.


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