What to Put in Hair Before Blow Drying

What to Put in Hair Before Blow Drying

You feel so confident after getting a blowout from the salon but you have spent money and waited for hours to achieve this high-quality blow dry. You always prefer a salon blowout over blow-drying your hair at home. Here is a reason because you don’t get that sleek and smooth blowout at home. You stand with frizzy and unmanageable hair after blow drying your hair at home. You feel your hair has become grass and they are flying here and there without your permission. You don’t want that flyway and you dream to achieve a smooth and shiny blowout.  This happens because the stylists at the salon use many conditioning and healing products on your hair that work together to make your hair smooth, shiny, and silky after the blowout. You fail to achieve that kind of smooth and soft blowout because you often skip these styling products to save money. But seriously you are not saving your money instead you are wasting double money on expensive salon blowouts. Here is a guide to achieving salon-grade blowout at home with the help of some styling products. We will guide you that what to put in hair before blow drying.

What to Put in Hair Before Blow Drying?

You should discover your hair type then choose the styling products that are made for your hair type.

Shampoo and conditioner

To achieve a salon-quality blowout, you need to invest in high-quality shampoo and conditioner that is formulated according to your hair type. Wash your hair with a shampoo that suits your hair type and rinse your hair with normal water. After cleaning your hair apply a deep conditioner on the hair strands. Give and extra focus on hair length and the hair ends to avoid split ends. Let the conditioner stay on your hair for several minutes and rinse with normal water. The deep conditioner repairs hair damage and makes your hair smoother and shinier than before.

Leave-in conditioner

After towel drying your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner to make your hair smooth and shiny. This step adds an extra layer of protection and heals your hair from the inside out. If you have curly hair then choose a lightweight leave-in conditioner because you don’t want to weigh down your curls.

Heat protectants

When you think about hot tools like a blow dryer or straightener then don’t forget to grab a heat protectant product. Your hair is at high risk of heat damage when you are blow drying with high heat settings. Therefore to protect your hair from extreme heat damage you must apply some heat protectant before blow drying your hair. If you don’t want to purchase a heat protectant spray or gel then you can make it by yourself. Search for DIY heat protectants on YOUTUBE and you will get millions of ideas. You can mix the coconut oil with water in a spray bottle and apply it to hair as a heat protectant. The coconut oil will heal your hair and protect hair from extreme heat damage while water will condition your hair deeply by locking in the moisture.

A hair setting spray

This is the product used at the last step when you have finished your blow drying process. This product provides a smooth finishing and adds more shine to your hair. It enhances the hairstyle and shapes your curls smoothly. Your hair needs a healing product after passing through a high heat of blow dryer. This haircare product pampers your hair and repairs hair damage caused by a blow dryer.


Should you put oil in your hair before blow drying?

Putting oil on wet hair is found effective because the hair oil repairs damage. The stylists suggest you put hair oil on wet hair before blow drying. This step nourishes your hair and conditions deeply. So you can add oil on wet hair before blow drying to save it from extreme heat damage.

Can I put coconut oil on my hair before blow drying?

Yes, you can put coconut oil on your wet hair before blow drying. It would reduce the risk of severe damage caused by the blow dryer. But this cannot be applied with all hair oils as some of the oils have been found to make hair more dry and brittle after blow drying.

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