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In this article, we are going to provide you honest best revair hair dryer reviews blow for natural 4c hair which will provide you a lot of information. I have been working on an article for the best blow dryer for natural 4c curly hair but determined to put that on hold to discuss couple of hair dryers that are currently the bee’s knees for all types of hair.Revair Hair Dryer reviews I will explain these hair dryers in separate articles beginning with Revair Hair Dryer. This growing healthy hair care resource library currently covers:-

I realize the first time I watch a demo video of RevAir Hair Dryer a long time ago, I was suspicious.

The RevAir blow hair dryer for natural 4c curly hair looked like a convoluted space cleaner that would absorb your hair right off your head.

However, in current times I’ve invented this isn’t the case at all and in fact, this might be one of the best hair dryers for original hair.

We all know that feeling of depression when you don’t have sufficient time to dry your hair with revair blow dryer. You have to take a split second decision: wash it and skip styling, or load up on dry shampoo (again) and pray for the best. Luckily, when you’re pushed for time, there’s a comfortable way to get smooth hair in a matter of times. Thanks to the world’s first reverse air dryer: The RevAir hair dryer reviews will be very helpful for you.

What is the Revair Hair Dryer?

The RevAir is a unique hair styling tool that dries and straightens your hair at the same time, giving you with silky soft hair in a flash.

The reverse air technology of Revair dryer for 4c hair working by circling your hair and drying it from root to tip, while the automatic tension gives hair smooth and shiny. It overcomes the need to blow dry and follow with a straightener, giving you the awesome results but way quicker. As you know very well that heat is one of the biggest enemies of natural hair so when it arrives at picking a hair dryer for natural curly hair, you have to look for a hair dryer that gets the job done ASAP with insignificant heat.

Is this possible? It would resemble so with the modern innovative RevAir Hair Dryer.

With the catchword, “Blow Your Mind, Not Your Hair,” the company behind RevAir Hair Dryer vends the product as the world’s leading and only reverse hair dryer for natural 4c hair. So what’s a reverse hair dryer then? It’s a hair dryer that applies a combination of reverse-air (suction) to obtain straight hair. It does this with lesser heat and three times quicker than traditional hair blow dryers. The tension kills the need to apply a hairbrush, which causes irritation. It’s also assumed to make hair less frizzy.

The Revair hair dryer for natural hair absorbs and that’s its best feature. Originated this year, The world’s first and only RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer has instantly taken the beauty community by storm. The company claims that its customizable Reverse-Air pressure and temperature settings are proper for all hair kinds from straight, wavy, curly, coily, and every kind in between.

REVAIR  Hair Dryer | Easily Dry and Straighten Hair


Revair Promises To The Following:

  • Use patented reverse-air technology covers natural 4c hair, simultaneously drying it from root to end.
  • Dry and straighten hair 3 times quicker with half the wattage of a traditional blow-dryer (less heat = less heat damage)
  • Consistent tension efficiently straightens 4c curly natural hair while aligning strands and softening cuticles for a shiny, frizz-free finish (A luscious salon quality blowout from the comforts of home)

How Does Revair Hair Dryer Work?

RevAir Hair Dryer for natural 4c hair pulls the hair in the original direction of the cuticles, while it envelops strands in a limited space that gives 360 coverage so hair dries consistently from root to end. The Revair Dryer also includes a sensor to see heat levels and has an automatic heat shut-off. These honest Revair hair dryer reviews will explain the working of this product.

Steps To Get The Excellent Results For Type 4 Hair:

  • First, comb through freshly cleaned and conditioned hair before checking reverse-air speed and heat settings of Revair Dryer are at your wanted levels.
  • Divide your hair into sections – about a 3” by 3” scalp area perform best – and feed it into the wand carrying the mouth right to your scalp. (the drying time can take 30 to 90 seconds per division)
  • Gradually move the mouth across the scalp, or softly dab it, so you reach the full area and dry all its roots. (Do Not Pump the device or risk getting knots and tangles)
  • Finally, when the part is dry pull the wand away enabling the section to fall free. Reform this section by section, wetting hair completely as needed, until complete.
  • With kinkier hair, it’s not going to be flat iron straight but it gets much close which means that flat irons if applied will be used less.

What To Expect With The Buying Of The Revair Hair Dryer?

The Revair Dryer for natural curly 4c hair is created to fix on most bathroom tables and vanities with the option to stand or sit while drying hair. It takes less than 10 minutes to gather the device.

With your buying you should get:

  • One Heat Producing Wand
  • One connecting Hose
  • One Reverse-Air Base Unit
  • A storage bag
  • Various Flat Elastic Hair Ties
  • Starter guide and Manual

The Results are …

Overwhelmingly positive. After viewing hours of Youtube report from influencers like Naptural85 and Zmariebeauty, I can assume that the RevAir blow dryer has dazzling results, but at a retail price of $400, It’s surely a product that I’m going to take off from buying for now. I give it 9.5 out of 10.

Why Does The Revair Hair Dryer Work So Good?

This unique reverse air technology of Revair dryer works by modifying the direction of air, and transferring heat in the direction of the hair cuticle. Following the original direction of the cuticle means softer hair and less frizz!

This method not only dries hair quicker than a traditional blow dryer but uses smaller heat, which you guessed it; equals less breakage.  The RevAir surprisingly utilizes half the wattage of your everyday hair dryer, yet dries and straightens a whopping 3 times quicker!

The RevAir is also a much easier to apply than your everyday blow drier + straightener. It does the whole struggle for you, without the requirement to fiddle with a brush as you style your hair.

And the combined bonus that no one knew they could live without? No heat leaving all over you! If you’re similar most people, applying a blow drier can make you warm and glowing before you get out the door. Not with this tool! Because the drying transpires inside the chamber itself, the hot air stays off of you.

Is The Revair Hair Dryer Right For You?

The RevAir hair dryer works excellently for people with all types of hair, from wavy, curly, natural, 4c, coily, and even straight! It provides dramatic smoothing results to the first three, but if you have stick-straight hair anyhow, you may need to save your money. Have a look for yourself at these climactic before and after that show how efficient this tool is for all various types of hair.

Moreover, if you are someone who consumes a lot of time blow drying and straightening your hair, this product is an entire game changer. It takes the pressure and second guessing out of styling, and makes it simple to have an excellent hair day even in a rush.

Most of the reviews of RevAir Hair Dryer that I’ve come across are entirely positive and extoll its advantages.

  • The RevAir Hair Dryer is a 2 in 1 tool. It dries your hair and straightens it at the equal time whereas conventionally, you would have to blow dry first then apply a flat iron if you want best straight results.
  • The reverse air is assumed to move heat in the general direction of cuticles thereby softening hair rather of causing frizz as a blow dryer might.
  • RevAir Hair Dryer works half the wattage of a conventional hair dryer yet dries and straightens three times quicker.
  • You don’t need a brush to produce results. Blow drying hair while also handling a round or sweep brush can be exhausting.
  • The hair dryer has different heat settings so you can customize the level of heat power according to your preferences.
  • You can dry wide sections of hair at a time without negotiating results. That’s a crazy advantage right there.
  • Below is a graphic from the company with further information about the advantages of RevAir Hair Dryer
  • The price is whooper. You necessitate saying a prayer to the saints as you whip out your debit card for this one.
  • The RevAir Hair Dryer is a bulky tool and won’t be helpful to travel with. It will also take up a plenty of space on your beauty counters.
  • If you really want bone straight hair, type 4 ladies may have to work a flat iron through after hair drying.


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