T3 hair dryer vs Dyson

T3 hair dryer vs Dyson Supersonic Comparison

We all are born different with different hair types and styling tastes. We all love to style our hair according to our tastes and choices. Some girls like straight hair, some of us love the wavy texture and some have a magazine-like beautiful curly texture.

All textures are beautiful according to their own looks and styles. But sometimes we forget to take care of our beautiful hair and it might be due to busy routines.

Then we need some magical tools to style our hair with minimum damage so that we could stand with confidence. Therefore a lot of hair care industries are developing new tools for our hair.

Hoot tools like hairdryers, straighteners, curls and hot irons are their products. We love these products because they help to transform our hair into a brand new smooth look. But some of the devices don’t work great and damage our hair like a hell and we are left with split ends and week hair roots.

To avoid this from happening we need some high-end tools and devices to manage our daily styling with care. The market is full of high-end hair dryers to meet our daily hairstyling requirements. The hairdryers come with multiple attachments and accessories that don’t need any extra hairstyling tools.

Dyson and T3 are two of the most demanding hairdryers and the companies are putting their efforts to send their products to us.

Today we are going to conduct a deep comparison of Dyson supersonic and T3 Luxe hair dryer. Both are our favorite brands but as discussed earlier everyone is different with different tastes. Therefore we would just make a comparison and you decide according to your priorities.

T3 luxe hair dryer

T3 Cura luxe hair dryer is one of the best premium hair dryers in the market. If you love to own stylish and luxurious hair care tools then cura is best. From its looks to performance you will get everything best in this premium hair dryer.

Ergonomic design

T3 cura luxe is designed ergonomically to support your wrist and prevent fatigue. It reduced fatigue and helps to get the job done without getting tired.

Especially the professionals would prefer the ergonomic design as they have to carry the dryers for the day-long to meet their customer’s requirements. Stylish and luxurious black color looks amazing with rose gold T3 monogram. The removable lint filter allows easy maintenance.

Heat speed settings

T3 cura luxe hair dryer is offering you a great adjustment level with 5 heat and 2-speed setting buttons. This kind of heat/speed adjustment makes the cura luxe a customizable hairdryer. The extra cold shot button releases a burst of cool air to set your hairstyle in place.

Power and wattage

The t3 cura luxe is equipped with powerful 1875 watts AC motor to deliver maximum performance without getting hot. Cura is one of the fastest hair dryers in the market with salon-grade powerful AC motors. It is designed to deliver impressive airflow to dry and style your hair quickly.

Performance of T3 CURA LUXE

Cura Luxe hair dryer is engineered with advanced technology to bring innovation to your life. Its negative ionic technology removes frizz and adds shine t your hair. It promotes shine and hair growth without making any damage to your hair strands.

An auto pause sensor is integrated to save power and energy while styling your hair. When you release the handle, the airflow automatically pauses, and to resume airflow you again grab the handle. It adds comfort and helps you to save energy when the dryer is not in use.

A volume booster function is added in a cura luxe hair dryer to give you a voluminous hairstyle within minutes. When you press the button it automatically shuts off the negative ion generator and adds volume to your hair.

Attachments and Accessories

T3 cura hair dryers often come with a concentrator nozzle attachment only. But the t3 cura luxe hair dryer comes with two nozzle attachments.

One nozzle offers wider airflow to dry your hair fast and the other provides compressed airflow to style hair precisely. T3 cura doesn’t offer diffuser attachment for people with curly hair but you can purchase it separately.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Five impressive heat and 2 speed settings
  • Versatile hairstyling options
  • Two concentrator nozzles
  • Professional cord
  • Ionization technology to reduce frizz and enhance shine
  • Auto pause sensor saves energy
  • Low cost than Dyson supersonic

  • A concentrator nozzle is not durable even melts on high-temperature settings
  • The diffuser isn’t packed with a dryer
  • Still expensive one

Dyson supersonic hair dryer

T3 hair dryer vs Dyson

One of the most luxurious blow dryers in the market that everyone wants to achieve. This luxurious blow dryer has gained a lot of popularity in the hearting industry due to its special features and enhanced performance.

Luxurious Design 

Dyson supersonic’s design is an amazing thing you see at the first sight. It makes everyone fall in love at first sight. The handle is quite straight but it still reduces fatigue and promotes grip. It fits in your hands easily and offers comfort while styling your hair.

The heat and speed buttons are present on the backside of the dryer so that you don’t touch the off button accidentally while styling your hair.

Power and wattage

Dyson supersonic delivers maximum performance by using only 1200watts of power. Its low wattage doesn’t mean that it compromises over drying time or performance. The supersonic’s motor is designed innovatively that consumes less but delivers maximum.

