Revlon One Step Vs L’ange Le Volume Hair Dryer Brush Comparison

When it comes to blow-drying, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Revlon one step volumizer. Revlon One-Step volumizer brush was the first advanced tool for hairstyle introduced in the market.

It got popularity and became the favourite of everyone. After the popularity of this equipment, a lot of other companies started manufacturing hot styling brushes. Other companies tried their best to beat the performance and fame of the Revlon One-Step volumizer brush.

In this race, they induced high-end advanced technology to make their hot brush the best. L’ange Le Volume dryer brush is one of these models.

Users get confused when they try to compare both models at the same time. In order to make the decision easy for you, we compared both of them. If you want to know more about the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush and One-Step volumizer brush then keep reading. At the end of this article, you will be able to differentiate between both of the brushes.

Styler Model Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer &Volumizer L’ange Hair Le Volume Dryer Brush
Dimension  4.1 x 11.4 x 10.1 inches 4.61 x 15.16 x 10.12 inches
Weight 1.8 Pounds 1.25 Pounds
Wattage 1100W 1100W
Heat Settings 3 3
Barrel Technology Ceramic Titanium

Design- Golden is attractive 

If you aren’t a big fan of vibrant colours such as the pink and black combination then Revlon isn’t for you. I personally don’t like the typical pink and black colour combination of Revlon hairbrush and volumizer.

It gives a pretty cheap look, although Revlon has introduced other volumizers with different colour combinations the theme is the same. I am not talking about the exterior because mostly hair dryer brushes are engineered in the same way.

I like the gold and matte black finish of the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush. The combination of gold and matte black gives such a luxurious feeling. It looks stunning in the matte black finish along with gold touch. The matte black coating also gives a nice look to the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush.

Other than the colour combination some specifications make both L’ange Le Volume dryer brush and Revlon one step different from each other. Mostly the working principle is the same but there are some specs worth mentioning.

L’ange Le Volume dryer brush is a little bit lighter than the Revlon one step volumizer. Other than the weight you will also feel that the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush is more ergonomic and stays better in your hands.

Moreover, the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush is attached with a 9ft long power cord where Revlon has a 6 ft long power cord. This makes a big difference because you can move around freely while styling your hair.

If it’s about barrel sizes then the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush is offering you two. You can either choose a 66MM barrel or 75MM according to your own convenience.

Styling Performance-Both are best but L’ange Le packs more power 

When it comes to hair drying and styling performance, none of the above models compromises on performance. Both the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush and Revlon are manufactured with advanced ionic haircare technology. Hence you will get a silky and shiny blowout with either of the blow dryer brush.

If you have thick, coarse and long hair then the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush suits your requirements. The titanium-coated barrel of the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush delivers even and powerful hot airflow. It means you will get a fast and shiny blowout with L’ange Le Volume dryer brush if you have thick and coarse hair. Where Revlon features a ceramic barrel that emits far-infrared rays to dry your hair fast with less damage. But as mentioned earlier that for thick and coarse hair Revlon won’t meet your requirements anymore.

The only thing you need to note down that none of the above volumizers is made with dual voltage function. If you want to use either of the brushes outside the USA you need to use a voltage converter separately.

Pros and Cons 

Both hair dryer brushes are best in their field and help us in getting our hair done within a matter of minutes. But since the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush is a rival of Revlon one step volumizer, so there must their own pros and cons.

L’ange Le Volume dryer brush

If you have curly, coarse and thick hair that is hard to get dried and styled then the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush should be your top choice. It dries any type of hair with great efficiency.

I admire its 360-degree airflow that combines with titanium plates and delivers super effective results. But L’ange Le Volume dryer brush is much expensive as compared to Revlon and other hair dryer brushes in the market.

Revlon One step volumizer 

If you have normal, or thin hair that doesn’t require much strong airflow to get dried then stick with Revlon One step volumizer. Revlon has a ceramic heater that prevents your thin hair strands from being damaged.

Hence you can continue with your Revlon One step volumizer if you don’t have thick and coarse hair. The good thing is that Revlon One step volumizer is much cheaper than L’ange Le.

Revlon One Step Vs L’ange Le Volume Hair Dryer Brush Comparison – Final Words

Both the L’ange Le’s brush and Revlon one step volumizers are designed with great haircare technology. Both models deliver high-end performance with the same voltage and wattage. There are some narrow differences in design and specs but they never compromise on performance.

If you have normal hair then choose Revlon one step volumizer and say goodbye to your typical round brush and heavy blow dryer. But if you have thicker hair and Revlon is failed to fulfil your styling requirements then it’s good to switch on the L’ange Le brush.

You are free to make your own decision according to your requirements and priorities. I have mentioned all of the key features, specs, pros and cons you need to consider while making the decision.

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