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RX7 Superlite Hair Dryer Review – 2023 Blow Dryer Guide

A hair dryer is the most basic and common need of a person in this modern society where everyone is in a rush. You cannot wait for your hair to be air-dried or cannot go outside with wet or damped hair. You need a tool that dries your hair quickly without making any damage. The manufacturers continuously developing their products to provide you with comfortable and salon-grade blow-dry at home. Rx7 Superlite hair dryer makers claim that they produce lightweight and powerful hair dryers. In this article, we are going to share a detailed and honest review of the Rx7 Superlite hair dryer.

Rx7 Superlite Hair Dryer

To check whether Rx7 Superlite hair dryer makers a true claim or not we need to dive into details deeply. After inspecting its built-in features and specifications we will get an accurate idea about its performance.

The Rx7 Superlite hair dryer features advanced technologies and a powerful motor to provide you with precise airflow. We will check its all aspects from appearance to its internal features.

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Brilliant Design


The lightweight and compact design of The Rx7 Superlite hair dryer is made for household use. You can easily carry it and style your hair with this powerful but lightweight product.

The sleek white design gives a professional and stylish appearance. When it comes to the color variations it has different color options. The handle is somehow disappointing because it is not engineered ergonomically.

The straight handle makes it difficult to hold it. It has three buttons on the handle two for temperature and speed adjustments and one cold shot button.

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Smart Controlling Buttons


If you buy a cheap hair dryer from a drugstore then it would not have separate heat and speed controlling buttons. The precise styling depends upon the separate temperature and speed buttons.

The Rx7 Superlite hair dryer have separate three temperature and two-speed adjustment buttons. The cold shot button is added to deliver a burst of cool breeze to lock the hairstyle.

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Advanced Technology


Ionic technology is the term used by many sellers and manufacturers often use. It is not a deep scientific term as you might assume but it is simple technology. When you wash your hair and rub them with a towel or detangle it with a comb, these get charged.

The wet hairs get positively charged and this positive static increases frizz. The negative ions are repelled by an ionic blow dryer to balance the positive static and reduce frizz.

The Rx7 Superlite hair dryer features ionic technology along with tourmaline material. The tourmaline material emits natural negative ions and far-infrared rays to dry hair fast with less damage. It is offered in various color combinations that is a good thing about it.

Features and Specs

  1. The Rx7 Superlite hair dryer is equipped with powerful 1875 watts DC motor.
  2. It comes with two concentrator nozzle attachments for precise styling.
  3. It features ionic technology to fight frizz and tourmaline technology that emits far-infrared rays to dry and style hair fast.
  4. The Rx7 Superlite hair dryer features separate 3-heat and 2-speed setting buttons for perfect styling.
  5. The true cold shot button releases a cool breeze to lock the style and make it long-lasting.
  6. The packaged weight of the Rx7 Superlite hair dryer is 1.8 pounds that are quite a lightweight design.
  7. The removable filter ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
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  • Decent Power
  • Thin Design & Lightweight
  • Separate Heat/Speed Button
  • Ionic technology
  • Tourmaline material
  • Removable lint filter
  • Multiple heat/speed options
  • Cold shot button
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  • Nontextured Plastic Finish
  • Straight Handle
  • Attachment Types: Only Two Nozzles

Buying Guide for Beginners

Before you step to buy a new blow dryer here is a guide for you. Because in the market every manufacturer claims that their products are ideal for you. After seeing so many products you will be confused that which one is best for your hair type. To know that which hair dryer is best for you, you need to consider this buying guide.

  • For Fine or Thin Hair Type

For a thin or fine hair type, you need a hair dryer with advanced hair care technologies. Because the thin hair type needs more care and nourishing. The hot air can damage the thin hair cuticles and fine hair strands, to avoid this hair damage you need a blow dryer with ionic technology. The hair dryer with ceramic coating prevents hair damage by protecting your hair strands from extreme heat.

  • For Curly Hair Type

Curly hair is more prone to frizz therefore you should look for a hair dryer with ionic technology. If you want to straighten your curly hair with a hair dryer then select a high wattage hair dryer. A hair dryer usually comes with a concentrator nozzle attachment. But if you want to save your curls pattern then choose one with a diffuser. The diffuser dries your hair without disturbing the natural curl pattern.

  • For Thick and Coarse Hair Type

Thick and coarse hair type needs high power hair dryer with hot air. They need high power and hot air to get dried and styled. You should look for hair dryers having 2000W or above power to dry and style your hair conveniently. The coarse hair is difficult to dry and takes too much time therefore a hair dryer with far-infrared rays would be best. The hair dryers that are made up of ceramic or tourmaline material can emit far-infrared rays to cut the drying time.


What did we like about The Rx7 Superlite hairdryer?

The first thing that attracts me is its stylish and sleek design. The Rx7 Superlite features negative ionic and tourmaline technologies that work together to dry and style hair fats smoothly. The separate heat/speed buttons add comfort for controlling the dryer. It is a lightweight hair dryer with a compact body that promotes easy storage.

What we don’t like about The Rx7 Superlite hairdryer?

The Rx7 Superlite hairdryer is a lightweight compact and stylish blow dryer featuring all the necessary technologies and settings. But there are some of the drawbacks of The Rx7 Superlite hair dryer that are important to discuss before buying it. The handle is not ergonomic which means it is not comfortable to hold for hours if you are working at a salon. The Rx7 Superlite hairdryer has enough power to dry and style normal hair regularly but not a high wattage dryer that could be used at the salon.

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