Customization level  

The Dyson supersonic is a hairdryer for everyone due to its super-controlled features and accessories. It offers 3 temperature and 2-speed settings to customize the airspeed and heat according to your hair type.

But its intelligent temperature controlling property measures temperature every second and adjusts it according to the present heat. This feature helps to style your hair quickly without extreme heat damages.


Dyson supersonic uses negative ionic technology to fight frizz and elevate the natural shine of your hair. It promotes hair health by removing the static and increases sine. You can have a sleek and beautiful hairstyle with enhanced shine and reduced frizz.

Dyson uses the same technology as in its vacuum cleaners to dry hair fast. This technology ensures even heat distribution to dry and style hair fast. The automatic temperature sensors measure heat 40 times in a second to maintain the heat levels. This prevents your hair from extreme heat damages and controlled heat is better to style hair.

The powerful motor is tuned to deliver high-speed airflow with minimum noise pollution. It produces one inaudible frequency to make it gentle on your ear.

Magnetic Attachments and accessories 

As mentioned earlier Dyson supersonic is a dryer for all. With its multiple accessories, it ensures precise styling for different hair types.

Wide airflow nozzle: Ensures maximum airflow to dry your hair quickly. It works best with thicker hair because thick hair is difficult to dry. The magnetic tip makes it easy to attach to the dryer nozzle area.

Concentrator nozzle: Offers a focused and precise airflow to style hair precisely. The salon styles hair is no more difficult to achieve when you have a concentrator nozzle and a round brush. You can have a smooth sleek or voluminous hairstyle with a concentrator nozzle attachment. 

Diffuser attachment: Helps to diffuse the curly hair without making it frizzy and unmanageable. Curly hair looks very beautiful if diffused precisely but fizz is the main problem with curly hair texture. You can fight frizz with negative ions and even heat distribution technology.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Three impressive heat and 2-speed settings
  • Versatile hairstyling options
  • Two concentrator nozzles and a diffuser
  • Professional cord
  • Ionization technology to reduce frizz and enhance shine
  • Intelligent temperature control

  • Brakes easily if not well maintained
  • Still expensive hairdryer

After inspecting the features of both hairdryers now it’s time to check which one is better?

Which One is Quieter?

Dyson of course because the manufacturers use smart sound controlling technology to reduce noise. Dyson has one inaudible frequency that makes it much quieter than other hair dryers. Moreover, Dyson uses the same even airflow technology as they use in vacuum cleaners and other appliances like a desk fan.

Which One Travel Friendly?

Again Dyson is a travel-friendly product because it comes with a pouch. Moreover, its design looks weird at first sight but it is made as to the best partner for traveling. the compact and straight handle is engineered to fulfill the traveling requirements.

Which One Is best?

Well, this is the decision I would love to overhand to you. But if you ask me then there are the best features that make both of them the best hair dryers in the market. Cura luxe is cost-effective than Dyson and performs quite well. You would love your hair after getting styled by cura luxe

Cura luxe has won numerous performance awards like

  • Oprah Magazine Spring Beauty O-wards
  • SELF 2018 Beauty Awards – Best Blow Dryer – Winner
  • Total Beauty 2018 Beauty Awards – Editor’s Choice –
  • Winner Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards
  • Ebony Beauty & Grooming Awards

On the other hand, Dyson doesn’t need any introduction due to its high-end performance and durable attachments. The magnetic versatile attachments offer a luxurious hairstyling experience.

Dyson is expensive than cura luxe but it worths each penny. If you can afford Dyson then I would recommend it.


We have made an honest and detailed comparison of Cura luxe and Dyson supersonic hair dryer. We have discussed each feature with details to make the decision easy for you. Cura luxe and Dyson both are the best in their fields and their customers are happy with them. Therefore you can choose any one of them to upgrade your hair drying and styling experience.


Is Dyson’s hairdryer really better?

Dyson supersonic is really one of the best high-end hair dryers in the market. With its superior fast airflow and intelligent temperature control technology it worth each penny you would spend. If you can afford Dyson supersonic then you must have this to achieve salon-styled hair every day.

Is Dyson hairdryer good for fine thin hair?

With its intelligent technology, it measures the temperature about 40 times in a second to protect your hair from extreme heat damages. Due to this technology, it becomes the best hair dryer for your thin and fine hair.

How long does a Dyson hairdryer last?

Well, Dyson claims that its supersonic can last up to ten years if maintained properly. But it depends on the heater and motor performance. Moreover, if you keep your device with good care then you can prolong its lifespan.

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