T3 Luxe 2i Professional Hair Dryer

T3 Luxe 2i Professional Hair Dryer Review in 2023 – full Detail

The blow-drying is a lavishing experience we need almost every day. To achieve a high-quality smooth hairstyle you move towards a salon and spend a lot of time and money. Before moving towards the salon you might think that what if you had a blow dryer to get smooth hair. You continue struggling until you find a t3 luxe 2i professional hair dryer that delivers a sufficient and powerful hot airflow to dry and style your hair in minutes. In this article, we are going to share with you an honest review of an award-winning hair dryer, the t3 luxe 2i professional hair dryer.

T3 Luxe Micro Featherweight 2i Professional Hair Dryer Review

An award-winning hair dryer that has proved itself the best drying tool for all hair types. It is stylish outside and powerful from inside that helps to achieve a salon-grade high-quality blow-dry at home.

You need to invest for once and it will save your salon expenses and tiredness due to slow and heavy blow dryers. The lightweight hair dryer features a great mechanism to give an even airflow to dry hair quickly. The high-power motor ensures the fastest heat flow even on medium mode to dry hair fast without any damage. It is based on innovative technology that dries hair quickly without making any harm to hair strands.

What makes it so special?

The blow dryers in the market often feature high-quality attachments and powerful motors but what things make them so special. The feather-like lightweight body makes it so comfortable to hold for hours if you are a professional stylist. The internal parts manage and balance the whole weight in such a way that it feels much lighter than the other traditional blow dryers. The ergonomic design supports the comfortable duty with a professional hair dryer.

For whom it is designed?

People with tough and busy routine life need this type of fast and lightweight hair dryer. It dries much faster than other hair dryers in the market that makes it a fast and lightweight hair dryer at the same time. The t3 luxe 2i professional hair dryer dries medium textured hair in seven minutes while the other dryers take up to thirty minutes. People found their hair smoother, shinier, and healthier than before.

How it is manufactured?

Every blow dryer manufactures sells the technology used inside the hair dryer. The technology matters the most in the performance of a blow dryer as it decides the heat flow, hair care, and drying time. Some of the dryers feature ionic technology, some have tourmaline ionic technology and some are based on a ceramic coated material. The technology used inside the dryer indicated the quality of blow dry you are going to achieve.

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Design and attachments

The sleek black design gives this hair dryer a stylish and unique appearance. The hot black color gives it a professional and attractive look along with its ergonomic design. The ergonomic design covers the comfort level and reduces shoulder strain.

The concentrator nozzle attachment ensures an even and powerful airflow to dry and style hair fast. The concentrator nozzle makes the airflow more dens and hot to style hair precisely. It comes with a tourmaline barrel brush attachment that allows perfect styling.

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Power and weight

The powerful motor in a featherweight hair dryer is like a dream. But the t3 luxe 2i professional hair dryer features a lightweight design and a fast-drying powerful motor. The lightweight and compact hair dryer cuts the drying time by half and provides a stylish hairstyle.

The featherweight hair dryer features 1875 watts powerful motor that delivers a professional quality airflow to give a salon-grade blow dry. The powerful hair dryer weighs only 3.2 ounces that is seriously featherweight.

You feel that you are styling with a professional and high-quality blow dryer without bearing a heavy body. The lightweight and powerful design ensure precise and comfortable styling.

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Button settings

The convenience depends on the button settings that offer versatility by providing different styling options. The various heat and speed options allow you a better styling experience without facing any difficulties. You can adjust heat and speed according to your styling requirements. The multiple temperature adjustments save you from serious hair damages and accidents.

The t3 luxe 2i professional hair dryer offers three temperature and two-speed adjustments for a versatile styling experience. It features a press & holds cold shot button that emits a cool breeze burst to lock the style. The professional blow dryer gives you a smooth and frizz-free finishing.

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The quality of a blow dryer depends on the technology used in its manufacturing. The ionic generator is necessary to deal with frizzy hair. The positive ions make hair frizzy and rough and to neutralize the positive electricity the negative ions are required.

The ionic generator creates the anions to fight frizz. The tourmaline technology helps to create natural anions that repair hair damage. The t3 luxe 2i professional hair dryer is engineered with the ionic generator and the tourmaline soft air. The duel ionic property makes it a powerful weapon against frizz.

Key Features

  • Power:1875 watts
  • Weight:3.2 ounces
  • 3-heat and 2-speed options
  • Ionic generator
  • Tourmaline soft air
  • Concentrator nozzle attachments
  • Barrel brush attachment
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  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • The powerful motor ensures even airflow
  • Dries hair quickly
  • Cuts the drying time by half
  • Attachments for precise styling
  • Dual ionic generator for smooth and frizz-free hairstyle
  • Multiple heats and speed adjustments
  • Cold shot button for smooth finishing
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  • Expensive
  • Not a durable hair dryer

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Before we move to the conclusion you need to know which features you have to look for when it comes to buying a hairdryer.

  1. Choose a hair dryer that has a lightweight and ergonomic design.
  2. The powerful motor is necessary to give a powerful and even airflow to dry and style hair fast.
  3. The multiple heat and speed options provide convenient styling. Minimum three heat and two-speed settings are enough for precise styling.
  4. The attachments for smooth and convenient styling attachments help to achieve salon-style hair.
  5. The cold shot button is most wanted to achieve a smooth hairstyle that lasts long.
  6. The last but most important thing is the price of the hairdryer. The dryer must be durable and economical.

If you need an extremely lightweight hair dryer with fast-drying ability then the t3 luxe 2i professional hair dryer is the best choice. It includes dual ionic technology and multiple heats and speed options. But the price is too high to afford for common people. If you are style-conscious and don’t care about the prices then it would be for you. The tourmaline technology provides natural anions that repair hair damage and fights frizz. The overall product has a powerful impact that is not negligible. You must give it a try to ensure a quality drying experience.


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